21 Secret Signs: How To Tell If A Woman Has Multiple Partners (2024)

Want to know how to tell if a woman has multiple partners? This guide features the most reliable signs that a woman is dating several men.

How To Tell If A Woman Has Multiple Partners
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients better understand the people closest to them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

How Do You Know If A Girl Is Dating Multiple Guys?

The more of these signs a woman shows, the more likely it is that she has multiple partners. 

1. She Flirts With Other Men

There’s a line of flirtatious behavior that is generally considered disrespectful to cross when you’re in a monogamous relationship. If she’s crossing that line, you can be reasonably sure she’s still interested in dating around. 

2. She’s Still On Dating Apps 

This is perhaps the most obvious warning sign that she’s interested in dating new people. She shouldn’t be on dating apps if she’s committed to being with you exclusively.

3. She’s A ‘Party Girl’

Does this woman have a reputation as a party girl? Some women are like this because they love drinking, socialising and dancing with their friends. But it is true that women like this are more prone to having casual relationships with more than one guy. They’ll certainly have more opportunities for this. 

4. She Has Promiscuous Friends

For the most part, we tend to mirror the morals, values and behaviors of our closest friends. If your love interest surrounds herself with other women who are dating around and engaging in promiscuous behavior, there’s a higher chance that she is doing the same.

5. She Posts Revealing Photos On Social Media

At the very least, this means she’s still interested in male attention. A woman who actively solicits this type of romantic attention is more likely than most to act upon it.

6. She Guards Her Phone Closely 

If you barely get a glimpse of your partner’s phone, it might be because she wants to hide the text messages and notifications from other guys.

7. She Asks If You’re Dating Multiple People

This means she’s at least open to the idea of men and women dating more than one person at the same time. If she asks you this question when you thought you were in an exclusive relationship with her, that’s a big red flag which suggests this woman has multiple partners. 

8. She Talks About Her Guy Friends A Lot

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a lot of male friends. Sadly though, the truth is: a lot of women who talk about their male friends all the time aren’t ‘just friends’ with these men. Often, they’re just calling them that to hide the fact they’re sleeping around.

9. She Receives A Lot Of Gifts 

Unless she has multiple birthdays, this probably means she’s dating a lot of guys.

10. She Drinks A Lot And Takes Recreational Drugs

Women like this are often spontaneous and open-minded enough to consider dating multiple people.

11. You See Other Guys In Her Social Media Posts

Do you see posts of her and another guy at a restaurant? Her hanging out with some guy late at night? Do you see the same guy in several of her posts? It’s rare for male friends to appear in posts like this. More likely, she’s hanging out with these guys in a romantic context. 

12. She Never Wants To Discuss The Future With You

This is a reliable sign that she sees you as nothing but a casual partner. A red flag if you’re looking for something more serious.  

13. She Never Lets You Meet Her Friends 

That’s another realiable indicator that she’s not interested in a serious monogamous relationship with you. It might also be that she is scared her friends will talk about her other partners. 

14. She Shows An Interest In Polyamory

The polyamorous community has a lot of forums and content online. If she is interested in consuming this content, or if she even identifies as polyamorous, you can be sure that she has at least thought about enjoying multiple partners.

15. She Doesn’t Have Time For You

If it’s difficult to find time to spend with her, that might be because she’s dividing her time between other men.

16. She’s Busy Late At Night

It’s in the late hours of the evening where women are most likely to be spending time with casual partners.  

17. She Leaves You On Read

Have you noticed she will read your texts but not reply until the next morning? Women will often do this when they’re out on dates with other men, because they don’t want these guys to get suspicious.

18. There Are Rumors About Her Dating Multiple People

In most cases, there’s no smoke without fire.

19. She Has A Sugar Dating Profile 

A person advertising their availability on a sugar dating website is one of the most likely to be shamelessly involved with multiple partners. 

20. She’ll Tell The Truth About It

If you ask a woman whether she’s dating multiple people, she’s more likely than ever to talk about it honestly. That’s because dating around isn’t seen as shameful for women as it used to be. Indeed, this is a conversation you should have as soon as you’ve started dating. 

21. She Boasts About It On Social Media

Some women will boast about their dating adventures and intimate experiences to try and gain clout on social media. So, it might be worth checking her TikTok, Instagram and Twitter accounts to see what she has been posting.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about women with multiple romantic partners.

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How Do You Tell If A Woman Has A Partner?

If a woman has a partner, she’ll usually be honest and tell you! That’s assuming she is a proud girlfriend. The only time it tends to get secretive is when she’s in a relationship with you and also dating other people. 

How Many Romantic Partners Does The Average Woman Have?

Polyamory hasn’t become completely mainstream yet. Most women are happy to be only one person’s girlfriend. With that said, ‘dating around’ has become somewhat common. A popular young woman might go on a first date with several guys in one week – and be celebrated for that. 

Having Two Partners At The Same Time

This is called polyamory. Honesty is key to getting through the difficult love situations that polyamorous relationships can present. If your girlfriend was polyamorous, you wouldn’t need this guide because she’d most likely be honest about her situation. 

What Happens If A Woman Has Multiple Partners

When a woman has multiple partners, the biggest red flags for her to navigate surround jealousy. If she lies about having more partners and a guy finds out, he may feel betrayed and react badly.

With that said, it’s still possible for men and women to have multiple partners. There are more than enough people who are happy to deal with that. Honesty would appear to be the best policy if you’re interested in this sort of love life though.  

Side Effects Of Having Multiple Partners

Not everyone approves of this type of lifestyle, especially for women. There’s still a common double-standard where men are celebrated for dating many women, while women interested in having multiple partners are shamed.

The most common criticism of this lifestyle surrounds a woman’s ability to have a long-term commitment in the future. It’s suggested that sleeping around and enjoying multiple relationships affects a woman’s ability to pair-bond.

There is also a sizable proportion of guys who would be put off from committing to a woman who had too many partners in the past. These men would rather date a girl they saw as completely innocent and pure, not someone who had been sleeping with a new guy every few weeks. 

For more unique insight on this topic, see my previous article on the Reasons Why Open Relationships Don’t Work.

How Can I Find A Loyal Girl To Settle Down With?

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in life, especially when a guy is going through a romantic tough patch.

A good start is to search for a girl you see as your best friend, rather than only focusing on superficial qualities such as their appearance.

It’s also worth doing an audit of your romantic strengths and weaknesses. If you struggle to meet good women on dating apps, perhaps you should dedicate more time to meeting them in person. If women always ghost you after the first date, it might be worth exploring what you’re doing wrong there.    

It can often be useful to work with a certified relationship coach. Highly-trained relationship coaches can help you spot areas to improve and mistakes to rectify in your dating life. 

Often, in this area of our lives, we have blind spots, which our friends, family members and partners are too polite to point out. A relationship coach is paid to be brutally honest about where you’re going wrong and how to improve. A relationship coach can also help couples overcome their relationship problems.   

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