Does My Ex Miss Me? 21 Clear Signs In (2024)

GenZers dive in and out of relationships all the time. With growing trends of online dating apps and social platforms, love and meaningful connection have taken a backseat. Despite this, we stumble upon people who we take a strong liking to but for some reason, things don’t work out. And this article focuses on that ex — the ex you didn’t think you’d lose but you did anyway. 

Regardless of who bailed out first, having an ex brings its own share of skepticism. If you want to get your ex back, the first step would be to gauge whether they miss you or not. Here’s the answer to that eternal question, “Does my ex miss me?”

Let’s dive right into it.

21 Signs That Your Ex Misses You

Yes, it’s convenient that your ex just comes up to you and says that he misses you but you wouldn’t be here if that was the case! So here are 21 signs to help you answer the question “Does my ex miss me?” and what you should do to get your ex back.

Before jumping in, though. You may want to watch this video. It offers a good explanation of whether fixating on unrequited love is worth it:

#1 Stalks You On Social

If your ex turns all Sherlock Holmes and stalks you on Facebook and Instagram (either through your own profile or your common friends’ profiles), they are missing you. They want to stay updated on what you’ve been up to. 

Ever notice a random like by your ex on one of your previous posts? It’s a good sign he misses you.

#2 Drunk Calls/Texts You

If your ex is calling or texting you at weird hours in the night and the tone is not sober, they’ve been drinking and now the deeply buried emotions have surfaced. Alcohol suppresses rationality and stirs up a person’s emotional side. 

People reminisce over drinks but drunk calling may not always mean that your ex wants to get back with you, although it is a strong sign.

#3 You Happen to Meet

Your ex knows your day-to-day routine — the park you go to for your morning/evening walk, the cafe you usually grab your breakfast from, the library you like to sit at, etc. 

If you’re seeing them in such places more than what can be termed as coincidence, chances are that they’re purposely running into you.

#4 Finds Random Excuses To Interact

A college group project, an event, or a common friend’s birthday planning are some situations where your ex may reach out to you. 

They’re checking whether you respond to them — the warmness of your response and how interested you are in that particular conversation. It’s a prominent sign that your ex wants to get back with you.

Does My Ex Miss Me
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#5 They’re Single

If your ex misses you, they will rarely jump into a new relationship. If you’ve broken up only recently, being single could be his way of getting over you or maybe he just wants to enjoy his single life. 

However, if the fallout happened a long time back and your ex is turning down new dating prospects, they likely miss you and can’t see someone else take your place.

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#6 Still Sends Best Wishes On Your Birthday

This might not always mean that your ex misses you. They obviously remember your birthday or are reminded of it via a common friend’s post. The birthday wish (whether a call, text or a gift such as a bouquet) will help you gauge how much they still think about you. 

A normal “Best wishes” isn’t a sign that they miss you but a long paragraph or a gift that shows effort might be.

#7 Wants To Be Friends Again

Your ex can’t stand not talking to you or not having you in their life and as a result may ask you to remain friends even after the breakup. 

Normally, people tend to stay away from talking to or about a person they want to get over but such a gesture by your ex may mean that he doesn’t want to get over you at all.

#8 Replies Instantly

If you’re still on friendly terms with your ex, notice the time it takes for him to text back if you want to know whether they still have feelings for you. An ex that misses you will most probably have your messages on alert and respond to them within minutes or even seconds. 

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#9 They Look Sad

It shows on the face, doesn’t it? If the dynamics are such that you see your ex often (either in college or at the office) and they have a constant sadness lingering on their face, they might be missing you. 

An ex that wants to get back will not be as upbeat after a breakup as they used to be earlier. 

#10 They Talk To A Common Friend About You

If both of you belonged to the same group or “gang”, there will be common friends both of you talk to, even after the breakup. If these friends come and tell you that your ex has been talking to them about you and how they miss you, it’s an obvious sign that they want to get back with you.

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#11 Still Sends You Gifts

While a birthday might be one of the occasions your ex sends you a gift, random gifts are a bigger sign that they miss you. If your ex still sends you that snack you like from a place you love, they still think and care about you and want you to know the same.

#12 They Want To Catch Up

If your ex expresses a desire to meet you, they’re not planning to get over you anytime soon. They still want to experience the date vibes and hope that you feel the same. Your receptiveness to the request will tell them whether there’s a chance to rekindle the old flame.

#13 They Get Jealous Seeing You With Someone Else

Your ex would never stand the sight of you being with a new partner. Jealousy in these cases is natural. Don’t be surprised if they like all your social media posts except the one with a new partner. 

If they had truly gotten over you, they’d only be happy seeing you with someone else. The contrary is a sign that they miss you.

My Ex
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#14 They Want To Get You Jealous

I know #5 said that an ex that wants to get back will remain single. However, your ex may flaunt a new relationship in front of you with the sole purpose of evoking jealousy in you. 

It might not always be a new girl; vacation trips, sizzling pictures, and flirting with a third person in front of you count too. You can do the same to make your ex miss you.

#15 Their Social Media Will Tell You

Does your ex upload pictures with sad captions? Do they put random stories with heartbroken quotes? If yes, they are still not over you. 

Their social profiles will tell you their current state. Those stories and captions are for you! If you notice that they’re following similar pages and/or accounts, that’s a sign too.

#16 They Reminisce The Past

If your ex (or a common friend) tells you of the time you had together and how much it meant to them, they want to live those moments again — with you! They want you to feel the same in an attempt to get back together.

#17 They’ve Changed

Do you notice changes in your ex? Has that annoying habit of his suddenly disappeared? If yes, your ex is making efforts to be the person you wanted him to be. He is willing to take a step forward and get rid of that part of their personality that drives you away from them.

#18 Still Keeps Your Gifts

A long relationship leaves lots of memories; some in the form of gifts as well. If you see your ex wearing that t-shirt, watch, or locket you gifted them, know that they still think about you. A grieving ex will keep all your gifts in the best possible condition to keep reminding themselves of you.

#19 Talks About “What If…”

If your ex tells you hypothetical future situations where you both end up together or his planning of the future with you, he is willing to get back with you. 

The “what ifs” are a sign he wants a future with you and is not ready to imagine one without you in it. Often people do this to make their ex miss them.

#20 You’re Still On His Answering Machine

This applies to a live-in relationship. If you’ve broken up and moved out but your ex still has you in his answering machine, he misses you.

#21 Your Ex Tells You They Miss You

Are you bombarded with random texts by your ex saying that he misses you? Such emotional outbursts are sure signs that they miss you and can’t move on without telling you so. 

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Common Questions About How To Get Your Ex Back

Having learned the 21 signs that your ex misses you, you might be troubled with several questions regarding the same. I’ve handpicked 3 such questions about how to get your ex back.

Does Silence Make An Ex Miss You?

If done right, yes! This is referred to as radio silence. If you cut off all communications with your ex, chances are that they will feel the void and start missing you. 

Your silence will be a message to your ex that you can keep your emotions intact. It will make your ex realize your worth and eventually help you get your ex back.

How Long Does It Take For An Ex To Miss You With No Contact?

Anything related to emotions cannot be objectively defined. The time it’ll take your ex to miss you with no contact depends on the length of your relationship and your ex’s emotional baggage. 

An egoistic ex may take anywhere between 1–3 months to miss you. Even if they miss you from day one, they may not contact you. An emotional ex, on the other hand, may reach out to you within a couple of weeks of no contact. Also, the longer the relationship, the longer this strategy can take to work.

Does Your Ex Really Forget You?

Someone who you have spent time with, shared a piece of yourself with, and laughed with will never forget you. An ex may become bothered by you, may hate you for what you did, may hate himself for letting you go, but he will never really forget you.

Do you want your ex back? If they are showing the signs I’ve listed, there is a good chance you can win them back.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. Share this piece with a friend to help them too!

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