Heartbeat Method For Shifting: 8 Effective Steps (2024)

The heartbeat method of shifting reality is a powerful visualization technique that can help you to make lasting changes in your life.

It is based on the idea that our thoughts and emotions create our reality, and we can use this knowledge to create the life we want.

But how do you successfully shift your reality using this method?

This article is a step-by-step guide to ensuring a successful heartbeat method for shifting reality.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

Let’s get right into it.

What is Heartbeat Method For Shifting Realities?

Heartbeat Method Shifting is a visualization technique used to change your reality. This method involves listening to heartbeat-like sounds while visualizing your desired reality. When listening to the heartbeat sounds, you’re required to imagine the sounds coming from the chest of a loved one.

This results in you associating the heartbeat rhythm with your shifting reality, which moves you closer to your manifestation.

Compared to other reality-shifting methods, the heartbeat method is quite simple to perform and is also one of the most effective.

So how do you perform the heartbeat method? We cover that in the next part. 

Heartbeat method

How To Do The Heartbeat Method For Shifting

Step 1: Prepare Your Body

Before anything, you should first prepare your body.

You should ensure that you haven’t taken any alcohol or food. Remove all your jewelry to avoid distractions. You should also be adequately hydrated and choose a room where you’re less likely to be distracted.

Make sure you also choose a time when distractions are at their lowest.

Finally, go through and make sure you understand your script/ affirmations before you start shifting. While you’re not obliged to create a script, creating one is excellent since it helps make the process more effective. The same goes for affirmations.

Step 2: Select a Heartbeat Sound

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to select a good heartbeat sound.

There are many different heartbeats sounds available online. You could even create your own if you wanted to.

However, the easiest way is to select a sound from YouTube.

Make sure to choose a sound with proper rhythm and one that doesn’t contain any screeching sounds that may distract you.

Also, don’t choose an overly long sound. Choose a sound in the 15–20-minute range.

Finally, make sure to either use an ad blocker or to turn autoplay off to ensure ads don’t distract your shifting process.

Step 3: Prepare Your Bed

The third step entails preparing your bed.

If there are things on your bed, move them away. Set your pillow so that you won’t be forced to move once you start shifting.

With your bed set, you can place your phone under a pillow or put on noise-canceling AirPods.

Also, if you have a partner, make sure they’re okay with you using the bed and that they won’t be disturbing you while you shift.

If everything’s good to go, it’s time to move on to the next step.  

Step 4: Get Into a Comfortable Position

After your bed is prepared, it’s time to get into a relaxing position.

You can either lie down on your back or your side. Just choose a position where you won’t have to move after every few minutes.

Once you’ve found a good position, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this for about 30 seconds to a minute.

This helps you to relax and get into the right mindset for shifting. 

Heartbeat method for shifting
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Step 5: Start Listening to The Heartbeat Sound

Now it’s time to start listening to the heartbeat track.

Start by focusing on your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. As you do this, focus on the rhythm of the heartbeat sound. Listen to how it ebbs and flows.

Listen to the sound for several minutes before moving to the next step.

Step 6: Visualize The Heartbeat Sound Coming From The Chest of a Loved One

Now that you’re focused on the heartbeat sound, it’s time to start visualizing.

Visualize the heartbeat sound coming from someone else’s chest, preferably that of a loved one. It could be your mother, father, sibling, or partner.

As you visualize the sound, start picturing your desired reality. It could be anything from a new job to a new house.

See yourself achieving your goals and living your best life. Really feel the emotions of happiness, joy, and love that come with your new reality.

As you visualize, try avoiding any negative thoughts. Also, ensure you keep your focus on the heartbeat sound as you visualize.

Step 7: Imagine Going Through a Doorway Into Your Desired Reality

After you’ve been visualizing for some time, it’s time to start imagining going through a doorway into your desired reality.

Imagine the person you were listening to their heartbeat walking away towards a door. As they walk away, they beckon you to follow them. Start walking towards the door and as you do, really feel the excitement of finally achieving your goals.

The door represents the portal to your new reality. It’s the entrance to your new life.

As you walk towards the door, start reciting some positive shifting affirmations. This could include things like,

  • “I’m ready for my new reality.”
  • “I’m going to my new reality.”
  • “I am shifting to my desired reality.”

As you recite this affirmation, step through the door and into your new reality.

Heartbeat method shifting
Photo by Kris Schulze from Pexels

Step 8: Open Your Eyes

Once you open the door, you’ll feel like you’re falling. It’s normal to feel like this.

You’ll feel like you’re falling for a few seconds.

As you fall, recite your prewritten affirmations as you focus on your desired reality.

You’ll feel your body relax as you enter into a deep sleep.

When you wake up, you’ll be in your desired reality.

You might not notice any significant changes at first but trust that you’re in the right place.

If you don’t see any changes immediately, don’t worry. Keep repeating the process and trust that you’ll get where you need to be.

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Heartbeat Method Shifting FAQs

What Are The Signs Of Shifting Reality?

One of the first signs of a shifting reality is falling. Once you walk through the door, you’ll feel like you’re falling. Other signs include:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Itching
  • Seeing a bright light
  • Getting dreams related to your reality
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Getting an out-of-body experience

How Long Does The Heartbeat Method Shifting Process Last?

The Heartbeat Method Shifting process can last from a few seconds to a few minutes.

It all depends on how long it takes you to get into a deep sleep.

What is the Julia Method For Shifting?

The Julia Method is a type of reality-shifting method that relies on visualization. Unlike the heartbeat method, where you have to fall asleep, the Julia method doesn’t require sleeping.

Instead, it entails meditation, using “I am” affirmations, and visualization to manifest the desired reality.

What is the Raven Method For Shifting?

The Raven method is a reality-shifting technique that is said to be one of the easiest yet most powerful methods. 

It’s similar to the Heartbeat Method in that it relies on affirmations and visualization. This method entails you lying down in a starfish position. 

From here you count from 0-100 and as you count recite positive affirmations of what you want to manifest. 

As you move closer to the 100 mark, see yourself drifting closer to your desired reality.

What is an Awake Method for Shifting?

Awake reality shifting methods are those that don’t require you to sleep. Examples of awake methods include:

Any Further Questions?

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