How To Shift Realities While Awake: 21 Ways (2024)

You’ve tried different shifting methods to shift to the reality you want, but you ultimately end up dozing off even when you’re not using a sleep method.

How To Shift Realities While Awake
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You’re in the right place. If this is your struggle, we have you covered. Here are many of the different methods to shift realities while awake. Keep reading.

Let’s dive in.

1. The Julia Method

The Julia Method requires you to play subliminals, theta waves, or binaural beats in the background, while repeating the words “I AM”.

Whatever you put after the “I AM”, feel it with your senses as fully as possible. Also make sure it is in the present tense (“I am”, not “I want to be”).

For example, “I am vibrating at a higher frequency”. Or start repeating identity affirmations like, “I am (name)”, “I live in (place)”.

Start counting to 100, continue with your affirmations between every few counts. Eventually, you’ll start to feel symptoms of shifting. When you feel you’ve shifted reality, open your eyes to your new DR.

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2. The Eyes Open Shifting Method

For this reality shifting method pick something to stare at that doesn’t move. Visualize your desired reality, which includes the same spot you’re staring at.

Engage all your senses, and let yourself feel your DR around you. Let your eyes become unfocused.

Count to 100 and listen to subliminals if it helps. After a while, you’ll start feeling your surroundings change. Maybe a change in temperature, a breeze, or even start to see or hear new things around you.

When you feel symptoms of shifting, let your eyes come back into focus and look around to see your DR.

3. The 54321 Method

The first thing is to close your eyes and take 15–20 deep breaths. Relax your body, although not so much that you’re about to sleep.

Imagine and say out loud:

  • Five things you want to see in your new reality
  • Four things you want to touch
  • Three things you want to hear
  • Two things you want to smell
  • One thing you want to taste. 

You’ll feel your mind gradually detaching from your current reality, and open your eyes to your new DR.

4. The Animal Method

The Animal Method starts by sitting in stillness for 10 minutes, eradicating all thoughts from your mind.

Then lay down on your bed in a starfish position and start counting from 1 to 100 as slowly as you can.

Then start visualizing a large field. Sense the wind tickling your face and the smell of grass.

Now, choose any animal, and imagine you see it running. Start imagining you’re chasing it and it leads you to your desired reality. 

5. The I AM Method

With this method, begin meditating for 5-10 minutes, either guided or on your own.

Once you’re relaxed, get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and repeat in your head “I AM”.

Keep saying these 2 words until you get signs of shifting. Then, start counting, either out loud or mentally, from 0 to 100 really slowly.

Once you feel your surroundings change, open your eyes and you should be in your desired reality.

6. The Piano Method

With the Piano Method, imagine yourself walking down a grand hall. It’s filled with people talking.

There’s a piano and you walk over and sit down to start playing a song. It’s one that connects you to your desired reality.

When you start playing everyone stops talking. All eyes are on you.

When you’ve finished playing, take a bow. You get up to leave. Imagine someone from your desired reality at the end of the hall. They take your hand in theirs and ask if you’re ready to return home.

Say yes, then follow them down a corridor to a beautiful door with a golden handle. They open the door and walk into bright light. When you’re ready, follow them in.

Visualize shining stars as you walk in. When the light dims, open your eyes and you’ll be in your desired reality.

7. The Ceiling Method

Lie on your back so you can comfortably look up at the ceiling. You can also try this sitting down, using a wall.

Start visualizing your desired reality with your eyes open. Continue staring at the ceiling or wall.

Engage your senses and emotions and imagine yourself seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting your DR. What emotions are you feeling?

If your mind gets distracted by recalling your current reality, let it. Acknowledge your thoughts, and let them go. Just keep looking at the ceiling or wall.

Let your gaze blur. Imagine the ceiling or wall moves further away from you. At some point, let your eyes naturally close.

When you feel signs of shifting realities, open your eyes.

8. The Cinn Method

Lie in a comfortable position using the Cinn Method. Then start counting in your head and visualize a different aspect of your desired reality on every tenth number.

For example, imagine how you look on 10, how your friends look on 20, and so on.

Once you’ve reached 50, continue counting all the way up to 100 without pausing.

Now, open your eyes. You’re in your desired reality.

9. The Estelle Method

This awake method is great if you can connect with tones and vibrations easily. Imagine dancing with your DR character or someone you deeply adore.

Choose a piece of music to help you sync with the character or person you are dancing with. It can be your lover, friend, or anyone you wish. Feel all the sensations in the scene – air, smell, touch, etc.

Once the dance is over, your partner says, “it’s time to go home”, and opens the door for you. You’ll walk through and freefall into an absolute void.

Keep repeating affirmations that you’re in your dream realm. As you feel the sensations, slowly open to your DR.

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10. The Alice In Wonderland Method

Lie down comfortably on your back and imagine you’re sitting underneath a tree. Someone from your desired reality approaches you and as you get up, visualize them running away and jumping down a rabbit hole.

Follow them and decide to jump in when you’re ready. While falling down this rabbit hole, you let go of the memories of your current reality.

You land in a small room with a door. There’s a table with a key to this door, and the person you were chasing asks you if you’re ready to unlock it.

If you are, you can go ahead. If not, say shifting affirmations to help you move forward. Once you’ve unlocked the door and entered, you have already become your desired reality.  

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11. The Worm Method

This is a good one to try if you feel nervous about shifting realities and could use validation. 

Get into a comfortable position, and then squeeze your right hand into a fist, then relax it.

Repeat this three times, and then do the same with your left hand. Then with your toes, your arms, your legs, your torso, finally your neck and face. This will relax you.

Count slowly to 100. Pause to say an affirmation now and then.

Now, imagine a special person in your DR. Hear them telling you encouraging things.

When you feel as though they’re right there with you in the present, open your eyes. You have shifted successfully. 

12. The Elevator Method

With this reality shifting method, imagine yourself in an elevator. Your energy levels go higher and higher as you go up.

Soon the elevator doors will open to your desired reality when your energy is high enough.

13. The Altered Elevator Method

First, turn on an elevator ambient noise video online. Then, while comfortable, close your eyes and imagine you’re in an elevator, moving toward your DR.

Repeat affirmations as you ascend (or descend—whichever you prefer). As the elevator gets closer to your DR, the doors open just a little, showing you glimpses of it. 

Finally, the elevator stops, and the doors open. You step out into your desired reality. 

14. The Heartbeat Method

The Heartbeat Method involves listening to the audio of a heartbeat placed under your pillow.

While listening, imagine you’re laying on the chest of someone from your DR. When the audio stops, imagine this person asks if you want to go, at which point they’ll lead you to a door and open it, allowing you to enter your DR.

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15. The Train Method

The Train Method involves imagining yourself on a train headed for your DR. As you look out the window, visualize scenes from your DR playing out while also repeating affirmations as you go.

When you’ve arrived at your destination, open your eyes to find yourself in your DR.

16. The Staircase Method

The Staircase Method entails visualizing yourself at the bottom of a long staircase that you begin to climb up.

As you climb, repeat affirmations until you reach the top, at which point there will be a bright light for you to walk into leading you to your DR.

17. The Double Sided Staircase Method

This shifting method has you imagining yourself starting at the bottom of a long staircase, then climbing up.

When you’re at the top, you see a mirror. Observe yourself in this mirror intently, then when you feel ready to go, there will be a door behind you leading to a new staircase.

Follow this staircase down to bring you to a final door where someone from your DR is waiting and asking if you’re ready to go. Then they’ll lead you to your DR.

18. The Eleven Method

The Eleven Method requires putting something over your eyes like a bandana, eye mask, etc.

While listening to white noise, visualize yourself walking up to your desired reality self. You can then visualize you two merging, becoming one. After you fall asleep, you’ll wake up in your DR.

19. The intent Method

The Intent Method has you beginning in a state of drowsiness. After you’re comfortable, visualize and think of your DR (with you in it).

Once you’re on the verge of sleeping, say “I intend to wake up in my desired reality”. Let yourself fall asleep, and you’ll awaken in your DR.

20. The Tea Party Method

With this method you meditate before going to sleep, then visualize yourself having tea with your DR self.

Before you fall asleep, visualize yourself standing up and telling your DR self that it’s time to go home. Hug them goodbye and visualize the two of you merging. Wake up in your DR.

21. The Rope Method

While laying in bed relaxing, imagine an energy around your body that gets stronger and stronger.

Visualize your DR and when you feel ready, imagine your consciousness leaving your body via a rope to go to your DR. Climb the rope until you reach your DR.

What is The Easiest Way To Shift Realities?

There are so many different awake shifting methods and different people may find different methods easy.

The Raven Method is probably the most popular of all the methods. It’s a shifting method often referenced on TikTok.

You lay in a starfish position on your bed and count to 100 while subliminals are playing. Make sure to say positive affirmations between numbers.

However, the Pillow Method is very simple. It involves writing down affirmations on a piece of paper, repeating them before bed and sleeping with the paper under your pillow.

What Are Some Awake Methods For Shifting?

Reality shifting is an incredibly powerful tool that we’re all capable of doing. It’s simply a matter of learning how to tap into it and using it in deliberate ways.

Here is a recap of some of the awake shifting methods:

  • Raven method
  • Julia method
  • No Sleep/I am method
  • 5432 method
  • Animal method
  • Cinn method
  • Piano method

People have been shifting successfully into fantastical realities to escape their CR, however, they can also be used to improve your current reality without using it as escapism.

Define the ways your CR could be improved and use those in your visualizations and affirmations.

If you have a hard time shifting realities or you find yourself falling asleep every single time, these awake shifting methods can help you overcome that 

How Do I Make Sure I Shift Realities?

By shifting realities, you’re creating a new life for yourself, with new thoughts, beliefs and taking action towards manifesting the life you choose.

If you follow these tips and stay dedicated you will be sure to create a reality shift in your life.

  1. Make a list of what you want and focus on it.
  2. Set a clear intention to let the Universe know what you’re choosing for yourself.
  3. Come up with affirmations that match the present tense of your intention.
  4. Believe you are capable of creating and shifting your reality. Trust yourself.
  5. Visualize what you want in the present tense and a successful outcome.
  6. Use all your senses and emotions to feel your DR happening now.
  7. Stay positive and focused on the outcome.
  8. Don’t expect huge shifts overnight, yet be aware of changes around you.
  9. Take inspired action and go with the flow.
  10. Be open to change so you can be flexible and adapt.
  11. Negative thoughts and emotions will hold you back, so let them go.
  12. Feel gratitude for your DR having already happened.

How To Shift Realities While Awake For Beginners

If you’re struggling with relationships, work, money or your health, it might be time for you to learn how to shift realities while awake. These awake shifting methods are simple and creative. 

For beginners, put on theta wave sounds (6hz is the best) and meditate for ten minutes or until you’re more relaxed. 

Shifting reality works because it aligns your thoughts and actions so you can be the person required in order to experience a shift to your DR.

Symptoms Of Shifting Realities During The Day

Signs and symptoms are like hints or indicators that you are on the verge of shifting. Knowing the signs and symptoms of shifting can help be a motivator for you to keep going.

Shifting Realities
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These are some of the most common reality shifting symptoms:

  • Sensations of floating
  • Seeing a bright, white light
  • An itch or tingles on your body
  • Dreams about your DR or the people in it
  • The urge to roll over
  • Smelling certain aromas when they aren’t actually present
  • Feeling detached from your body
  • Feeling a sense of falling
  • A feeling of  numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches or migraines
  • A sense of “homesickness”
  • Heavy chest
  • A racing heartbeat
  • Eyelids twitching
  • Sweating
  • Blurred Vision

How To Shift Realities While Sleeping

There are some powerful tips that can help you shift realities immensely. Here are three tips for how to shift while sleeping.

1. Prepare Before Starting With Meditation

This helps you prepare your mind and body for new experiences. This might take a bit longer at the beginning to get into the right state. However, if you play theta waves in the background this will make it shorter.

2. Let Your Mind Go Free

Shifting realities takes a high level of spirituality, not just trying to stay positive. You’re required to let go of your logical mind and the limits of your consciousness. 

Gain the tools and skills that can help you tap into your subconscious mind and become a master shifter.

3. Not When You’re Too Tired

If you’re tired, your mind won’t have the strength to focus on your DR to be able to transfer there. Your brain will be more focused on getting rest.

For the most success for shifting, pick a time when you feel well rested, but not so energized that you won’t be able to fall asleep.

What Does It Feel Like To Shift Realities?

One community on Reddit called DimensionJumping has close to 42,200 members. Here is how a member described her practice online:

“Shifting is a very strange experience. It’s like an extremely vivid dream, yet it’s more real than any dream I’ve ever had. Before I plan on shifting, I write myself a script in the notes app on my phone, in which I plan exactly what happens in the desired reality.

This makes it easier to visualize exactly what I want to happen – so I might script that I want to go to Hogwarts and for Draco to be my boyfriend, or that he will flirt with me.”

Overall, don’t focus too much on the process! You don’t want to think too hard about your script or what method you’re going to use and completely forget about your goal. 

While it is possible to shift on your first try, it’s 100 percent okay if you don’t.

Shifting is an easy thing, as we unconsciously do it hundreds of times daily whenever we make a decision or put a desire into action, but it could take time to shift into your DR.

No matter how long it may take, remember that you are capable of shifting. Keep your head and your vibrations high! You can do this! 

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