Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 17 Secrets Guys Have (2024)

Do soul ties affect men? Do they impact men differently to women? How do men deal with a soul tie? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this ultimate guide on how soul ties affect men.

Do Soul Ties Affect Men
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients better understand themselves and those around them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

1. What Causes Soul Ties?

Soul ties happen when you develop a deep connection with someone in the physical world.

This could be a spiritual connection, an emotional connection or a physical connection (after being physically intimate, for example).

2. How Do Soul Ties Affect You?

You’ll often feel more drawn to the person you have a soul tie with. You’ll be thinking about them more. You’ll want to spend more time with them. Their actions will affect you more deeply on an emotional level.

3. Do Soul Ties Affect Men?

Contrary to popular belief, soul ties affect men just as often as women. Men tend to be more subtle in their reaction to experiencing a soul tie. Perhaps that’s what has led some media sources to suggest that soul ties only happen to women.

4. How Do Men Handle Soul Ties?

Men are typically more masculine than feminine. They’re more likely to respond to situations with logic than emotions.

It’s also important to remember that a huge aspect of masculinity involves the pursuit of freedom.

For these reasons, men are more likely to try and deny their emotions surrounding a soul tie.

However, the soul tie still exists with them and will have a significant impact on their behavior.   

5. What Are The Signs Of Soul Ties?

Here some telltale signs that a man is experiencing a soul tie:

  • He feels a deep emotional connection.
  • Their behavior elicits strong emotional reactions from him. 
  • Their close relationship feels unlike anything else he’s experienced. 
  • They fill him with positive energy.
  • He feels more ‘complete’ around this person – and incomplete without them.

6. Are Soul Ties The Same As Soulmates? 

Soul ties are often mistaken for soulmates.

However, there are two key differences: 

  • Soul ties are formed in the physical world, while soulmates unite in the spiritual realm and reunite in the physical world.
  • Some soul ties can be unhealthy and toxic, whereas the spiritual connection between soulmates never is. 

You can learn more about how to distinguish a soul mate from a soul tie in my extensive guide on the soul family.  

7. Are Twin Flames Soul Ties?

No, twin flames are also formed outside the physical realm and are never unhealthy. You can learn more about this in my guide on twin flame reunions.  

8. What Are The 4 Types Of Soul Ties?

It’s often said there are four types of soul ties:

  • Physical soul ties;
  • Emotional soul ties;
  • Spiritual soul ties;
  • Social soul ties.

You’ll be able to tell the type of soul tie you’re experiencing, based on what type of connection was formed when you first met.

Soul Ties Sexually…

A man can develop a physical soul tie with a woman during casual sex. These sexual soul ties can end up becoming very unhealthy soul ties for a man.

A lot of single young men (especially) stroll through like trying to stack up sexual partners, thinking that it’s ‘just sex’ and there are no consequences.

Well, according to the spiritual ideas surrounding soul ties, that’s not true. 

We’ll be exploring the consequences of unhealthy soul ties towards the end of the article.

9. Can Soul Ties Be One-Sided?

Yes, it’s said to be possible for one person to feel tied to someone, while the other feels no signs of a soul connection. 

A one-sided soul tie can be painful. Perhaps you’ve experienced a sexual relationship like that before. Maybe several of your past relationships can be described this way! The good news is: these soul connections are generally easier to move on from in the long run.  

10. Are Soul Ties Permanent?

No, it’s said to be possible to break a soul tie, although it’s believed to be especially painful to break such a deep emotional and spiritual connection. 

Unbreakable Soul Ties

If you’re experiencing particularly intense feelings and an especially deep bond, it could be that you’ll find breaking soul ties to be impossible. This person’s soul is destined to change your life completely while you’re still alive on this Earth. 

11. Are Soul Ties Just For Religious Men?

The concept of a soul is most relevant on a spiritual level. However, it’s said that all humans can experience a soul tie, regardless of whether they’re religious or not. 

12. Godly Vs Ungodly Soul Ties

A godly soul tie is one that brings you closer to the holy spirit. An ungodly soul tie is one that drags you further away.

Godly soul ties help to strengthen your spiritual bond with the Universe. They motivate you to live in a noble and healthy way. 

If your obsession with your soul tie makes you disobey the commands of your religion, that would be the perfect example of an ungodly soul tie. 

So, in many religions, a soul connection formed in sexual intimacy outside of marriage would count as an ungodly soul tie.

Social soul ties with those who convince you to sin or stray from your faith journey would also be ungodly soul ties.    

13. The Dangers Of Soul Ties

If you’re seriously questioning do soul ties affect men, you’ve clearly not witnessed the terrible decisions they can make when influenced by an unhealthy soul tie.

The main dangers of soul ties are the intense feelings they create. The emotional bond created with a soul tie can drag men away from their true purpose on this planet.

That’s why it’s so important for men to form healthy relationships that strengthen them and inspire them to do good for the world. This is a perfect example of a healthy soul tie. 

An unhealthy soul tie would move them away from their ultimate purpose as a human being.

Bad soul ties might feel like a healthy relationship, because the deep feelings can be so strong within a man. 

Like a powerful stimulant, an unhealthy emotional soul tie can feel so good and meaningful in the moment. 

However, in the long run, the right move is for him to break this bad soul tie as soon as possible.  

14. How Do Men Know If They Have An Unhealthy Soul Tie?

If a man is being dragged away from his loved ones and his true life purpose, that’s a reliable sign of an unhealthy soul tie.

If the soul tie is causing more emotional stress than happiness, that’s another reliable sign. This can affect his mood and his physical well being. 

If his most trusted friends and family members are warning him away from this person, that’s another very clear sign that one’s soul tie is unhealthy.  

15. Do Men Find It Easier To Break Soul Ties?

It’s said that men find it easier than women to break soul ties, because they are more logical and less emotional than women.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t painful. 

Both men and women will need some time to heal after breaking the deep connection of a soul tie, whether that’s in their romantic relationships or friendships. 

16. How To Break A Soul Tie

It’s not easy to break a soul tie. It is said that two souls merge during a soul tie, creating an incredibly strong connection.

Here are some recommended strategies to break the very strong bond created. 

  • Acknowledge the soul tie.
  • Understand that it’s bad for your overall life purpose.
  • Maintain distance from this person. 
  • Meditate often. This practice is great for separating yourself from your emotions.
  • Forgive yourself for accepting the soul tie. Forgive the other person too. Letting go of negative emotions like regret can help to break negative soul ties.
  • Continue on your destined life purpose without this other ungodly soul in your life. 
  • It’s also said that one can break ungodly soul ties by praying to their Heavenly Father Jesus Christ.  

17. Can Men Experience More Than One Soul Tie? 

It can be disheartening to break a soul tie, especially if you’ve never experienced the magic of feeling soul ties in your life before.

Thankfully, it’s possible for human beings to experience multiple soul ties, so you will surely experience more soul ties in the future.

I hope you experience lots more healthy and positive soul ties throughout the rest of your life.

Any Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide on “do soul ties affect men?”. Here’s to making good decisions and creating healthy soul ties in your future!

If you have a question on the topic of good soul ties or bad ones, please do write me a comment below. 

It would be great to hear from you.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.