11 Ways To Hold Onto Hopes In Time Of Crisis (2024)

Whether it’s a collective global crisis, or one that’s very personal, you’ll get through it better if you can hold onto hope.

To hope is to see the outcome of a better life in some way. 

Envisioning a better future motivates you to look for possibilities and opportunities and take steps to make it happen.

Let’s dive right into it.

Hold Onto Hope
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1. Trust Life

Keep in mind that there’s a bigger picture. We haven’t been dropped onto this planet without guidance and support.

Whether you see that support as God, Angels, Universe, Holy Spirit, or Universal Love, there is a force orchestrating everything, working for your ultimate good. 

When a situation seems disastrous, remember there is hope even in a forest that’s burning down. For the promise of future renewal to take place, it often burns down first.

It’s a crisis at first glance, yet holding onto hope, we soon see the beauty of new life arising out of the ashes. Take this as encouragement to trust Life. It always rises.

2. Accept Your Feelings, But Don’t Wallow In Them

A crisis will bring specific feelings to the surface. Accept them. Let the tears flow if they come up. If you choose to stuff them away, the tears will only come up stronger later. 

Energy cannot be extinguished at will. That only stifles the energy and can affect your health in the future.

Allow what you feel to surface and honour it. It’s normal for whatever you’re going through to make you feel certain emotions.

Then release those feelings so you can move on and live like you know you have hope.

3. Be Careful Not To Overreact

Shocking information, that has the potential to change your world personally or collectively, it could be enough to send the amygdala in your brain into panic mode. 

The amygdala detects threats and activates appropriate fear-related behaviors in response to threatening or dangerous stimuli. 

If you’re stressed and not grounded and centered, it could be automatic for you to overreact. making the situation much more difficult to deal with and the possibility of making decisions out of the weaker state of fear.

4. Trust Yourself

You were made in God’s image. That means that you have the flame of faith and hope resting in your inner heart, even during the most difficult times.

Follow your breath. Feel and learn to read what your body is communicating then trust it. These are ways the spirit talks to us.

5. Pay Attention To The Messages You’re Absorbing

We get bombarded constantly with messages of fear through movies you watch, books you read, mainstream news, and social media posts. This can make life very confusing if we put all our faith in these outside sources.

Be sure to search out information you require from different sources so you’re aware of all sides of an issue.

Then, turn it all off and go into nature. Walk on the ground, touch a tree. Get your messages from the Source. 

Then purposely search for a book with an inspirational verse, read thoughtful blog posts, or a movie that uplifts you. Hang with people that offer encouragement to be and feel your best self.

6. Keep Your Vibes High

Your thoughts determine your state of being. So if your thoughts are about doom and gloom, your vibes are going down too. You’ll feel despondent, depressed, or pessimistic.

Pay attention to what you think about. You don’t have to believe the scenario your imagination is playing out for you.

You can change it to a scenario that brings you joy. Keeping yourself in vibrations like love helps you move forward.

Remember you’re capable of amazing things. Join with like minded people who understand your point of view and help point you toward more hope.

Trust Life
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7. Maintain A Sense Of Normalcy

It may sound impossible, however, it’s important to purposely eat well, continue good sleep routines and exercise.

Continue to go to work and do as many other aspects of your life that you can. However, your needs go beyond food, clothing and shelter.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we see that our needs include safety, a sense of love and belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization.

Activities like, building stronger relationships with our support system (our tribe), being health positive, and taking time to meditate and practice peace, can help you meet these needs.

As distracted as you are by your crisis, try to live by this and do all the activities that have brought you comfort in the past.

Invest in yourself so you’ll have fuel to power yourself and show up for you and others who may require your vision of hope even during your crisis.

8. Be Aware Of The Benefits A Crisis Can Bring

A crisis, as horrific as it could be, can be the best time to discover more about yourself and your situation.

Reflect on why this crisis has occurred. What do you need to learn from this situation? Write about the pain and then listen for a comment or words of wisdom that come to you.

Be very honest with yourself. The words you write are only for your eyes. Then begin the process of accepting change and growth.

9. Connect Regularly

We’re not islands. We are a community, and we’re required, by virtue of our humanness, to reach out and ask for help when we need it. Know that there’s no shame in this.

During a crisis, you might feel like curling up alone and being a hermit, however if you do that for too long, it’s counterproductive to keeping your vibes high.

Keep your connections active. Words of encouragement with your trusted tribe could be what you require to feel more hope.

Or seek the services of a counselor, life coach or other specialist. Some areas of our lives are best worked through with guidance from a neutral third party trained to help.

10. Share

The best way to hold onto hope in times of crisis is to share and give to others that which you want for yourself.

If you want kindness, be kind to yourself and others. If you want sympathy, sympathize with others. If you want peace, be peaceful within yourself and others.

Visit lonely seniors to offer them hope to hold onto, if you can, or write some words of love. If knitting or sewing is your thing, make something nice for newborns in the hospital. Bake a batch of cookies to bring to your local fire department.

Share the best of who you are while your storm passes or while your solutions appear. 

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a smile, or opening the door for someone else, or giving a genuine compliment.

Firstly, this helps you shift your focus temporarily from your issues to others who are struggling or feeling lost.

Also, sharing your best traits will lift your own heart and perspective to know what you’re capable of.

11. Gratitude

This is what brought me out of a deep depression several years ago. Gratitude for what you do have.

Sure we all have difficult moments, but through them, you learn so much and it’s as if God peppers them with so many little good things that also happen. 

Maybe you’re grateful for your faith in God or Jesus Christ, maybe it’s encouragement or loving comments from a friend. It might even be a post written by someone you haven’t heard from in a long time that gives you hope.

You might only be able to feel gratitude for having a bed to sleep on or a warm blanket right now. Where you start doesn’t matter.

It’s the feeling that will welcome in peace as you journey through your crisis and help you hold onto hope.

Trust Yourself
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Hold Onto Hope Meaning

Hope is “to expect with confidence”, according to Webster’s Dictionary. It goes hand in hand with faith. When we have hope we believe things will work out for the better.

It means we hold on to hope because we know better days are coming!

Albus Dumbledore once said, “There is always hope in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light.”

The light for you might be God, or the word of the Lord, or even the flame that burns strong inside you.

Hope might even be tricky to find. Sometimes it’s heard as quiet as a whisper but other times it rings as loud as church bells.

Hope can be revealed in the strangest of places, although you will know when it’s ignited.

How Do You Hold Onto Hope?

Your life is a series of ups and downs; challenges and triumphs.

You could be going through a job crisis or family issue, even a health crisis. It could be that your kids are going through difficult moments. Or you’ve heard the free world is in crisis.

Rather than wish for it all to just go away, embrace the challenge in front of you because these crises and challenges build on the growth of your soul.

Hold on to hope that things will get better because the upward trends always follow the downward turn and joy could be just around the corner.

Many people turn to their faith for encouragement. You might feel called to prayer to hold on to hope and strengthen your connection to the Lord God, the Holy Spirit and Heaven.

Join together with like minded people to fill your soul with the promise of better days.

There is a time to be alone for introspection and comfort, although prayer can help to free the pain you’re feeling and your community can remind you that you matter.
Please leave your comments of what helps you hold on to hope and share ✅ this blog post to someone you know who might benefit from some hope 💟 right now.

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