High Performance Coach – 11+ Of The Most Helpful Facts Checklist (2024)

Do you think that a high performance coach works solely with high performers?

Let’s bust some myths and learn valuable facts about high performance coaching.

Plus, we will share how to become a certified high performance coach yourself.

Join us below.

3, 2, 1… GO!

#1 What Is A High Performance Coach?

A high performance coach helps people reach their full potential.

Yes, anyone can work with a high-performance coach.

No, this type of coaching is NOT a reserved territory for “star talents”.

However, high performance coaches’ strategies do borrow a lot from both the military and sports areas.

That’s because, in the world of sports and military alike, top performance is KEY to success.

Ultimately, high performance coaching sprouts from sports coaching.

Now, let’s look at athletes.

It is easy to state that they are great at what they do, right?

So, how do they reach the next level of performance?

Well, athletes collaborate with leading experts in the high performance niche.

Important Note:

A high performance coaching expert is there to help you (finally) learn that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Can you confidently state:

Yes, you are enough. You were born to do this.

Emotions don’t distract high performers.”― Abhishek Ratna.

#2 How To Become A High Performance Coach?

High Performance Coaching
Source: unsplash.com by @alimorshedlou

If you wish to become a high performance coach, you need to develop a very specific set of skills.

1Deep understanding of human psychology.

How do you get people to perform at their best potential? Certified high performance coaches glide deep into the mind.

After all, it is in the mind where various self-limiting obstacles reside.

Thus, a leading high-performance coach must apply psychology knowledge.

2(Brutally) honest feedback.

A high performance coach acts as a mirror. 

Moreover, the coach needs to honestly guide clients. And tell them what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong.

The mirror effect will help an individual understand clearly how certain actions influence performance.

So, providing precise and concise yet not always nice to hear feedback is a must.

3Rapport building.

Nobody can reach the next level of performance in the absence of mutual trust and affinity with their coach.

A leading high performance coach must establish a strong connection. So, rapport building is foundational.

4 Forming clear and concise strategies.

Clarity is a crucial factor in performance coaching.

This is an “all rights reserved” attitude for certified high performance coaches.

No place for wishy-washy games.

The coaching expert will give his clients clearly formed strategies for action.

5 Savvy business mind.

The coaching industry is evolving extremely speedily.

The 21st-century business world has zero-tolerance for poor performers. And this is 110% true for performance coaches.

Being a good person with positive intentions and a genuine desire to help people is one thing. 

But dressing your good intentions in a clear business strategy is another thing. 

So, you need to combine these two aspects.

Ultimately, you want to make your business flourish. That’s why you need to become one of the certified high performance coaches. 

#3 High Performance Coaching Certification

Certified Performance Coach
Source: unsplash.com by @ruthson_zimmerman

Ready to kick start your career as a performance coach? Then you want to obtain a valid certification.

The truth is, some coaching experts build a solid client base WITHOUT being certified. 

In such cases, they rely mostly on their personal life experience.

However, nowadays the competition is severe. And it is only bound to become more severe over time.

By enrolling in a legitimate coaching program, you will get to: 

  • Stand apart from the crowd,
  • Make your name as a REAL expert shine,
  • Create a solid foundation for your coaching career,
  • Get others to actually consider you as their potential coach.

Currently, there are thousands of coaching programs you can choose from.

But it is important to know that NOT all of these programs are acknowledged equally high.

Looking for the world’s leading high performance coaching certifications? Focus on those accredited by the ICF.

Well, we have done the hefty research for you.

Now, get down to learning every single bit of valuable information you want. Check out the top 6 life coach certifications online with a single click.
Your highest self will thank you later. 

#4 How Can Coaching Help To Improve Performance

High Performer
Source: pexels.com by Yogendra Singh

Why do people hire a high performance expert? It is NOT for the mere sake of bringing back or cultivating happiness.

The benefits of coaching are not just about the way you feel, but about the way you live. 

Thus, it is all deeply related to the choices we make every single day.

Instead of going with the flow, high performance coachees learn to apply DISCIPLINE. 

Moreover, they are guided to do so in ways that promote the optimal use of one’s SKILL + WILL.

Thus, coaching helps to improve performance by
a systematic application of psychological principles and techniques to performance, particularly when there is a time element and one must perform on-demand,” as highlighted in “Performance Psychology.” 

#5 What Are The Three Main Coaching Styles

Coaching Styles
Source: pexels.com by energepic

1 – The GROW Model 

This tangible strategy model was developed by business coaches Alan Fine, Graham Alexander, and Sir John Whitmore in the ‘80s.

It is an acronym for:
G – Goal
R – (Current) Reality
O – Options or Obstacles
W – Way Forward or Will.

The successful application of this model employs the following steps: 

  • Goals identification,
  • Looking deep into the current reality for essential insights,
  • Exploring options,
  • Working through obstacles,
  • Highlighting clear action steps to achieve goals via the power of will to a way forward.  

2 – The Flow Model 

This model was introduced to the world in the book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.”

The Flow methods focus on:

  • Goals,
  • Balance,
  • Feedback. 

This model works by encouraging sustained creativity and productivity. Both of these are crucial for high performers.

According to positive psychologists, the flow is an emotional and mental state. Most importantly, it is in this state where an individual performs at top levels.

This specific state brings about:

  • Energized focus,
  • Enjoyment of tasks/activities,
  • Full engagement in tasks/activities. 

3 – The Exponential Coaching Model

This coaching model is designed specifically for top-performing entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders.

It is Created by Rich Litvin, who is one of the world’s most successful high-performance coaches.

The 5 key elements to the exponential coaching mode.

  1. Deep listening

    It is used to tap into the client’s inner world.

    2. Eliciting

    Eliciting is about asking clarifying questions while watching for both spoken and unspoken cues. This way, coaches uncover hidden goals and dreams).

    3. 10x

    Motivate the client to achieve what seems impossible. Or at least 10 times more than what a person believes can be achieved.

    4. Leadership

    This isn’t the typical business type of leadership. Instead, this element is all about transparency and vulnerability.

    The goal?

    Help the client believe in himself, by leading him/her from a place of unconditional love and support.

    5. Strategy

    This element aims to help clients move faster and higher. The aim is to create a positive internal environment.

    This results in high performance and growth.

    Most importantly, this element teaches that it is not about hitting goals every step of the way.

    But instead, it is also about experiencing joy and satisfaction while evolving.   

#6 High Performance Coach vs Life Coach

Personal Development
Source: pexels.com by Marlon Schmeiski

No medicine cures what happiness cannot.

― Gabriel García Márquez.

Both performance and life coaches work to help clients in their personal development.

The core benefits of life coaching are identical to leading high performance coaching. At least partially. 

It all boils down to one word: happiness.

But personal development is a rather broad term. 
Hence, performance vs life coaching techniques and benefits do differ.

A high performance coach will be working with all types of people. The major goal is to help them improve their performance in ANY area of their lives.

High performance coaching is about CONSISTENCY. The coach acts as an outside observer.

Life coaches also work with all types of people.

They help clients move from a state of low self-esteem, doubts, and blockages. And then guide them into a state of love, confidence, and empowerment.

The major difference?

Life coaching methods are not tightly focused on achieving particular high performance objectives.

#7 High Performance Habits Assessment

Coaching Business
Source: unsplash.com by @brucemars

Brendon Burchard is widely known as “the world’s leading high performance coach.”

He is the idea dynamo behind the high performance habits assessment.

Best of all, the assessment tools are available at Brendon Burchard’s website for free. 

The world’s leading high performance coach states there are 6 habits high performers have mastered. These habits are called the HP6 (all rights reserved).

They have much to do with:

  • Clarity,
  • Necessity,
  • Energy,
  • Productivity,
  • Influence,
  • Courage.

A few quick facts about Burchard and his spectacular career life in high performance coaching.

1. Brendon Burchard’s book titled “High Performance Habits” is named one of the best business leadership books by Amazon in 2017. Also, Brendon Burchard is a successful podcast host, too.

2. Nowadays, Brendon Burchard has an estimated net worth of $22 million.

3. Brendon Burchard’s HPX coaching program offers live life coaching monthly sessions.

#8 How Much Does High Performance Coaching Cost

Coach Salary
Source: pexels.com by Marily Torres

Above all, the coaching industry is not a regulated field.

Because of this, coaches charge differently, based on: 

  • Experience in the niche,
  • Number of sessions,
  • Types of sessions (online vs. offline; group vs. individual).

You can find 12-month, 24-sessions high performance group coaching programs available for a total cost of $2, 000 – $3,000.

Nonetheless, there are one-on-one coaching sessions available for $120 – $200 per month.

Typically, a single session lasts between 60 – 90 minutes.

Unlike other types of coaching, high performance teachings take more time than, for instance, general life coaching.

That’s why packages with special discounts, whether monthly or annually, are the most common ones. 

#9 High Performance Coach Salary

Coaching Industry
Source: unsplash.com by @brookelark

The annual salary a high performance expert makes varies greatly from one individual to another.

Some make as high as $123, 500 per year, while others manage to make $19 000 per year.

It is fair to state that the majority of high performance gurus fall somewhere in the middle, with an annual salary of about $44, 300 – $57, 100.

Celebrity high performance experts rake in the highest salary.

#10 Personal Performance Coaching

Personal Performance
Source: pexels.com by Ricardo Moura

Law Insider defines individual performance as:
the performance objectives specifically attributable to each Participant reflective of his/her functional area and responsibilities, taking into consideration top Executive’s evaluation of performance in that regard.”

Performance coaches help their clients by:

  • Applying proven strategies in the personal and/or business model,
  • Invaluable insights to push oneself further and farther,
  • Providing ongoing support to assist in improved FOCUS and PURPOSE,
  • Improve confidence,
  • Polish time management skills,
  • Stimulate better productivity,
  • Master the power of one’s energy.

#11 Benefits Of A High Performance Coach

Coaching Benefits
Source: unsplash.com by @teymitownsend

The benefits you can reap by working with high performance coaching experts include but are not limited to:

  • Proper time management,
  • Increase staff/ employees engagement within an organization,
  • Identify and develop high potential,
  • Cultivates individual strengths,
  • Improves and stimulates development opportunities,
  • Set and achieve clear, winning goals,
  • Boost productivity.

But are the successful tools provided by a high-performance expert enough alone? 
Can a performance coach’ client really become one of the world’s (leading) high performers?

Ultimately, it all boils down to the amount of personal will to achieve your goals.

What a high performance coach does is to help clients LEARN how to attain high performance.

Of course, this does not happen overnight and is not the result of a single coaching session. 

#12 List Of The Top 4 High Performance Coaches

High Performance Coach
Source: unsplash.com by @taylor_grote

Tony Robbins. One of the most popular motivational speakers in the world. 

Marisa Peer. The pioneer of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Marisa uses the (super)power of hypnosis methods.

Dr Wayne Dyer. He is the author of over 40 books on personal development, with 21 New York Times Best Sellers! 

Werner Erhard. He is best known as the founder of Erhard Seminars Training (est) used to transform the very way people see and make sense of life.

#13 Master The Secrets Of High Performance Coaching!

High Performance
Source: pexels.com by Haste LeArt V.

Eager to join the world’s leading certified high performance coaches?

Or do you feel you can greatly improve your life by working with a certified high performance coaching expert?

Share your experience, questions, or ideas about the fast-developing world of high performance coaches in the comments.

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