NEW iNLP Center Reviews – All Programs (2022)

Being one of the best online life coach certifications, the iNLP Center programs have amassed tremendous attention among aspiring and established life coaches alike.

But to clear any misconceptions around it, I did extensive research to give you deeper iNLP Center reviews for all programs.

So stick with me and learn everything you need to know before choosing any plan. Let’s begin!

What Is iNLP Center?

The iNLP Center is an institute for neuro-linguistic programming and life coach training. It was founded by Mike Bundrant and his wife, Hope Bundrant in 2011.

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Although he brought his expertise online when launching the center, Mike had been in the NLP industry for more than a decade, with around 17 years of offline teaching experience under his belt.

Furthermore, the iNLP Center has staff with a combined life coaching, NLP, and personal development experience of 127 years to utilize when training students.

Yet you might still be holding onto this critical question —

Is iNLP Center legit?

The iNLP Center is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the highest standard of life coaching programs. 

It’s also approved by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC), the International NLP Association (INA), and the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences among other relevant bodies.

Moreover, the center has been providing training to more than 800 students every year now distributed in 70+ countries across the globe.

Still standing and renowned internationally for almost a decade today, there’s no doubt that the iNLP center is legitimate and is among if not the top neuro-linguistic programming training provider in the world.

Pros and Cons to Consider Before Buying iNLP Center Programs

Before you move on to each iNLP Center review of their programs, you need to check out their benefits and limitations. 

They have similar key features so exploring each program with the following in mind would help you make more informed decisions.

🟢Length of programs: Flexible. The programs are self-paced, although most students take between 6-8 months to complete.
🟢 Affordable   Compared to competitors, iNLP Center programs are high quality yet of a low cost.
🟢 Purpose-specific packages
The programs are tailored to serve particular practical uses in the coaching industry and beyond.
🟢Entirely available in online training
🟢Lifetime access to the always-updating course material
🟢 Private Facebook groups for additional support
🟢 Personal development program bonuses
🔺 The programs do not include one-on-one support after graduation.

iNLP Life Coach Program Reviews

Check out this complete list of all iNLP Center Programs with a detailed review of each.

iNLP Practitioner Training Review ($499)

The iNLP Practitioner Training course can take around 80 hours to finish the

  • 23 modules,
  • 107 audios, and
  • 23 videos.

Includes 1 Certification:

  • NLP Practitioner

Available each week:

  • 8 Live Training Sessions

It’s thorough and effective thanks to the live training sessions.

Also featuring weekly live coaching webinars, it provides you with systematic course follow-up even if your progress is self-paced. 

Even better, you gain access to the bonus personal development program. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

And to help with accountability, you can use the private Facebook group for students to gain insights as well as carry out some activities and challenges as a team.

You can always come back to review the coursework for the rest of your life. 

iNLP Master Training Review ($599)

The iNLP Master Training program includes:

  • 24 ICF Training Hours

Includes 1 Certification:

  • NLP Master Practitioner

Except for the training hours and the content of the program, its benefits are similar to those of the practitioner program.

However, the education will equip you with a deeper NLP understanding so you can provide more tailored solutions for your clients. Using the life coaching practices you’ll be taught, you can bring more value and hence increase your chances of acquiring higher pay.

But to qualify for the NLP master training program, you need a legitimate practitioner certificate. 

Therefore, if you’re just starting out with NLP and wish to extend your knowledge in the future, it’s better to go for the combo program that I’ll review below. 

iNLP Combo Training Review ($899)

With the iNLP Combo Training program comes the practitioner and master training programs combined. 

Includes 2 Certifications:

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner

Available each week:

  • 8 Live Training Sessions

Earn unlimited:

  • Reciprocal Coaching Hours


  • 24 ICF Training Hours

While the coursework doesn’t change, the price changes — in a good way.

To enroll, you can choose to pay for the whole course or 4-month $249 partial enrollment. The full payment would cost you $199 less while the latter will cost $138 less than purchasing the individual programs. 

So no matter how you take your combo package, you’ll still be getting a bargain.

The combo training program is an excellent option for those looking to do both practitioner and master training in the long run.

iNLP Life Coach Training Review ($3,400)

The iNLP Life Coach Training program suits you if you wish to be a certified life coach from an accredited organization like the iNLP Center.

This way, you can be qualified to solve client problems in a multifaceted yet problem-specific fashion anywhere around the world.

Includes 3 Certifications:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • NLP Master
  • NLP Practitioner

This very comprehensive educational package from iNLP offers the following features.


  • 170 hours of Training
  • 60 ICF Training Credits
  • Unlimited Peer Coaching (ICF Coach Practice Hours)
  • 30 Live Training Sessions Required
  • Unlimited Marketing Training
  • Lifetime Course and Live Session Access

Furthermore, the payment can be done in full or partially.

$440 / 8 Months = $3.568

But I recommend that you pay in full so you can get the Hypnosis Practitioner Training bonus.

If you want to go the professional route with an ICF accredited Life Coach Certificate, this is the right choice for you.

iNLP Master Coach Training Review ($5,900)

It gets, even more, comprehensive with the iNLP Master Coach Training program which provides.

Includes 4 Certifications:

  • Master Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • NLP Master
  • NLP Practitioner

If you want to make coaching your main business and you want to pursue the ICF ladder, then this package is for you.


  • 200 hours of Training
  • 125 ICF Training Credits
  • Unlimited Peer Coaching (ICF Coach Practice Hours)
  • 63 Live Training Sessions Required
  • Unlimited Marketing Training
  • Lifetime Course and Live Session Access

Furthermore, the payment can be done in full or partially.

$619 / 10 Months = $6.190

But I recommend also here that you pay in full so you can get the Hypnosis Practitioner Training bonus.

iNLP Mental Health Coach Training Review ($7,500)

If you want to include mental health topics in your professional coaching career, then the iNLP Mental Health Coach Training program is the right fit for you.

Includes 5 Certifications:

  • Mental Health Coach
  • Master Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • NLP Master
  • NLP Practitioner

If you are interested to go deeper about mental health issues with clients, then this package offers a comprehensive dive into it.

And additionally, you get the Master Coach and Certified Life Coach on top.


  • 240 hours of Training
  • 165 ICF Training Credits
  • Unlimited Peer Coaching (ICF Coach Practice Hours)
  • 83 Live Training Sessions Required
  • Unlimited Marketing Training
  • Lifetime Course and Live Session Access

Furthermore, the payment can be done in full or partially.

$655 / 12 Months = $7.860

But I recommend also here that you pay in full so you can get the Hypnosis Practitioner Training bonus.

iNLP Trainers Track Review ($2,999)

If your goals are more geared towards equipping other people to get NLP certifications, the iNLP Trainers Track program would be the perfect fit for you. 

You must have completed the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master certification.

This program gets you through the basics at the practitioner level, deepens your knowledge in the master training, and finally gets you to an expert level where you’re eligible to certify others in the NLP industry like Mike Bundrant himself.

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Apart from the lessons for practitioner and master practitioner certifications, you’ll go through a training manual and attend small group trainer’s 90-minute online classes for 12 weeks.

The Trainers Track program will take more than 6 months to complete but after you conclude, you can train and certify others through the iNLP Center.

iNLP Trainers Track Plus Review ($4,650)

In the iNLP Trainers Track Plus program, you’ll get the life coach training plus trainer’s training. This is to make you a certified life coach as well as one who can certify NLP practitioners and master practitioners.

Think of this as the Trainers Track program but with a life coach certification course. But why take it? 

You can take this program If you want to gain life coaching knowledge to use for solving client problems but also be a trusted professional for imparting NLP knowledge to other aspiring coaches.

Taking this program will help you build a solid reputation in the NLP industry both as a coach and a teacher to coaches. If you have the resources and determination to commit to such extensive learning, then this is a great option for you.

iNLP Hypnosis Level 1 Practitioner Review ($499)

If you’re looking to add hypnotherapy to your skillset, the iNLP Hypnosis Level 1 Practitioner program is a great place to start.

Includes 1 Certification:

  • Hypnosis Practitioner


  • 3 Live Training Sessions (each week)

In 9 modules containing 67 units, you can learn how to become a hypnotherapist within 30 hours. You have 24/7 access to the training for a lifetime once you purchase the package.

In this training, you’ll learn:

  • The elements that can make you a successful hypnotherapist in the first module.
  • The origin and myths surrounding hypnosis
  • How to develop a hypnotic voice
  • The way to divide your sessions
  • How to understand the client and subconscious mind workings
  • The ethics involved

All through the coursework, an expert hypnotherapist will instruct and support you so you can successfully attain your certification.

iNLP Sales Training Review ($399)

If you’re in the sales industry, the iNLP Sales Training program is not only an excellent addition to your knowledge arsenal but also a necessity for acquiring next-level distinction in the field.

It’s the first neuro-linguistic programming-focused program created for sales professionals.

The training aims at deconstructing destructive mindsets hindering progress while enabling a mindset that understands clients’ needs. It also helps you master effective persuasion to close more deals while gradually moving towards long-term goals.

The 96 units plus illustrative audios and videos can take 40 hours to complete. However, after completion, you can acquire the certificate and become one of the few NLP sales executives in the world.

NLP Sales Training Online

What Is An NLP Certification?

An NLP certification is a document provided by authorized NLP certification bodies revealing one’s level of expertise in the application of neuro-linguistic programming techniques. With such a certification, you can be qualified in helping others transform various aspects of their lives using NLP techniques. 

Recognized NLP certification bodies include:

Unless an organization is approved by at least one of the above bodies, its certifications are not valid worldwide and would compromise a graduate’s eligibility to practice. The iNLP Center is accredited and also receives approval from many bodies concerned with the legal practices of behavioral health companies.

You’ll find different types of NLP certifications all geared towards serving a particular purpose. And although the curriculums differ, NLP training bodies mainly divide NLP expertise levels into five main categories.

NLP Certification Types

Here are the main NLP certification levels:


Getting a diploma certificate shows knowledge of NLP fundamentals, but not enough to be recognized as an expert. That’s why it’s commonly used for personal development and supplementary career reasons.

You can get an NLP diploma in as little as a weekend.


This level displays enough knowledge of NLP techniques to qualify usage in helping others change their lives.

You can seek an NLP practitioner certification to add to your skillset or so you can teach others how to use NLP. Also, a deeper knowledge of NLP techniques can help you change your life more productively.

Master Practitioner

This certification shows an understanding of basic and complex NLP approaches plus other relevant psychological practices to help others solve problems more effectively.

If you become a master practitioner, you can ask for higher pay than a normal practitioner. It’s like having a master’s degree from a conventional college.


A trainer qualifies you to teach practitioners and other lower-level NLP students. 

When acquiring such a certification, you have to go through rigorous training on how to deliver NLP approaches to students, also teaching them how they can apply the information when dealing with their prospective clients.

Master Trainer

If you desire to pursue the educating sector of NLP, becoming a master trainer may suit you. This certification qualifies you to teach on every level of NLP and also introduce new training theories and criteria to make the practice better.

To become a certified NLP master trainer, you need to show your roots in the work of NLP founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler while consistently contributing to the NLP community in recognized approaches.

iNLP Center Training & Life Coach Certification Alternatives

You must be wondering, is iNLP Center the only NLP and coaching certification provider to trust?

Well, of course not. 

You’ll find a detailed review of alternative NLP & life coach certifications in the article: Best ICF accredited Life Coach Certifications. I created that to help you know what to look for when seeking an NLP & life coaching program provider plus an exclusive list of organizations you can trust to provide the best.

And although their instruction styles differ, a lot of them apply NLP or similar techniques in their curriculum.  


While you’ll find a couple of competitors in the market, no other institute offers as diverse, high-quality yet affordable NLP & life coaching training as the iNLP Center. That’s why it deserves an exclusive review. 

Therefore, determine how you want to use NLP plus life coaching education and choose an iNLP Center program that suits you.

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