Divine Masculine: 21 Ways To Awaken Your Inner Man (2024)

Divine feminine and divine masculine energy exists in all things according to the laws of spirituality. Part of your spiritual journey is finding your authentic way to balance the two.

As you awaken more spiritually, you may develop an interest in divine masculine and divine feminine. Keep reading to learn more about ways to awaken your inner man.

Let’s dive in.

1. Examine Wounds Around The Masculine

Examining your wounds will help you to uncover unconscious beliefs, biases, or prejudice you have towards men. It’ll also help clear your resistance to the divine masculine in you. For example;

  • As a male or female, what has your experience been like with men?
  • Have you had supportive male figures in your life (e.g., your father and/or brothers, teacher, coach)?
  • Have you experienced abusive relationships/connections with men? Or have you experienced a little bit of both?

These mental and emotional blockages can be revealing and helpful to develop and

strengthen a healthy bond with your divine masculine, leading to spiritual healing.

2. Take Responsibility

Look after yourself. Own your actions. Take responsibility for your happiness. Let go of victimhood. 

To awaken the divine masculine in you, you’re required to be accountable for your thoughts, feelings, and choices.

3. Contact Your Inner Father Archetype

We have different sides of our nature known as inner parts or subpersonalities. Psychologist Carl Jung called them “archetypes.”

Of the masculine archetypes, the father is universal and we all carry that with us, regardless whether we’re male or female.

One powerful way of awakening your divine masculine is to contact this inner father and develop a relationship with him. See him as a three dimensional being.

Journaling, various forms of artistic expression, automatic writing, and even using tarot/oracle cards are ways of contacting your inner Father.

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4. Deconstruct Your Conditioning

We collectively and individually carry so much baggage when it comes to defining male energy. What have you been conditioned to believe about “what it means to be a man”?

Here are some common conditioned beliefs that many of us have received regarding masculinity:

  • Men don’t cry otherwise they’re a “wimp/sissy”
  • Men must be strong and not express their emotions
  • Men must have a successful career
  • Men must be the head of the household
  • Men are primarily logical and left-brain oriented
  • Men have to be interested in sports
  • Men are the saviors of women and children
  • Men must “dominate” women physically, sexually, and career-wise
  • Men are expected to be aggressively self-confident
  • Men’s physical body must look strong and have muscles

Redefining what masculinity means to you allows you to develop a healthy relationship with your divine masculine.

Divine Masculine
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

5. Find A Masculine Figure You Can Admire

Many high profile teachers alive today such as Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, and the Dalai Lama embody the divine masculine.

These deceased teachers from the past such as Krishnamurti, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and the Buddha who express masculine energy in a mature way.

Fictional heroes or mythical gods can also be your guides for this. Keeping in mind to learn from these role models, without idealizing.

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6. Reclaim Your Inner Warrior

The inner warrior is another expression of the divine masculine energy. Your inner warrior isn’t interested in dominating, killing, or “fighting for peace.”

Your inner warrior has the power to support and protect you peacefully and assertively. He’ll cut through lies, sees with clarity, values truth, courage, and inner strength.

To build a strong connection with this energy, you might like to explore the look and feel of your inner warrior.

  • What’s his personality like?
  • What does he enjoy doing?
  • How does he already appear in your life?
  • What areas could you benefit more from his presence?

Take up martial arts, boxing, doing vigorous exercise, guided visualizations, becoming 

an activist, exploring yang yoga, experimenting with artistic self-expression, etc.

7. Be Assertive

To be assertive is to respect yourself and your boundaries. If you’re a quiet person or an introvert, you may struggle with assertiveness.

First, define your needs.

  • What’s not being met?
  • How do you feel when your boundaries are being overstepped?

Assertiveness requires courage, so take little steps. Start by learning how to say “no” and remember, your needs and opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s.

8. Take A Confident Stance

Your body language has a powerful impact on how you feel.

Try the following practices:

  • Let your shoulders drop forward, hunch over, and cross your arms so you’re in a “C” shape. How do you feel?
  • Now straighten your back and shoulders and let your chest be exposed so you’re in an “l” shape. How do you feel?

Although it might be uncomfortable and foreign at first, improving your posture helps send biological signals to your brain that you’re confident, calm, and secure in yourself.

9. Start Being Active

Make a habit of being the instigator, initiator, and giver within your relationships (and life in general).

Assert oneself to set goals, make plans, and work towards what you dream about.

Don’t let passivity leave you apathetic and lazy. Feed your inner fire and do something with it!

10. Work With Nature

Spend time in nature. Observe how male animals in your surroundings behave. Reconnect with primal masculine energy to learn about the true nature of the divine masculine.

If you work with essential oils or herbs, you may like to explore herbs such as licorice root, damiana, ashwagandha, and essential oils such as cypress, cedarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver to supplement the advice in this article.

If you work with crystals, you may like to incorporate these stones into your life: shiva lingam, red jasper, green tourmaline, tiger eye, pyrite, malachite, and labradorite.

11. Use Affirmations

Affirmations can be powerful tools to shift your mindset and activate dormant parts of yourself.

Think about affirmations you could say related to some of the typical masculine traits, like strength, discipline, and logic. These can get you started:

  • I am a warrior.
  • I am a master of self-discipline.
  • I see things clearly and objectively.
  • I am confident.
  • I know when to take action.

12. Be Willing To Take Risks

The divine masculine doesn’t shy away from a little risk.

If you’re someone with lots of great ideas, for example, yet you’re afraid to put it out into the world, divine masculine traits are necessary to make your vision a reality and meet your goals.

Remain unattached to whatever the outcome will be. 

13. Less Internalization And More Action

Along with taking risks and starting where you are, it’s important to start recognizing when you’re keeping a lot of ideas internal and wanting them perfected before putting them out into the world.

One approach that could help, is leaning on your intuition for clues about when to take action, as this brings in the feminine as well. Be aware of when you may be overthinking things.

14. Develop Intellectually ​

A masculine man can be proud of who he is from all points of view. He is proud of his mind because he nourishes it with good books, personal development courses, information relevant to him, and IQ-developing activities.

A man who embodies the divine masculine is in constant development, and he doesn’t neglect his IQ.

He knows that a sharp mind and harmonious personality are the key to good decisions, achieving goals, and living a happy and fulfilled life. 

15. Develop And Nourish Your Body

As the Latin saying says, we should all aim towards ”Mens sana in corpore sano”, which means ”a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

For a man to be intune with his masculine energy, he looks after his body from all points of view – offering it healthy food, the right amount of exercise, and ultimately the right amount of rest and sleep.

A man who is in the divine masculine energy loves, cherishes, and nourishes his body, with an attitude of genuine love and care.

This genuine love and care are very different from the narcissistic self-love that we often see in modern society. In contrast, genuine self-love is based on making the right choices for yourself, from a desire to remain happy and healthy. 

16. Be Determined

Your life experience may have times of confusion, just like any other human being, but keep these times short without letting them interfere with your overall achievements and well-being.

Intend to become as determined as possible. When you’re confused about something, make a pros and cons list, take professional advice and also set a time limit for making a decision.

Determination and action are qualities that nourish and spark your real masculine energy, and everyone will perceive you as a determined, trustworthy, and masculine man.

17. Become A Leader

The best way to awaken and embody your divine masculine energy is to take any opportunity for leadership that life brings you. This helps to truly develop your masculine energies and qualities.

18. Embrace Forward Movement

When you make a decision, you open the door to what you want and close the door to what you don’t want. This prevents you from scattering your energy in different directions. Masculine energy is direct and forward moving.

It ensures that your intention will move in one direction with force, like a missile locked on a target. 

Stagnation is the opposite of masculine energy. When you are unwilling to make mistakes, you stagnate and the divine masculine energy within you becomes suppressed.

19. Offer Encouragement

Encourage people towards making an attempt at facing their fears. Honor their process. Allow them to make mistakes without rescuing them.

The rescuer is a function of boyhood – a boy trying to prove himself. The worrier or skeptic against forward movement is suppressing the divine masculine.

Divine masculine is all about growth and encouraging others towards growth. Encouragement is the most divine manifestation of the masculine expression of love.

20. Learn About Women

In the past, the collective belief among men was that if you want to be a real man, female energy was off limits. However, how do you intend to support and conjoin with the divine feminine energy if you know nothing about it?

The more you learn about women, the more confidence and balance you’ll have around them. Every woman is different and only a mystery to you if you don’t take the time to understand them individually. So ask questions and pay attention.

21. Be An Active Giver

Masculinity is an active giver of love. It’s generous with sex as well. Masculine is to sexuality what feminine is to sensuality.

Channel your sexual energy instead of repressing it or letting it out through sex. Many male athletes find their most successful performances are the result of deliberately channeling sexual energy towards their sport.

Be brave enough to move it up through your heart and mind, rather than letting vitality get stuck in the sacral chakra at the level of lust. 

When you feel yourself getting sexually stimulated, visualize breathing that fire up your spine and into your chest, neck and head. Visualize it flooding your whole body.

Channel this passion towards heart-centered pursuits; let it drive you to action. 

What Is Divine Masculine?

We all possess divine masculine energy, no matter what gender we are. Also known as yang, shiva, or solar fire, the divine masculine is ruled by the elements of sun (fire) and sky (air).

“Divine masculine is about archetypes—it’s not about men and women,” intuitive counselor Elana Kilkenny suggests.

Divine masculine qualities include confidence, assertiveness and boldness.

“There are things in the world we do need to fight for, and situations where we need to draw a line in the sand about what’s right or wrong,” Kilkenny adds.

Take risks with confidence, without shying away from a challenge. Let go of attachment to the outcome and be assured that what will be, will be.

It’s about “being able to assert oneself but still maintain that integrity with who you are—just having confidence and not downplaying it,” Kilkenny adds.

What Does The Divine Masculine Feel?

Other than enriching our spiritual traditions and paths, what’s the point of awakening the divine masculine within us and what will you feel?

Divine Masculine Feel
Photo by Denis Agati on Unsplash

Here’s what you can expect to experience the moment you begin this type of work:

  • More self-confidence
  • More grounded
  • Enhanced ability to be objective
  • Improved critical thinking/analytical skills
  • Emotional balance
  • Connection to the Warrior within
  • Increased ability to set strong personal boundaries
  • More self-assertiveness
  • Enhanced will-power
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Mental clarity

Who Is The Divine Masculine God?

The concept of divine masculine energy comes from divine masculine archetypes observed in several world religions.

Hindu God Shiva, Zeus of Greek mythology, and even the idea of a masculine God or “Father” in Christianity all embody divine masculine energy through the qualities they possess.

Masculine archetypes, deities and teachers are all good examples to reference when evaluating the divine masculine.

Kilkenny suggests asking yourself what you can learn from these masculine archetypes and how you can integrate some of their energies while staying true to yourself.

What Is  Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine?

Divine masculine and feminine energy are the energies that keep the universe functioning.

As the sacred counterpart of the divine feminine, the divine masculine qualities are an active force responsible for order, structure, passion, willpower, and courage.

Picture the masculine and feminine dynamic by thinking about the yin-yang duality. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang model was used to depict the opposing factors that, even though are opposites, bring perfect balance in the Universe. 

The divine masculine in the yin-yang model is represented by the white side, showing the fact that masculinity is all about being out in the open, shining, being powerful, etc.

People who understand divine masculine and divine feminine energy, and know how to embody the two energies, will reach a state of spiritual harmony.

Divine Masculine Awakening Symptoms

This state of spiritual harmony will awaken the divine masculine qualities to enable you to do amazing things that’ll be available on Earth soon, such as telepathy, rapid manifestation, psychic healings, and so on.

Here are some symptoms:

1. Feeling The Need For Physical Movement

Physical movement helps to increase your level of masculine energy, and vice versa – the more masculine you are, the more physical movement you need.

2. Being Goal Oriented

You become very passionate about setting goals and achieving them. Your mind is clear, your level of determination is high and you’re very good at planning.

3. Enjoy Taking Risks

You’ll feel confident in taking risks, because deep down you’ll know that everything will turn out well in the end. The divine masculine gives you a sense of confidence and fearlessness.

4. Extreme Sports

The divine masculine is a very powerful and adventurous spirit. When you step into your own power, all of a sudden you’ll feel a healthy adrenaline rush that’ll make you want to experience the most of the human experience.

5. You No Longer Need Meaningless Flings

You’ll develop a healthier relationship with women. Seeing women as trophies to attain or “boxes to tick”, are views stemming from toxic masculinity.

Sex will be seen as a sacred union and you’ll feel and understand the energetic implications of sleeping with someone.

6. Yearning For A Sacred Union With Your Goddess Counterpart

You’ll feel the need to find a woman whose divine feminine is awakened, and share an intimate connection with her.

You’ll relate to women with love, care, and respect. You’ll feel good in your skin. You won’t want to be with someone just to alleviate your loneliness.

7. Enjoy Being The Provider

You’ve gained mental processes and decision-making skills, so it’s likely you’ve found new, easy ways to make money.

If that hasn’t happened yet, it will happen once your divine masculine is fully awakened. Even being in the process of becoming financially stable, you start to enjoy providing for your loved ones, because you understand that sharing is caring.

8. Taking Responsibility For Your Life

You’re the only one in charge of your life. You’ll give up the victim mentality that’s so embedded in our society and step in your power as a creator.

The divine masculine knows he’s a strong creator and he can choose how to live his life.

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9. Determined

Once you’ve made a decision, there will be no going back until you’ve achieved your purpose.

People will feel like they can rely on you, you’re trustworthy and always fulfill your promises because once you’ve decided something, you overcome any obstacle to make it happen.

10. More Passionate About The Spiritual World

You may have been spiritual in the past, however now you develop a lot more spiritual growth, especially in areas that can help you become a better person.

You’ll also have a deeper understanding of the spiritual world, and use your enhanced logic to grasp concepts you didn’t understand before.

Balancing feminine and masculine energies and awakening them properly is essential in becoming a spiritually awakened person.

These energies are the cornerstone of the Universe, and they play a huge role in a person’s spiritual balance. This will help you adjust to the new vibration of our planet.

Divine Masculine Color

The masculine energy is the sun and the flower needs this light force to grow strong and protected. Working on healthy boundaries is masculine. Protecting and respecting yourself is masculine.

Divine Masculine Color
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

Divine masculine energy could be expressed as basic raw energy of the color red or love. Think of the raw red mama earth soil.

Here the masculine and feminine beautifully intertwine; soil is earth and Mother Nature is feminine.

The relationship between red and green in Chinese culture is yin and yang; the green mama earth and the masculine red life force energy required for material form, physicality, (masculine/red) to come to Life (feminine/green). 

Divine Masculine Energy Update

Masculine energy is going through a major heart activation while feminine energy is learning how to maintain high vibrational thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The divine masculine is asked to balance his feelings to become more present. This will aid his personal journey in the third dimension while divine feminine learns to balance spirit and everyday living.

He’s been healing and letting go of struggle and what he perceives as atrocious things having been done. Divine masculine is waking up to who he really is and knows it’s time to get out of his healing cocoon and move on. 

Divine Masculine In A Female Body

The fact is that society has separated the two for thousands of years. We were never thought about how a female should approach her masculine side, or a male should approach his feminine side in balance.

If a female has more masculine energy, she thrives with a partner that is in touch with his feminine energy. Feminine energy males respect and are comfortable with their partners being in the workforce, being in charge, and having a direction in their lives.

On the contrary, females that demonstrate more of feminine energy are content with a masculine energy male to take control and be the dominant breadwinner and the decision-maker.

Divine Masculine Twin Flames

If you’ve crossed paths with your masculine twin, it can be a challenge to decipher their feelings and unbox them open. Even if you share souls, they aren’t as open as you expect.

1. They’re Distant

Male twin flames are often distant and tend not to be open to their vulnerabilities. Due to the misconception that showing tenderness makes you fragile and weak, even if your twin flame senses what you feel, they tend to shut off their emotions.

Instead, they may resort to things such as physical intimacy. They don’t thrive in vulnerability so they naturally struggle with everything about feelings. They use their minds or bodies instead.

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2. Running From Connection

Running away from connection with you, could be because they haven’t yet healed from past trauma or abuse.

They have this pain, devastation, grief, or brokenness inside of them that they desperately want to run away from.

Facing their demons will allow them to heal completely, however with their tendency to shut off any sentiment, being transparent with their trauma and brokenness may not be easy.

3. Pulling Away

They may have this negative perception they can hurt or negatively damage you so they choose to pull away from you instead to avoid doing that.

One of the divine purposes of twin flame connections is to help one another heal from brokenness, trauma, or abuse so you need one another to unlock your best potential. Although, only if they let you do so.

4. Society’s Definition

Your male twin flame may be pushing themselves away from you because of the unhealthy stereotype of the masculine in society.

Your twin flame could be scared to open themselves up to alien aspects such as emotions, fragility, and affection.

Encourage your twin flame by introducing the healthy definition of being male, which is basically just being yourself. As their twin flame, remind them that weakness isn’t found in showing feelings, it’s a sign of bravery and courage.

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5. Very Hard To Read

If your male twin flame is hard to read, simply let them be and remind them that if they need you, you’ll always be there to count on.

Similar to being masculine, they’re hard to read because of the many stereotypes and fronts that they’ve been dealt with their entire lives.

To help them open up, encourage them to be authentic and that they don’t have to be afraid around you as a twin flame.

If you heal your relationship with masculinity, learn to embrace healthy masculinity, and then take all the steps mentioned above, you have very high chances of nourishing your real masculine energy!

This is an important step in spiritual evolution. 

Let us know if you’ve enjoyed this article and I invite you to share it with three more friends so they’ll learn about balancing their divine masculine energy.

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.