11 Traits Gamma Male Test (2024) And How To Change

If you’re a gamma male, you’re probably wondering what this personality type’s characteristics are. Maybe you want to know how it compares to the other male personality types. Maybe you want to know how to get the most out of your gamma male personality.

You’re in the right place because this article will focus specifically on why the gamma male is especially unpopular with women and how a man with this personality type can go about changing into one of the more desirable personalities.

With that said, let’s now explore the 11 defining qualities of a gamma male. 

Let’s dive right into it.

Key Takeaways

  • A gamma male personality is a term used to describe men who are intellectual, very romantic, and ideologically driven.
  • Gamma men tend to be clingy, aggressive, and stubborn, putting them in a lower-status position in the social dominance hierarchy.
  • On a social hierarchy, alpha men are at the top, while gamma men are at the lower end of it.
Gamma Male
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11 Defining Traits Of A Gamma Male Personality

A gamma male definition is that this is the type of personality who is intellectual, very romantic, and ideologically driven.

This list will help you understand if you have the typical traits of a gamma male. If you’re still not sure what personality type you fall under after reading this list, be sure to check out the summaries of the other five male personality types at the bottom of this article. 

Here are the main gamma male traits.

1. Intelligence

One of the first gamma male traits is intelligence. A gamma male is often intelligent and may well be incredibly successful in their professional field.

The problem is: their social flaws often emerge as a result of being overly focused on professional success.

Perhaps they studied so hard in school that they missed out on parties or socializing with friends. This can lead to poor social awareness, shyness, loneliness, and a general lack of self-confidence. 

A gamma male is often very proud of their intelligence, but this can contribute to negative qualities such as believing they’re always right. 

2. They’re Kind And Empathetic

Another one of the main gamma male personality traits is empathy. On the surface, gamma males are extremely kind and respectful to those around them. However, this doesn’t always come from a healthy place. 

It is common for gamma to be overly selfless because he fears conflict or feels unable to stand up for himself.

Gamma males are prone to becoming people-pleasers because they are so keen for everyone to like them.  

They often engage in extreme kindness towards women because they believe this is the best way to attract them.

3. They Tend To Follow, Rather Than Lead

Whereas alpha and sigma males are characterized by leadership qualities, gamma men are often happy to follow orders. This is one of the main gamma male personality traits.

This willingness to be led is rarely due to feeling incapable of making decisions. More likely, he is too lazy to take a leadership role, or he wants to avoid conflict with stronger personalities in any given group.  

4. Gamme Men are Prone To Obsessing Over The Opposite Sex

A gamma male is often a hopeless romantic. He’s prone to obsessing over women once he catches feelings. 

This is often due to a scarcity of romantic options. After all, gammas don’t have a lot of the alpha traits that females find attractive, such as assertiveness, charisma, social savviness, or leadership skills, so women tend to overlook them. 

This scarcity often leads them to pedalistize women more than necessary. Any attention they get from attractive women makes them feel special, and they often feel compelled to return the favor.  

This isn’t a trap that gammas exclusively fall into, though. 

Romantic movies, TV shows, and books teach men across the world that the key to a woman’s heart is to treat her really nicely and give more affection than any other man ever could.

The truth is a lot more complicated, but we’ll get into that later…  

5. Gamma Men Have High Opinion Of Themselves

Gamma males think a lot of themselves. They’re aware that other types of men are seen as superior to them, but they still see themselves as better.

You might not hear them shouting from the rooftops about how great they are. They might not even show self-confidence in their body language. 

It’s more like a silent delusion of grandeur.

A key reason for this belief is that the gamma male archetype puts a lot of value on intelligence and wealth, perhaps because their parents did the same. 

6. They Think They’re Always Right

The big ego of the gamma male mixed with their high intelligence often creates a guy who thinks he’s right about everything.

This delusional level of self-confidence can be attractive, even when it spills over into arrogance. 

The problem is: a gamma often doesn’t have the assertiveness to actually go out into the world and actually show others what a great guy they are.

They often prefer to remain a hero in their own mind.

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7. They Deny Their Faults

Gamma males have a very certain – if somewhat delusional – view of reality. 

They’ll aggressively argue that gamma traits – such as being intelligent and kind – are far more attractive than alpha male or sigma male traits, even if all evidence around them suggests otherwise. It’s very rare that they’ll admit their weaknesses to others.

It’s often argued that the gamma male is aware of his lowly status in the social hierarchy yet in denial of that.  

8. They’re Often Resentful

Gamma males are strong believers in the idea of a social hierarchy – and tend to believe they should be right at the top of it.

This often leaves them confused about why women overlook them for a ‘bad boy’ alpha or sigma male. 

This confusion – mixed with their big egos – can lead to resentment towards women and the men they choose.  

You’ll often hear a gamma male calling women ‘stupid’ for choosing bad guys and men ‘assholes’ for treating their girlfriends so badly.  

The ‘incel’ community is mostly populated by men at the extreme end of the gamma male spectrum.  

Note: Both beta males and gamma males tend to be kind-hearted and romantic, albeit without a backbone. But a key difference is: beta males usually look up to alpha males and idolize beautiful women, whereas gamma males resent them.   

9. They Hate That Life Isn’t Fair

A gamma male has a solid view of how the world should be. 

He thinks that nice guys should finish first, even if they are weak and spineless. He thinks that women should choose men based on who gives the most love and affection.  

Crucially though, when he sees evidence that the world is not this way, his conclusion is that life is unfair and he is a victim. He’ll quickly blame others before accepting responsibility for his own failures.

10. They’re Highly Adventurous 

A gamma male is often keen to make the most of his life. He wants to have a lot of fun, enjoys peak experiences, and lives wild adventures. A YOLO mindset is a common attribute of a gamma male’s character.

His adventurous nature is partly why he gets so frustrated at being unable to land dates or make men respect him because this limits his ability to make the most of life. 

11. They’re Unambitious

It might seem to make no sense for a gamma male to be adventurous and unambitious. But it’s often true. 

Often, you’ll find a gamma male who wants to live an amazing life but doesn’t want to work for it.

It’s common for gamma males to avoid taking risks, and remember they avoid conflict at all costs too. 

Instead of doing whatever it takes to get the life they think they deserve, they’ll often settle for a mediocre life if it means putting in less effort. It’s easier for them to make excuses and blame others if they don’t get everything they want. 

That’s a shame because ambition is one of the most attractive traits to women – one that alphas and sigmas have in abundance. 

Pros and Cons of Gamma Male Personality

Just like every personality type, there are both good and bad sides to being a gamma male. It’s never black and white, though; so it’s important to identify your weakness and strengths to get the most out of your personality type.

As I always like to say, self-awareness is key. You need to be able to recognize your bad sides but also praise yourself for those good ones. At the end of the day, there are always some good sides to everyone, and you’re no exception.

Here are some pros and cons of being a gamma male.

Pros of Being a Gamma Male

The truth is you can’t change overnight, but you can embrace your acceptable parts and make the most out of them. Here are some pros of gamma males:

  • You’re very intelligent – When gamma males find their true passion in their life, they become great at it. They’re very intelligent, so they’ll go above and beyond for their passions;
  • You’re highly self-aware – Self-awareness is your strength, which is extremely important for human interactions and connections;
  • You understand your emotions – Another great thing about you is that you’re very aware of your emotions, so you know how to control them, and not the other way around;
  • Self-care is your priority – You prioritize self-care activities, which makes you a better partner and friend;
  • You’re aware of your personal limits – You know what your limitations are, and you don’t let anyone push you out of your comfort zone;
  • Little things make you happy – You don’t care about materialistic things and expensive gifts because you’re all about the little things in life.

Cons of Being a Gamma Male

It’s equally important to understand your bad sides. Here are some of the main ones for gamma males:

  • Jealousy is your weakness – Unfortunately, you tend to get jealous of other men, especially those of higher status, such as alpha and beta males;
  • You often feel you’re good at everything – While you’re good at what you do, you can’t be the best at everything. But sometimes you really think you’re the best;
  • People can easily play with your emotions and manipulate you – Because of your hypersensitivity, you can get easily manipulated by others, which is definitely your weakness;
  • You’re too clingy sometimes – Your clinginess is often the reason why your relationships fail. You find it hard to accept that your partner wants to do something without you, which ultimately ruins your relationship;
  • You find it hard to own up to your mistakes – Because you’re always the nice guy (also known as the nice guy syndrome), you find it hard to own up to your mistakes. But you need to accept the fact that you’re human and you also make mistakes, just like everyone else.

What Are The Six Male Personality Types – And Where Do Gamma Males Fit In? 

According to the socio-sexual hierarchy created by Vox Day, a gamma male is one of the six male personality types. Below, we’ll summarise the others, with a brief explanation of how each personality compares to a gamma.

Who Is An Alpha Male?

An alpha male is mostly known for his leadership qualities. He tends to be very assertive, loud, dominant, fun, and confident. Most of his interests surround group activities because he enjoys leading others.  

Women love alpha male qualities and alpha male personality type because they are very masculine. Historically, a woman needed a man like this to give themselves and their family the best chance to survive.

Even though women are more independent these days, their feminine nature still leads them toward alpha males or other males. 

Are You A Sigma Male? 

A sigma male has alpha male qualities, and that’s why women are drawn to them as well. 

The key difference is that the sigma male archetype has little interest in leading others. He prefers to be a lone wolf.

Whereas an alpha male is keen to attract followers, a sigma male doesn’t care about his status in the social hierarchy or what others think of him. He’s the most likely personality type to be an entrepreneur or engage in a controversial job. 

A deluded gamma male will often try to convince himself that he’s a sigma male. In reality, gammas and sigmas share few qualities. A sigma can be a strong, confident leader, while a gamma cannot. The only similarity is that neither personality type tends to have a lot of friends. 

Who Is A Beta Male? 

Beta males have little-to-no leadership qualities. Instead, they tend to follow others and do what they’re told. This often leads them to become great employees.

The agreeable nature of a beta male means they have a lower status than alpha or a sigma. A beta male is a kind and compassionate guy and tends to have lots of friends, although he can be shyer and, therefore, does not always seem as fun.  

They often develop strong feelings for their female friends, but these women aren’t usually attracted to them. Most women want to date a strong, dominant character like an alpha or a sigma instead.  

With that said, a lot of women will eventually settle for serious relationships with beta males, as they make for good fathers and loyal husbands. A beta male has more admirable personal qualities than a delta or an omega. Plus, they don’t tend to be resentful of women or society in general, like gammas often do. 

What Is A Delta Male? 

Delta males really don’t bring much to the table at all. 

They are characterized as having no interest in achievement or self-improvement. Often, they are mentally and physically sloppy. 

They’re insecure around women because they’ve spent most of their life being rejected by them. That’s assuming they ever had the courage to speak to them at all. 

Sadly, it’s widely agreed that the majority of men are delta males.

Delta males can be resentful of others, seeing as they don’t get a lot out of life, although this isn’t a staple part of their character.

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What Is The Omega Male?

An omega male is a social and sexual reject everyone tries to avoid. Often, they have some sort of mental illness or traumatic past that prevents them from making friends.

They typically have no sense of self-esteem or interpersonal skills, especially in the presence of a female. 

They’re not always resentful of their low social status, though. 

Some omega males are somewhat accepting of their modest life, often enjoying their nerdy interests, perhaps in the presence of other geeky companions.  

Gamma Personality: Where Does It Fit In? 

Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy places alphas and sigmas at the very top of the totem pole, followed by betas, deltas, gammas, and omegas.

Yes, only the nerdy omega archetype is seen as a worse prospect for romantic relationships than a gamma male.

Vox Day’s Socio-Sexual Hierarchy







Gamma Male at Work

So, what is a gamma male personality lie at work? Well, because of his nerdy interests, he’s very good at what he does. When he picks a career where he can explore his geeky talents, he always excels at it.

As long as he works within his field of expertise, he will be a great worker. On the other hand, he doesn’t like to multitask. He’s the type to focus on one single task, but he does it really well.

Also, the gamma guy doesn’t want to be a leader. He doesn’t do well with leadership roles, and he knows it.

He has a fear of failure, so he doesn’t take any risks at work. That’s why he tends to miss out on a lot of professional opportunities.

Gamma Male at Relationships

A gamma male has a warm and kind personality. He always tries to be there for his friends, family, or partner. He will always be your shoulder to cry on and support you no matter what.

Unfortunately, people tend to take advantage of the gamma male’s kind heart. They have high expectations from him, so they get disappointed when he doesn’t deliver.

Sometimes he is too jealous of other men. He doesn’t understand why alpha, beta, and sigma males do better in their romantic relationships.

He’s an open book and doesn’t leave such a good impression. Unfortunately, people rarely give him a chance to change their opinions of him. This makes it hard for gamma men to meet people and fall in love.

Gamma Male in Romantic Relationships

When it comes to gamma male relationships and compatibility, they have bad luck in it, to say the least. His behavior tends to put people off, so it’s very hard for him to find love.

He should find a partner that doesn’t put physical appearance first. That should be someone who will motivate the gamma guy to take care of his looks.

Gamma male’s ideal partner shouldn’t be a manipulator. They shouldn’t toy with his emotions. Instead, they should be able to deal with the gamma guy’s clingy behavior and kind heart.

Gamma male is not the dominant type, so he should be with a partner who likes to lead. He will rarely take the initiative, so he should be with someone who won’t mind this.

Finally, the gamma guy believes he’s the best, so he should find someone who won’t feed into his delusions. He rarely accepts reality for what it is, so he will do best with someone who knows how to keep him grounded.

How Does A Gamma Male Change To A More Desirable Personality?

The first step is to realize you weren’t born as a gamma male, despite what some people think. It is possible to change. In fact, it’s possible for any man to change.

The second step is accepting that being a strong and confident leader is more desirable to a woman than being a romantic but spineless ‘nice guy’ (nice guy syndrome). The third step is to stop being angry at women for wanting that. 

The final and most important step is to practice embodying the traits of an alpha or sigma male. They are all learnable. It just takes a bit of bravery and practice. So take your time. You will get there.

Then, you need to learn to be assertive enough to approach a beautiful woman and flirt when you see one. Make an effort to organize the date rather than taking a woman’s lead. Don’t be afraid to make jokes or tease them a little bit. Call them out for bratty behavior. Say ‘no’ if you don’t want to do something.

Speak up if you have something to say. Stand up for yourself if you feel wronged. Be your full, unfiltered self. Realize it’s OK if not everyone likes you.  

A lot of gamma men will be scared to take these actions. To overcome that, it really is as simple as feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

You’re not being a ‘bad boy’ or an ‘asshole’ for acting like an alpha male. An alpha still treats others with respect, albeit while also looking out for himself (unlike gamma men).

Once you build enough confidence to take these actions with authority, women and men will begin to follow you. Some women will be extremely attracted to you and will be excited to accept your offer of a date. No matter if you’re sigma male gamma males, or other males, confidence is key.

Check out this YouTube video on ‘How To Be A Man’ for some deeper ideas of what it means to be attractive to a woman.

Embrace Your Gamma Men Personality

I hope you enjoyed this masterclass on the gamma male personality. Hopefully, you’re aware of which of the male personality types you fit into now.

In my role as a life coach, I am often tasked with helping clients see their problems from a different perspective so that they can attack them from a new direction.

It can be particularly difficult for a gamma male to do this because two of their defining personality traits are denying their faults and believing they’re always right.

So, if you’re one of the gamma men who is unhappy with his dating life reading this article, and it indicates that you may be a gamma male, you have two options. 

You can: 

  • dismiss the advice and continue to tell yourself that you’re perfect just the way you are;
  • accept the criticisms of a gamma male, and apply the advice on how to change to a more desirable personality. 

The former option – where you make no changes to your personality – will result in you achieving no change in the amount of success you currently have with dating.  

The latter option requires an open mind and an initial dose of hard work because it’s not easy to make lasting changes to your personality. But I promise it will help you be seen more favorably by the opposite sex.

Finally, gamma men can be happy in relationships. You just need to work on yourself and accept your gamma men traits.

If you need any help, I’m here to help! I’m a licensed coach, and it would be great to talk further about this topic.

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