9 Ways How To Make Him Want You In (2024)

How do I make him miss me, to think about me often? How can I get him back to desire me? What are the ways to make him get attracted to me? 

As a man and coach, I get these questions a lot. So this article on how to make him want you is a major sneak peek into the insights I provide my clients. Read the following essential tips and get him to want you.

Let’s dive right into it.

How To Make Him Want You
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1. Develop Your Own Fulfilling Life

Men don’t like it when a woman makes them or rather the relationship their entire life. They want to see you living and loving your own life.

When you build a thriving lifestyle around your career, family, friends, hobbies, and philanthropy among other things, they get interested in your life and find you irresistible, wanting to share the joy you seem to be having in your life. And therefore, they would almost be impatient to have you.

Think about it: On top of liking him because of his personality, physical features, and the fact that he likes you, doesn’t a man enjoying their life without dating intrigue you?

That’s the same for men. For all humans. 

  • People get interested in other people enjoying their lives without needing someone else. It means they can be fun to be around.
  • Also, having your own life would mean you genuinely enjoy the man’s company but not that you desperately need him.

For these reasons, you’ll make him want you and he’ll desire to win your love and respect always.

2. Remember to Love Yourself First

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Loving yourself helps you make healthy choices and thrive in life. But besides that, self-love helps you attract others as well. I mean, how can you get a man to want you if you don’t even want and love yourself? It doesn’t make sense.

Here’s how to see it. Self-love helps you:

  • Inspire others to love themselves
  • Openly communicate
  • Attain healthy relationships
  • Break free from the shackles of anxiety over what others think of you
  • Attract people to love you

Loving yourself is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. But gradually, you can do it. 

When you feel like you aren’t where you want to be in terms of physical shape, mental health, career-wise, and other issues, instead of self-criticism, let self-love help you reach there. You can also use these 26 research-backed strategies to boost your self-worth.

3. Express Interest in His World

If you want a man to want you, it should be because you want him. In that case, getting interested in his world will make him feel good about himself and get attracted to you.

Not that you should embrace each of his hobbies, no. That’s sucking up to please.

Instead, you may want to spend time with him and truly listen to him express his enthusiasm about issues important to him. Seek to learn about his passions and engage him in his conversations (also shows that you’re smart).

The same way it can make you feel good when someone you like gets interested in your life, that’s the same way a man would like you to make him feel. Otherwise, you’d appear as a self-absorbed person who isn’t truly into him. 

4. Let Your Appearance Shine

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Quit thinking that looks don’t matter because they do. Your heart and personality are more important but before one gets to know that, they SEE you. And men are visual creatures, as science confirms. They’re highly stimulated visually and are, therefore, firstly attracted by what they see.

So how do you let them see you? If you look good:

  • It reveals the respect you have for yourself
  • It boosts your confidence and reflects your unique personality
  • You let him know that you understand the power of a good presentation
  • He’ll see that you take care of yourself

All this results in him getting attracted to you. From your dressing, hair, makeup, to scent, make sure that it all exudes who you are so that you attract the right guy and prompt him to want you.

5. Make Him Feel Better About Himself

Ok, this doesn’t mean that you should flatter his ego. Every human likes to be appreciated — to feel seen — to feel special. All this is possible by making him feel good about himself in a healthy manner.

Because you probably already like the guy, you can find something great about him to compliment. Don’t overdo it because valuable compliments are rare. And genuine.

The best thing about complimenting a man is that they remember that about you. When you say they look good in a particular shirt, every time they’re choosing something in their closet and see that shirt, they’ll think of you. And making them think of you is a powerful way to trigger them into wanting you.

6. Be Playful With Effective Flirting and Teasing

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A man likes to be desired. And playfully so.

Flirty signals and teasing jokes are subtle ways of making an emotional connection with a guy you really want. It makes it clear that you want to be more than an acquaintance or friend and this excites him.

That said, the best ways to flirt and tease include:

  • Staring into his eyes briefly and looking away
  • Joking about something good about him
  • Touching him lightly on the arm or shoulder
  • Smiling while brushing your hair with your fingers

Flirting is usually effective when done lightly. It gives a man a clue to chase which makes it hard to lose interest in you.

7. Inspire Him

What makes you unique from other women who can provide sex and all the basic things? How can he connect with you on a deeper level? It’s through inspiration.

The common phrase “Behind every successful man is a woman” is generally true. And you’d want to use that to make a guy become crazy about you — even for the long term.

Listen to his goals in life and makes him open up about his aspirations. Subtly throw hints on how he can make his vision work, further revealing how indispensable you are. If you can provide a man with a sense of fulfillment by confirming and prompting the direction of his life, the chances of him wanting you will be high.

8. Avoid Striving to Change Him

One of the most fundamental mistakes ladies make is when they try to change men so they can fit their expectations. While helping someone be better is admirable, forcing change is highly unattractive and almost never possible.

You need to go with the above strategy when trying to facilitate a positive change. For one, you should be a model of the positive things you want a guy to emulate. And before you start pointing fingers using “you should” or “stop this” all the time, want to know why a man behaves a certain way.

Learn how to tell them their mistakes positively and they’ll love you for it.

Here are some resources to help you deal with a man you want:

9. Be the Best Version of Yourself

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Many ladies think that the best way to make a guy want them is by being the perfect version in the man’s head. But let’s be sincere, even a man can’t be the absolute perfect image you’ve formed in your head. We all fall short.

Instead of striving to be perfect, choose to become the best version of who you are. This means if it feels like you’ve let go of your body, exercise to look and feel your best; if you don’t think you’re being selfless, work towards that; if you want to be exceptional in bed, work on it, and so on.

When you strive to be the best of yourself, you can make a guy you like get attracted to you. And If they don’t like the best version of you, that’s because they are not for you — it’s that simple.

Your Burning Questions on How to Make Him Want You Answered

Get to know the answers to some pressing questions women ask about men when they desire to make a guy want them.

How do you make him think about you all the time?

It’s essential to make a man keep thinking about you so that there may be no other thoughts to destroy your relationship.

Here are tactics that can help:

  • Leave a mystery about you
  • Ignite their desires with a particular act and don’t finish it
  • Apply all the 9 tactics for making him want you

How do you make him crazy about you?

When you get him to always think about you, that way, he’ll become crazy about you. Therefore, applying the tactics I’ve outlined above will work great for this purpose.

How do you make him want you more than sexually?

Most ladies I coach either want to get a guy to commit to a relationship or they’ve been together for a long time and wish to marry. Either way, all you need to do is keep the romance alive and inspire him to maximize his potential by fueling his aspirations. The advice on how to make a man want you illustrates all you need to do to not just make him desire you sexually but also want to keep you for life.

How To Make Him Want You Over Text

Here are 7 texts that will get a man to want you like crazy:

  1. “I’m so glad you came into my life!”
  2. “I hope you know how amazing you are — and how much you mean to me”
  3. “OMG! I can’t stop smiling like an idiot when you  text me”
  4. “Why do you do this to me? Take my breath away?”
  5. “I gotta admit, you’re one of the most intriguing beings I’ve ever met.”
  6. “I felt I had everything I needed in my life. And then you came along. I can’t even visualize a life without you now.”
  7. “When am I getting one of your intoxicating hugs? I  can’t wait”
  8. “I can’t wait for our next time together. Say what you’ll want me to do and I’ll do it.”

Final Word

When a man thinks about you, they should relate you to positive feelings. Now you know how to make him want you. Apply these tactics effectively and you’ll get the guy you want or keep one you already have for a lifetime. 

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