Empowerment Coach – 11 Facts Checklist (2024)

In this article, you’ll discover what an empowerment coach is and how they can help you. 

As an experienced life coach, I’m excited to share the powerful results that this form of coaching can produce. 

Let’s dive right into it.

#1 What Is An Empowerment Coach?

An empowerment coach is an individual who can help you feel strong and confident enough to chase your personal goals with energy and vigour.

#2 Why Do People Need An Empowerment Coach?

As children, teenagers and young adults, we all tend to harbor huge life goals. We want that dream job! We aspire to start a cool business. We dream of changing the world! 

Yet, as we grow older, life tends to chip away at our ambition.

Perhaps school bullies or unsupportive parents ruined your self-belief. Maybe it was a traumatic incident that changed your plans. It could just be that the daily grind wore you down.

Whatever the reason for your change in mindset, it’s not helpful.

Not only will you never achieve your dream life without believing in yourself, you’ll usually hate yourself deep down for it too. 

Still, it’s incredibly difficult to drag yourself back into a positive mindset, especially when most people around you are happy to accept an unremarkable life. 

Thankfully, an empowerment coach has the skills to transform your mindset, supercharge your self-belief and have you charging towards your goals with unstoppable velocity. 

This feeling of empowerment is amazing in and of itself. The tangible improvements in your life come as a byproduct of this. That’s how The Law of Attraction works. 

#3 What Is Empowerment Coaching?

Empowerment coaching is a subset of life coaching.

It is mostly centred around talk-based therapy, which can take place online or face-to-face. 

Your coach will first take the time to understand your current life situation, including your internal beliefs, goals for the future and what you believe is stopping you from achieving them. 

They will communicate in a manner designed to reveal what your mental blocks are and how they were formed.

Once these blocks have been discovered, your coach can get to work in helping you overcome them.

You’ll transform from experiencing feelings of not being enough to feeling ready to take on the world.  

This process isn’t a quick or simple one. It is likely to take a few weeks or perhaps longer, depending on how deeply embedded your limiting beliefs are. At times, it can be an emotionally uncomfortable experience. 

Still, it can result in powerful shifts to your self-belief and the overall quality of your life.  

#4 What Does An Empowerment Coach Do?

Your coach’s first job is to shift you into a relaxed state, where you’re ready to reveal the inner truths of psychology.

Once they have discovered these truths, they must interpret them to discover what is preventing you from feeling empowered. Coaching will then vary from client to client based on this discovery.

Perhaps you’ll focus on overcoming fear, understanding your self-worth, discovering your potential or preventing others from dragging you down. Maybe it’ll be something else.

A great coach will be able to figure out what you need to feel more fulfilled and empowered.

#5 Benefits Of Empowerment Coaching

Anything really worth chasing in life tends to be difficult to obtain. There will be hurdles. There will be doubters and haters. There will be pain.  

Without monstrous levels of self-belief, you won’t have the energy or confidence to keep going and succeed.

However, when you truly believe in your life mission, this does so much to propel you towards success.   

It’s not only that you’re fuelled to work harder and make faster progress. You’re also fuelled with enthusiasm, confidence and a sense of fulfilment. 

This creates an aura around you that other people want to be a part of. You’ll find that more people want to support you in your mission. In fact, more people will want to be around you in general. 

When an individual is radiating this type of empowered energy, it’s infectious. Others feel it and want to radiate it back towards you. This support can create unstoppable momentum to skyrocket you towards your goals.       

To understand this phenomenon better, check out my guide on The Law of Attraction.

#6 Empowerment Coaching Vs Productivity Coaching

There are many different forms of personal coaching services that fall under the umbrella of life coaching. It’s important to understand the differences between them so you can hire the right type of life coach for your needs.

An empowerment coach focuses mostly on your inner thoughts. They will discover what is causing mental blocks and reframe your negative thinking patterns. They will change your mindset, allowing you to feel more motivated and therefore be more productive.

A productivity coach focuses mostly on your outer behaviours. They will suggest strategies and techniques that allow you to get more done. 

A life coach is somewhat of a half-way house between these two extremes. They are qualified to help change your inner thoughts and outer behaviors. However, they may not specialise in dealing with issues of feeling unempowered. 

#7 What Is A Transformation Coach?

A transformation coach is a life coach who works in a similar way to an empowerment coach.

They will dive deep into your psyche, identify your limiting beliefs, then work with you to create a new mindset and lasting transformation to your personality. Once again though, they may not specialise in issues of feeling unempowered. 

What Is A Women Empowerment Coach? 

There are several empowerment coaches out there who choose to only work with women. Women empowerment coaching is very similar to traditional coaching, although extra focus is placed on overcoming the hurdles that women face in order to be successful. 

#8 What Skills Are Needed To Become A Great Empowerment Coach? 

  • Rapport-building. It is crucial for any type of life coach to master rapport-building. Without this skill, they’ll find it difficult to convince anyone to hire them or trust them with their deepest and most sensitive thoughts.
  • Deep listening. A life coach must learn to be able to look beyond the words of their clients and look for signs of what they are really feeling within their body language and voice tonality.
  • A deep understanding of human psychology. A great coach will learn the patterns of typical human behaviour and use this to create lasting change within their clients. 
  • Communication. It is essential that a life coach can communicate their ideas clearly and effectively.      
  • Self-confidence. A great empowerment coach will need to appear empowered in the way they communicate their ideas. It’s near-on impossible to inspire others to make positive change without doing so.   

All of these skills will be taught at an expert level within a life coach certification course.

#9 The Best Empowerment Coaches

There are so many great coaches out there who have done fantastic work to help their clients feel more empowered. It would be impossible to single out one life coach as the best.

Still, I’d like to highlight these individuals as examples of fantastic empowerment coaches. If you would like a better understanding of how empowerment coaching helps people, take the time to consume content from any of these individuals. 

  • Tony Robbins. Tony is arguably the most famous personal coach in the world. His book ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ and his live course ‘Unleash The Power Within’ are both great for helping to create a new empowered version of yourself.  
  • Dr Wayne Dyer. The late Wayne Dyer was a best-selling author and speaker nicknamed the “Father of Motivation” by his fans. In his final years, his work focused exclusively on helping people improve their self-concept.
  • Werner Erhard. Werner founded Erhard Seminars Training (est), which is well known for helping people transform their self-image and see their true potential. 
  • Marisa Peer. Marisa uses her patented Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), based on hypnotherapy to transform the inner beliefs of her clients.  
  • Les Brown. Another of the world’s most well-known speakers. Les helps his clients get the motivation they need to turn their lives around through his books and live events. He is perhaps best-known for making it to the top of his industry in spite of his teachers declaring him a lost cause. 

#10 Empowerment Coach Certification

An empowerment coach certification shows people that your coaching business is legitimate. It proves that you have the skills to get them where they want to be in life. Without one, you may as well be a regular Joe masquerading as a life coach. 

The number one rule for choosing a life coach certification program is to make sure it is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

This is by far the most prestigious life coaching organization. An ICF-accredited certification will do more for your reputation as a life coach than anything else. It’ll help you attract more clients and charge more for your services. You’ll make all the money you spent on gaining this certification back, and then some.  

Most courses take a few months to complete. Some are self-paced, others have a strict schedule. It’s important to choose a training course that suits your personal schedule and budget. 

If you are set on specialising in empowerment coaching, make sure to choose a course that places high priority on the skills listed above. 

For more information, see my list of six highly-recommended ICF-accredited life coach certification programs.

#11 Empowerment Coach Salary

Studies suggest that an empowerment coach can expect to earn between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. 

Of course, as a life coach is essentially a business owner, they are free to charge whatever they wish for their services. 

The amount that clients are willing to pay will mostly be based on your experience, qualifications and personal reputation. 

Any further questions? 

I hope this guide has helped you gain a clearer idea of what empowerment coaching is and how to launch your own empowerment coaching business. 

If you have any further questions, please do leave a comment below .

I will do my best to write back to as many of you as possible.

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