ICF Mentor Coaching – Ultimate Guide 2024

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Are you a coach looking to take your skills to the next level and obtain your ICF credential?

Or are you an ICF-accredited coach seeking to renew your credential and enhance your coaching skill mastery?

Look no further than this ultimate guide to ICF mentor coaching, where you will discover everything you need to know about this vital component of the ICF coaching journey.

ICF Mentor Coaching
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  • Mentor Coaching helps you improve your coaching skills & techniques.
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching are required for each ICF credential.
  • A high-quality mentor coaching package can help you achieve your mentor coaching requirements.

ICF Mentor Coaching Definition

Mentor coaching is a collaborative coaching process, designed to help you improve your coaching skills, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. An experienced mentor coach will provide valuable feedback and support. Mentor coaching involves observing or recording a coaching session and engaging in appreciative dialogue to increase a coach’s capability.

It follows a different approach than coach training on work goals, personal elements, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of your coaching skill.

ICF Mentor Coaching Requirements

Depending on which ICF credential you hold or you want to pursue there are different ICF requirements for mentor coaching hours.

ICF Mentor Coaching Requirements By Credential

Initial ACC Credentialing

  • 10 hours of mentor coaching

The ACC ACSTH or Portfolio path requires coaches to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching before you can apply for your Associate Certified Coach credential.

You must partner with a Mentor Coach who holds a valid ACC, PCC, or MCC credential.
ACC’s must have completed at least one full cycle of their credential including a renewal.

If you are on an ACC Level 1 or 2 ACTP path you have already completed the 10 mentor coach hours as part of the successful completion of your coaching program.

ICF Mentor Coach
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ACC Renewal

  • another 10 hours of mentor coaching
  • over 3 months, within 3 years

For your ACC renewal, you have to do another 10 hours of mentor coaching in addition to the initial 10 hours you already took for the initial credentialing. The application for the renewal has to be submitted a maximum of 3 years after the last renewal (or initial credentialing). The 10 hours have to be completed at least over a period of 3 months.

The requirements for the mentor coach are the same as for the initial credentialing.

PCC Credential

  • 10 hours of mentor coaching (from PCC or MCC)

If you are on a PCC Level 1/ACSTH or Portfolio path you must complete 10 hours of mentor coaching from a PCC or MCC mentor coach before application.

If you are on a PCC Level2/ACTP path, you have already completed your mentor coaching hours as part of your educational program.

MCC Credentials

  • 10 hours of mentor coaching (from MCC)

If you are on an MCC Portfolio path you have to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching from an MCC mentor coach before application.

You cannot use any mentor coaching hours from prior credential renewals.

If you are on an MCC Level3 path, you have already completed your mentor coaching hours as part of your educational program.

ICF Mentor Coaching Competencies

The following ICF core competencies are important as a mentor coach:

  1. Listens beyond content to discern skills (skill vs. direction, style, or outcome).
  2. Listens on all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional, and intuitive.
  3. Listens equally for strengths and areas for growth.
  4. Allows for style, culture, and language differences.
  5. Has ICF assessment tool knowledge.
  6. Listens for individual competencies and skill level.
  7. Distinguishes underlying competency leading to limited impact.
  8. Discerns and articulates skill level gap.
  9. Articulates areas of growth, competency use, and skill level.
  10. Creates safe and trusting space for feedback delivery.
  11. Articulates specific development needed for the next level.
  12. Offers feedback relevant to each coaching competency.
  13. Self-manages to focus on core coaching competencies.

See the following document for a more detailed PDF competencies list.

ICF mentor coach hours
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ICF Mentor Coaching Duties

Here are the duties that the ICF mentions around a mentor coach:

  1. Model effective initiation and contracting.
  2. Explore mentee goals thoroughly.
  3. Ensure clarity on mentoring purpose.
  4. Establish joint measures of success.
  5. Discuss fees, time frame, etc.
  6. Inform about ICF Code of Ethics.
  7. Mention Ethical Conduct Review Board.
  8. Encourage interviewing multiple candidates.
  9. No guarantee of obtaining credential level.
  10. Focus on ICF core competency development.
  11. Provide specific, targeted feedback.
  12. Demonstrate holistic understanding of mentee.

Personal Traits Of A Good Mentor Coach

If you want to be a good mentor coach, you should develop and strengthen the following personality traits:

  1. Trustworthy, compatible, and connecting mentor
  2. Encourages mentee’s creative growth process
  3. Demonstrates equal partnership, open and vulnerable
  4. Models value of partnership and coaching
  5. Celebrates mentee’s growth and achievements
  6. Respects mentee’s unique coaching style
  7. Encourages mentee’s own coaching style development
  8. Holds both accountable, encourages mutual assessment.

These are great leadership skills in general, and would be well used by board members, senior executives, and managers among other professionals.

Different Forms Of Mentor Coaching

You can choose between an individual mentor coach and a group mentor coaching.

At least 3 of the 10 mentor coach hours have to come from individual mentor coach hours. A maximum of 7 of the 10 hours can come from group mentor coaching sessions.

ICF Individual Mentor Coaching

The common way to get your mentor coach hours is to choose an individual mentor coach.

In this process, an experienced coach provides you with guidance, support, and feedback. The goal of mentor coaching is to help you develop your coaching skills and increase your confidence and effectiveness as a coach. A recorded coaching session if often used to achieve this.

ICF individual mentor coaching typically involves regular meetings between you and the mentor. The mentor provides feedback on one of your coaching sessions and helps you set goals for improvement. ICF individual mentor coaching is an important part of the International Coach Federation (ICF) certification process for coaches.

ICF Group Mentor Coaching

In an ICF group mentor coaching session, you come together with a group of other coaches to receive guidance, support, and feedback from an experienced mentor coach. The goal of group mentor coaching is to help each member of the group develop their coaching skills, increase their confidence, and learn from each other. The synergy effects of group mentor sessions can be very valuable.

If you are participating in an ICF group mentor coaching program, your mentor might encourage you to actively participate in the group, share your experiences and insights, and provide constructive feedback to your fellow group members. They might also suggest that you set goals for your own development as a coach, and work with other experienced coaches in the group to design exercises and activities that will help you achieve those goals.

Remember, the purpose of ICF group mentor coaching is to create a supportive, collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process-based learning environment, so be open to feedback and willing to share your own perspectives and experiences.

ICF group mentor coaching
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ICF Mentor Coaching Cost

Mentor Coaching Fees

Usual hourly rates for individual mentor coaching are between $250 and $400 USD. This puts a 10 hours mentor coaching package around $2,500 to $4,000 USD.
Group mentor coaching hours are usually a bit cheaper and are between $100 and $250 USD.

One of the best-priced 10 hours mentor coaching packages taught by high-quality mentors is the iNLP ICF Mentor Coaching Program. It costs $999 USD including 3 individual and 7 group sessions.

Mentor Coaching Certification

If you hold an ACC, PCC, or MCC ICF credential you can work as a mentor coach. ACC credential holders must have at least been through one renewal cycle.
If you are interested in becoming an ICF-certified coach here is my article about the Best ICF Life Coach Certification Programs.

ICF Mentor Coaching Documentation

You can apply online for the ICF accreditation. In the online system of the ICF, you can name your mentor coaches, contact and credential details, and the time period and hours you worked with them. You don’t have to attach proof of your mentor coaching hours, but your mentor coaches should confirm the hours in case the ICF starts a request.

ICF Mentor Coaching Completion

An ICF credential consists of coaching, completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment and feedback in a collaborative environment. This ensures an individual has the coaching competency and capability demanded to become a successful coach.

Before you can apply for your credential, your mentor coaching hours have to be completed. You need at least 10 hours of mentor coaching (min. 3 individual ones) over at least the last three months (and three years since the initial award).

ICF Mentor Coaching Submission

Submission works only online with the ICF online credential application system. Only the mentoring log in the system will be counted. Approvals or documentation sent by mail or email won’t be accepted.

Best ICF Mentor Coaching Program 2024

One of the best-reviewed mentor coaching programs is the iNLP ICF Mentor Coaching Program. The mentor coaches of the iNLP Center have one of the highest reputations in the industry and the program has a fair price point. It is $999 USD or $349/mo x 3 months.
It is suitable for ACC and PCC credentials and contains 7 group mentor coaching sessions and 3 individual mentor coaching sessions.

How To Find A Mentor Coach

ICF Mentor Coach Registry

A way to find an ICF mentor coach is through the ICF Mentor Coach Registry. It allows you to search by name, credential, language, country & state to find your right fit.

ICF Mentor Coaching Near Me

To find an ICF Mentor Coach near you the best way is through the ICF Mentor Coach Registry. If you search by state you should find a good fit close to you.
If you prefer to do a mentor coach program online you can check out the iNLP ICF Mentor Coaching Program.

ICF Mentor Coaching Reviews

One of the best-reviewed mentor coaching programs is the iNLP ICF Mentor Coaching Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An ICF Mentor Coach?

An ICF mentor coach is a professional coach who provides mentorship to you seeking to improve your skills and gain certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF). A mentor coach provides professional assistance for you to develop your coaching abilities, refine your techniques, and achieve your professional coaching goals. The ICF mentor coach acts as a guide and provides feedback on your coaching style, performance, and interactions with clients.

How Do I Become An ICF Mentor Coach?

If you want to become a mentor coach, the minimum requirement is, that you hold an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential for at least 3 years. With this, you are allowed to mentor students on their path to an ACC credential. If you want to mentor coaches on their way to a PCC or MCC credential you have to have at least the same credential (PCC or MCC) for at least 3 years.

How Much Does Mentor Coaching Cost?

As discussed above one of the cheapest and best quality 10 hours mentor coaching packages is the iNLP ICF Mentor Coaching Program. It costs $999 USD and contains 3 individual and 7 group coaching sessions.

What Is The Difference Between Coaching And Mentoring ICF?

ICF defines mentoring as a developmental relationship where a more experienced professional offers guidance and support to a less experienced one, while coaching is defined as a collaborative partnership where the coach helps the client achieve personal and professional goals.

What Is Covered In ICF Mentor Coaching?

ICF Mentor Coaching is a program designed to help individuals who want to become ICF-certified coaches. The program covers topics such as the ICF Core Competencies, ethical considerations, and practical skills needed for effective coaching. Check out our above paragraph about ICF Mentor Coaching Duties for more details.

How Long Does ICF Mentor Coaching Take To Complete?

The minimum mentor coaching experience required is at least 10 mentor coach hours in a timeframe of at least 3 months. It is recommended to provide at least one recorded coaching session.

Who Can Offer ICF Mentor Coaching?

Everybody that holds an ICF ACC credential for at least 3 years (1 renewal cycle) can provide mentor coaching to students for the ACC credential. If you want to offer mentor coaching to a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or a Master Certified Coach (MCC) you have to own at least the same desired credential level for 3 years.

Who Needs ICF Mentor Coaching?

Everybody who wants to apply for an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Credential needs to prove 10 hours of mentor coaching (3 individual + 7 group mentoring sessions).
Mentor coaching can be also beneficial if you’re seeking a coaching career in executive coaching or life coaching.

Does Mentor Coaching Count As Continuing Coach Education (CCE)?

Yes. Coaching supervision and mentor coaching both count as core coaching competency activities. Up to 10 hours in mentor coaching can be used as CCEs for credential renewal. Additionally, up to 10 hours of coaching supervision can be used for the required ICF core competencies CCEs.

Does Mentor Coaching Count As Client Coaching Hours For ICF Credentialing?

No. Mentor coaching and coaching practice hours are two different things. Therefore, mentor coaching hours may not be used toward the client coaching experience hours required for International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialing.

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