33 Easy Ways To Make A Man Feel Loved and Respected (2024)

We all want someone who appreciates us. And your man is no different. 

Master how to make a man feel loved and respected today for a thriving relationship!

1. Take Your Time Welcoming Him Home

Before we look at anything else, you need to know where making a man feel valued starts.

If your man finds you at home, it’s noteworthy to drop everything and give him a special welcome. After all, it only takes a minute to do so although it makes a big difference.

You can meet him as he enters the house and hug him and kiss, take the stuff he has carried, take off his coat – whatever would make him feel welcome and wanted in the house.

You can then excuse yourself back to what you’ve been working on.

How To Make A Man Feel Loved and Respected
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

2. Serve Him

Whenever you remember to make your man feel loved and respected, ask yourself, “How can I make life easier for my man easier right now?”

Perhaps they’re working on some project around the house and would really appreciate a glass of water. Maybe they’ve been undergoing lots of stress at work so offering whatever helps them feel relaxed would help them feel loved.

3. Try Looking Your Best for Him

You love to look your best during the early dates with someone you like, right?

But this could be something you neglect after some time in a relationship or many years into marriage. Yet it shouldn’t be so.

A man feels loved and respected when you get out of your way to look good. 

Of course, you won’t always look that way in all circumstances. But at least try more often to dress up nicely for them – especially in ways they like most like dressing how he likes for your picnic date. 

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4. Drop Him Mindful Compliments

Guys love compliments as much as women do. 

Here’s how to make a man feel loved and respected with mindful compliments:

  • I love how that shirt looks on you
  • I really admire how you handled that argument in the parking lot, you’re really wise
  • I love how accommodating you are of people, it shows how strong you are
  • I love how persistent you are on your life goals
  • You’re the most resilient man I know, I’m lucky to have you
  • I love how you make love to me, especially when you do X

5. Seek His Opinion

If you’re striving to understand how to make a man feel special, this is a tip you don’t want to miss.

Men feel loved and respected when their loved ones seek them for their thoughts on various issues. You’d feel the same if it were you.

So whenever you’re wondering what someone else would think of something, ask your husband. It helps more than you think.

6. Support His Alone Time

Yes, you love spending time with the man you love. But don’t forget their need for solitude.

To recharge and maintain being their best self, men need time alone.

Therefore, respect and support their solitude while taking that time to recharge yourself.

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7. Support His Time With Friends

This is another one tough to deal with especially if you long to be with your man while they want to stay in the man cave and chat with some buddies.

You might be tempted to think they don’t want to spend time with you. You might be tempted to ask him why he doesn’t want you to hang with the boys. Either way, don’t do it.

Give them space and even his friends would compliment you for him. And that makes him feel loved and respected.

8. Accept Him and Be the Change You Want to See in Him

The saying, “You can’t change a man” is true. To a great extent.

A man isn’t changed by making fun of his flaws and much talk. Action does it.

So instead of focusing on his flaws, strive to be the amazing person you want to see in him, lovingly correct and offer advice where necessary and you’ll find your man doing better for himself and you.

9. Be Patient With Him

To love and respect someone, you have to be patient with their missteps.

Even when tempted to yell at your man, walk out on him, or do something hurtful to him, remember to show him love and respect by waiting on him to change.

10. Listen to Him

One thing that shows that someone loves or respects you is when they listen to you. It’s fundamental to constructive communication.

Listen to Him
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Instead of staying distracted by other things, interrupting your man while he talks, or rushing them to explain something, listen intently to what your partner speaks to you.

Here’s how to make a man feel loved and respected by being a better listener:

  • Avoid rushing him to express himself fast
  • Listen to him without judgment
  • Respond verbally and with body language like nodding, eye contact, leaning in, and emotional facial expressions to show you’re listening
  • Ask him questions (to explain and clarify) that you may understand what he says

11. Make Special Time for Him

Whether you have kids or are just the two of you, it’s important to set apart time just for the two of you apart from the normal daily life activities.

You can plan for reconnecting date nights, retreats, and suchlike special moments to focus on just him.

It’s the little things that feel like grand gestures.

12. Keep Your Phone Down

This is one of the most important tips on how to make a man feel loved and respected.

No one likes to talk to someone while they’re distracted on their phone. However, in this digital age, most of us are guilty of this.

Whenever alone with your man, avoid checking on your phone and give him so much attention to make him feel like the best man in the world.

That’s unless you have an emergency you’re dealing with or have to work on something right then. You can use explanations like:

  • My boss wants me to clarify something
  • Allan wants to know where we keep X
  • I need to return Daisie’s text
  • The babysitter is checking in

Excusing yourself whenever you need to check on your phone makes your man feel important to you.

13. Get Him Something When Getting Some for Yourself

Whenever you’re doing something for yourself, consider doing something similar for your husband. I’ll give you examples:

  • Making cocoa for yourself on a movie night? Make him a cup as well
  • Going shopping for your girl’s date? Buy a gift for him as well
  • Cooking for Thanksgiving? Make his favorite meal as well

This is a practical way of saying, “I’ve been thinking of you, I respect your needs too and I love you enough to do this for you.”

14. Stay Curious

When someone is deeply in love with you and is asking all sorts of questions to get to know you, you feel loved and respected. The same goes for your man.

And while you might have stayed many years with your man, you don’t know all of him. 

This same man you fell in love with some time past has changed a lot in opinion, expertise, and many other things in addition to his old details you never knew of. 

This new information should be enough to spark a new never-ending interest in him.

Here’s how to make a man feel loved and respected while making effort to know him:

  • “Tell me your silliest childhood stories”
  • “What opinions about love have changed so far?”
  • “If you would be given a million dollars to spend on anything you want, what would you do with it?”
  • “Where would you go to live if everything were to happen as per your wish?”
  • “If nothing was expected of you, what would you do with your time?”
  • “Tell me the most significant lessons you’ve learned about life?”

If he asks you why the sudden interest you can drop a compliment like, “You’re one of the most interesting people I know so I want to know more.”

15. Give Him That Eye Connection

To master how to make a man feel loved and respected, you must know of tips you can apply randomly like this one.

From time to time, give your man a longing look in the eyes and smile while they maintain eye contact. This look speaks, “I see you, you’re amazing you know?” without using words.

16. Note His Preferences

This is the glue around all tips for making a man feel valued and loved.

The best way to love a man is to do what he prefers most.

If the man says, “I wish…” be alert to know what he says after.  

  • I wish you could do the dishes earlier
  • I wish you could make time for a weekly date night in your schedule
  • I wish you could let me do this for you

Note what they prefer and do your best to adapt to their preferences. It’s a guaranteed way to make a boyfriend feel special and respected.

17. Trust Him

You hear it many times over, trust is the foundation of any relationship. It’s true.

A man wants to be thought of as someone responsible and dependable. He wants you to trust that he has your best interests at heart. That he’s able to make thoughtful decisions even for your kids.

Therefore, instead of showing your suspicions around anything from finances to his love for you, tell him that you believe in him – that he’ll do the best for the relationship and your family members.

18. Be His Number One Fan

With so many pressures out there, a successful man needs and expects you to be his biggest support system.

Therefore, if they get a win, say supportive statements like, “Of course, you got a raise, you’re hard-working, strategic, and compassionate at the same time. I’m proud of you hun!”

And even when they’re struggling with confidence, tell them stuff like, “I can’t think of anyone fit for this as you are. This is a challenge I know you’ll overcome. You always do.”

Whatever the situation, be what a die-hard fan can be for their celebrity.

That’s how to make a man feel loved and respected.

19. Give Him Kisses Daily

Men treasure physical affection by a great deal. It makes them feel desired, loved, and as a result, respected as well.

Therefore, don’t see kissing as just a regular thing you have to do for your husband. It’s the world to him.

So be spontaneous about this, catching him in a kiss whenever you get the chance to show your love for him.

20. Give Him Long Hugs

Kisses aren’t the only ones that give him a sense of love and respect. Hugs are equally important.

Whether meeting for the first time after a working day or just want to express how much you appreciate him, hug him. 

This helps relieve tension from them plus he’ll feel appreciated.

21. Have Fun With Mutual Activities

Is there something you do together as if it’s your culture? Make sure you enjoy it and he knows it.

If you don’t have an activity you do together yet, you need to plan at least one. You can pick something they like doing and tell them to help you learn so you can do it together.

If your man sees how much you’re making effort to have fun in something interesting to them, they’ll feel deeply loved and respected.

22. Celebrate Him

Whatever chance you get to celebrate your man, seize it.

Here’s how to make a man feel loved and respected by celebrating him:

  • Surprise him on his birthdays
  • Do something special when he succeeds in something
  • Make him feel like the best man in the world on international men’s day
  • Appreciate whatever he does for you and others even if it is his job: From bringing income for your livelihood to even fixing a car or washing dishes, show him much appreciation.
  • Speak highly of him in public: Another way to celebrate your man is showing him admiration plus high regard for him in the presence of others. It makes him feel valued by you and even other people because of you.

23. Respond to His Sexual Advances

Physical intimacy is vital to a man feeling validated. If he makes advances and you dismiss him he might feel as if he isn’t good enough for you which leads to him not feeling loved and respected.

Sexual Advances
Photo by Jep Gambardella from Pexels

Just make sure you reciprocate his flirting and accept him whenever he’s interested in making love to you. 

24. Do Corrections With Compliments

“You know babe I trust you with all our financial decisions because you’re the best financial manager of us. But on this one, I think you’re wrong for X and Y reasons.”

See? Compliment first to show him that you love and respect him and then show him the mistake you think they’re doing.

This is one of the tactics of constructive fighting, a way to carry out misunderstandings in a healthy relationship without strife.

25. Feel Life With Him

Is he happy? Be happy with him. Is he sad? Be sad with him.

This isn’t a call to ensure that you live out every emotion of your man as if you don’t have a life of your own, no. This is a call to attune to the emotions of your man that they may feel heard and understood which is one way to make a husband feel respected.

26. Take Note of His Boundaries

If a man keeps telling you that you hurt them a couple of times over, they’ll perceive you don’t listen to them and thus would feel unloved and disrespected. 

Therefore, If your man opened up to you about lines you shouldn’t cross, make sure you do exactly that.

27. Don’t Make Fun of Him

Your man isn’t all perfect. They won’t be like Keanu Reeves in every aspect. Nor will they resemble James Bond on every masculine quality.

They are unique and real so he may be a little feminine sometimes because no one is fully masculine or feminine.

In such cases, don’t make fun of him since he won’t feel appreciated and respected and might avoid opening up to you about their real selves altogether.

28. Appreciate Him

Just saying thank you to your man is enough to make them feel loved and respected.

Whether they do dishes or bring home food, don’t think of it as just a regular chore, appreciate their efforts.

The little thank yous matter.

29. Be Your Authentic Self

You must be wondering what this has to do with making your man feel loved and respected. 

Here’s how –

If your man notices you’re not you’re authentic self. They’ll realize you don’t love nor respect yourself so it’ll be hard for them to accept your attempts to make them feel loved and respected as real either.

So work on your self-esteem and embrace your true self to love and respect your man for who they truly is too.

30. Ask Him About His Love Language

Love language is different among men.

While there’s universal language like being affirmed, quality time with his woman, gifts, and being served; your man has specific things that make them feel truly loved and respected.

You can observe his preferences but also ask him directly what makes him feel loved.

31. Stand By Him

This is one of the tips on how to make a man feel loved and respected you don’t want to miss.

In public, even when your man is wrong about something, you need to take his side. 

If it’s an escalation that could turn ugly, you can be subtle about taking your man out of the situation but make sure you stay on his side all along to correct him while alone.

32. Ask For His Help

Men have the hero instinct where they want to do their best to be there for a woman they love for them to feel fulfilled in the relationship.

Give them the chance to exercise their hero instinct by asking for their help, especially in issues that need strength and wisdom.

33. Make Him Your Priority

Above all things, make your man the first on your list of priorities.

If you view him as top of the list thing to focus on, all the other tips would be easy to implement.

Questions on How to Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

Still have questions on how to make a man feel loved and respected? Let’s dig further!

How to make a man feel secure in a relationship

These tips work mainly to make a man feel secure in a relationship:

  • Do corrections with compliments
  • Stand by him, especially in public
  • Be his number one fan
  • Take note of his boundaries
  • Celebrate him
  • Accept him for who he is and be the change you want to see in him
  • Listen to him
  • Seek his help
  • Don’t make fun of him

What makes a guy feel most loved? How do you make a guy feel loved by someone?

Most men often feel loved when the only women they love support, celebrate, and serve them openly plus if they show them physical affection by hugging, kissing, and accepting their sexual advances.

How do you make a man feel needed and appreciated?

You make a man feel needed and appreciated mostly by:

  • Asking for his help
  • Seeking his opinion
  • Thanking him for the simplest things he does
  • Taking your time welcoming home
  • Making special time for him
  • Having interest in him
  • Supporting and trusting his own decisions
  • Correcting him while appreciating him for things he does correctly

How to make a man feel loved and respected through text

  • I have been thinking about you a lot, I need special time with you
  • When I look at you, I just can’t help thinking how lucky I am to be yours
  • I love how you look in that shirty today
  • I love how you show the real you, you’re amazing
  • I love how your smile shows the amazing kindness in you
  • I can’t wait to see you tonight
  • I’m crazy in love with you

How to make a man feel loved and wanted – How do guys feel respected?

  1. Take Your Time Welcoming Him Home
  2. Serve Him
  3. Try Looking Your Best for Him
  4. Drop Him Mindful Compliments
  5. Seek His Opinion
  6. Support His Alone Time
  7. Support His Time With Friends
  8. Accept Him and Be the Change You Want to See in Him
  9. Be Patient With Him
  10. Listen to Him

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to make a man feel loved and respected, it’s time to practice. 

Just take a few tips to work on but remember to make him a priority and note his preferences and you’ll do just fine.

Keep sharing this piece with others to better the relationships around us.

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