22 Best Ways To Get Him Interested Again Fast (2024)

Is a great guy losing interest in you? Are you wondering how to get him interested again fast? This guide is here to help.

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast
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It features 22 effective strategies to regain a guy’s interest.

In my role as a life coach, I’m often helping clients to improve their relationships with those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.

Make Him Chase You Again Psychology

Before we begin our list of how to get him interested again fast, it’s important to understand the psychology that makes people chase affection. 

By definition, we can’t ‘chase’ someone who is chasing us. 

In fact, if someone is chasing us too aggressively, our natural response is to run away. 

This is as true when someone is chasing our affection as it is of being physically chased.  

So, as simple as it sounds, the key to making a guy interested again fast is to stop chasing him. 

Get Him Interested Again By Ignoring Him?

That’s right.

As humans, we tend to value things more when they’re difficult to obtain.

So, if you’re too clingy with your crush, he’ll begin to wonder why you’re giving your affection away so easily.

He may start to wonder whether you’re not as valuable as he first perceived, no matter how much fun he had with you. 

This is particularly common in the early days of a relationship, where you haven’t had too many chances to spend quality time together. 

If you’ve been too clingy, it’s time to compensate with the exact opposite behavior. Ignore him for a while and do your own thing without him. 

This will do a lot to up your perceived value in his eyes, especially if he previously thought you were coming on too strong. 

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast 

If the man you want has lost interest in you, here is a list of ideas to get him interested again fast.

1. Stop Paying Attention To Him

Now is the time to stop reaching out. Stop making phone calls, sending text messages and engaging with his social media. 

2. It’s Time For A Glow-Up

It’s no secret that men are visual creatures when it comes to attraction. It’s the most important thing to make a man fall for you in the early stages of dating.

If you can improve your physical appearance, then post a cute picture on social media for him to see, it will make a huge difference to his perception of you.

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3. Make Use Of Social Media

It’s better to be posting pictures on social media for this man to see, rather than sending them directly to him. Remember, you need to cease contact for a while to create the space for him to chase you.

4. Hang Out With Your Friends And Have A Great Time

The more fun you have without a special man in your life, the easier it will be for you to cease contact with this guy and be less desparate around him in the future.

Sure, you can post pictures of your fun time on social media for him to spot, but the main reason you’re spending time with your pals is for you, not him. 

5. Date Other Guys

If you have the opportunities to date other guys during this no contact period, take them. 

You can take a subtle photo of the first date to post on social media, such as two glasses on a table. 

If your special guy spots this, there’s every chance he’ll be left wondering what you’re doing and who you’re with. 

Perhaps he’ll feel that you’re slipping away and reach out at this point.

6. Reanalyse Your Relationship

Don’t spend too long dwelling on what went wrong in your budding relationship with this guy, because you may never know the truth. Still, it’s worth chatting with your close friends about this. Maybe they can spot a mistake you commonly make in your relationships.

If you aren’t able to talk about this with your friends, you could do so with a relationship coach instead. 

7. Talk To Your Mutual Friends

If you have mutual friends with this guy, talk to them to find out what made him lose interest and how you could fix it. 

How To Get Him Interested Again Fast Through Text 

How To Get Him Interested Again
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8. Reach Out When He’s Likely To Be Free

If this guy reaches out to you through text, it’s fair to assume he’s somewhat interested in dating you again.

I’d recommend you wait until he does reach out before messaging him again.

When he does, send him a reply while he’s likely to be bored at home or at work.     

If you know he always goes drinking with his boys on a Friday night, this isn’t a good time to message him. 

9. Send Him A ‘Ping Text’ 

In computer programming, a ‘ping’ is a quick signal sent by a device to check its components are still alive and working.

You can send a text to your special guy to do the same. 

The best way to do this is to send a fun text that doesn’t ask a question.  

The most effective ‘ping texts’ communicate: “I saw this and thought of you”.   

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10. Apologise For Being In A Bad Mood On Your Last Date

Even if you weren’t in a bad mood, this message is good bait for him to send you a reply. You don’t need to add anything else to your message. 

If he had a great time on the date, he’ll probably reply saying he didn’t realize you were in a bad mood. 

If he did think you were a bit ‘off’ on the last date, he may reply forgiving you.

Either way, the door has reopened for you to lead the conversation to meeting in-person again.

11. Apologize For Something Else

If you realize you did something really unattractive on your last date, text to apologize for this.

Maybe you were talking about your ex-boyfriend a lot, or you were too nervous to talk properly. Or you did something else that was a huge turn-off.

A guy is rarely going to reach out to tell you what turned him off, but if you call it out yourself, it can open the door to get him interested again. This renews hope within him that the next date won’t be as bad. 

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12. Keep It Short And Sweet

Remember, you still need to create space for him to chase you.

Short messages communicate that you’re not too emotionally invested in his response. 

13. Remind Him Of The Fun Memories

A text message that reminds him of the fun times you shared together can help to get him interested in another date.

Some callback humor from your previous date can work well, as can a funny picture that you took on that date.   

14. Cut It Off Yourself

If you try reaching out again and he doesn’t respond as well as you hoped, you might want to consider cutting off the relationship yourself.

You don’t have to sound spiteful or butthurt when you do it. Instead, respectfully mention that he doesn’t seem too interested in talking or meeting up, so you’re going to stop trying to force a relationship.

If he is actually interested in making something happen with you, he’ll respond to this reverse psychology by apologising for being so cold.

This strategy only works if it’s been a while since he’s shown genuine interest in you.

15. Ask What Made Him Lose Interest

If you don’t like the idea of making an ultimatum, try asking if you did anything wrong on your last date.

Once again, if he wants to spend time with you in the future, he’ll assure you that nothing went wrong. 

If that’s the case, you can hint at meeting up again. 

At this point, you’ll at least find out the truth about his feelings towards you. 

How To Get A Guy Interested Again After Being Needy

How To Get A Guy Interested Again
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16. Invite Him To Something Awesome

It’ll be much harder for him to turn down a date when you come up with great ideas that he’ll really love. If he’s a thrill-seeker, invite him to the amusement park. If he loves Harry Potter, take him along to a Hogwarts themed event. Think outside the box. This is great advice if your relationship is beginning to feel stale too. 

17. Keep It Positive

If you complain or try to make him feel bad about ignoring you, it’s just going to make things worse.

18. Don’t Even Mention His Silence

It’s better to make it seem like his absence hasn’t been a big deal to you.

19. Flirt More On Your Next Date

Could it be that you didn’t flirt enough on your last date? This is a common reason why guys ghost on women. When women don’t flirt with them, they get the sense that there wasn’t a real connection.

When you flirt, he gets a stronger taste of your feminine energy and this can do a lot to make him interested in a relationship. 

On your next date, start by saying he looks handsome today. Your eye contact and body language are key for flirting too. 

Relationship expert Chris Bauer made a great flirting guide about activating a man’s ‘Hero Instinct’, which essentially explains how to use your feminine energy to make a man feel more masculine. I’ve written a full guide on this idea of activating the ‘Hero Instinct’, which all women should read if they’re looking to improve their love life. 

20. Don’t Mention Your Desire For A Serious Relationship

Yes, most women date with the intention of finding a serious relationship, but you don’t need to talk about that too much in the initial stages of knowing a man. Most guys find this intimidating. You can stop putting pressure on guys by avoiding this topic in the early stage of dating. 

21. Focus On Your Own Life More

Whether you land another date with this man or not, it’s highly recommended to spend more time on improving your quality of life and your self-confidence. When you’re a happy and confident person, you become far more attractive to be around.

You also become less reliant on a relationship to feel fulfilled in your life, which ironically brings you closer to your ultimate goal of finding a happy relationship.

22. Don’t Blame Yourself If It Doesn’t Work

Sometimes two people don’t have common ground. That’s just the way it goes. 

Rejection is part of being a human being. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be between you two at this moment.

That doesn’t mean you should blame yourself or get angry with this dude.

If you can move on gracefully, you’ll be in a better headspace to make things work with someone else. 

And who knows? Maybe this guy will come back in the future. 

Better Question: Is He Worth It?

Here’s an important question to ask before you take any of these steps listed in this guide: why is this one man so important to you? 

Perhaps you had fun together. But surely the number one thing you want in a relationship is a man who also wants you!!

If this guy has lost interest, why should you bend over backwards to get him interested again?

Perhaps your efforts will be better spent finding a man who is actually excited to date you? 

Why Is It Better That This Guy Reaches Out First?

In all honesty, the best way to get him interested again fast is to send him a photo of yourself in sexy lingerie asking him to come over to your bedroom.

But that doesn’t solve your long-term ambitions…

Because that doesn’t make him any more interested in a long-term relationship.

It might actually make him less interested in that because (as we discussed) humans value things less when it’s easy to obtain.

In most cases, the man will come over, have his way with you, then go back to ignoring you afterwards.

Why wouldn’t he? 

You’re rewarding his ignorance with sexy lingerie pictures and no-strings sex.

If you want a man to desire a committed relationship, he has to value you. To value you, you have to be somewhat difficult to obtain.

The moment you reach out to him after he’s ignored you and done nothing to earn your attention since? That’s the moment your value drops in his eyes.

Yes, it’s possible to win a man over after being persistent to get his attention in the first place, but it’s a far more effective strategy to focus your energy on people who show they actually want you.

Don’t be that woman who only chases men that don’t want her. That’s your ego driving your behavior. Use your brain instead. It will make you far happier in the long run.

Men will start treating you like a prize worth fighting for when you start acting like one.    

Frequently Asked Questions About Men Losing Interest In Women

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about why men’s interest in women wanes over time.

Why Do Men Ghost Women?  

Ghosting seems to be a relatively new trend, which became popular around the same time as online dating.

It could be argued that online dating dehumanises the people we’re communicating with, so we feel more comfortable treating them without manners.

The men who choose to ghost women do so because they find it easier than honestly rejecting them. Also, they think ghosting leaves the door open for them to return if they’re feeling lonely one day. 

Can A Relationship Work After Several Break-Ups?

It can work, but only if the couple works to change and fix the problems that caused the break-up in the first place.

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How To Keep A Man’s Interest In A Long-Distance Relationship

In this type of relationship, you both need to make a special effort to keep in touch over the phone.

If your long-distance partner isn’t putting in as much effort as you, it’s better to calmly and lovingly remind him of the importance of frequent communication. Long-distance relationships can’t work without it. 

Any More Questions About What To Do When A Man Has Lost Interest?

Thanks for reading my article on how to get a man interested again fast.

If you have any questions on this topic, please take a moment to write a comment in the box below.

If you managed to regain the attention of your dream guy, feel free to let me know all the things you did to put the fire back into your relationship. 

It would be great to hear from you and I can’t wait to hear what you thought about this guide.

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