12 Disadvantages Of Having Sex Everyday (2022)

Welcome to my list of disadvantages of having sex everyday.

Disadvantages Of Having Sex Everyday
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Below, you’ll discover the potential risks of having sex every day, plus some interesting facts about daily sex. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients improve their relationships with those closest to them.

That’s why I decided to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.

Is Having Sex Every Day Bad For You?

There’s no scientific evidence that daily sex is bad for your physical or mental health.

However, there are increased risks to your physical health which come with having sex every day. It might also affect your attitude towards sex and your relationship too. 

It’s certainly worth knowing what the potential disadvantages of having sex every day are, so if they occur you know the reason why. 

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12 Disadvantages Of Having Sex Everyday

Having Sex Everyday
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1. Your Sex Life Might Become Stale Faster

It’s common for couples to begin losing interest in sex once they’ve been together for a while.

Well, the more sex you have, the quicker it’s going to become monotonous. 

Sure, there are other things you can do to prevent yourself in losing interest in sex, such as switching up positions and exploring different kinks. 

However, the simplest thing you can do is to refrain from having sex every day.

Without having too much intercourse per week, you could be able to keep to your routine of sexual activity without having to lose interest later on in your relationship.  

2. Exhaustion

When it’s good, sex certainly counts as physical exercise. Your body releases norepinephrine, your blood pressure rises and the glucose metabolism flows. That might be no problem if you’re a young healthy couple, but less fit couples might struggle with fatigue if they have sex every day.

Indeed, a man might not have the sexual stamina to be able to have sex every day. Perhaps he will begin to suffer from erectile dysfunction in these cases. A man wouldn’t need ED treatment in such scenarios. He’d just need to take a break from sexual activity for a while. 

Among much older couples, there is a high cardiovascular risk from regular sex, especially if one or both partners aren’t in good cardiovascular health. 

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3. Chafing

The more sex a woman has, the less natural moisture is produced by her vagina. When the natural vaginal lubrication is low, the vaginal dryness can cause too much friction which leads to chafing for both partners. 

4. Sore Penis

While it’s relatively normal for a man to experience sharp pain in the penis which lasts a few seconds after sex, it’s possible that he can develop a sore penis for much longer if he’s been having too much sex. 

5. Swollen Vagina

The friction that comes from vaginal dryness when a woman has too much sex can cause various health problems. One of these is: vaginal excoriation, which is scraping of the vulva skin and the vaginal walls during penetration. This can cause a swollen vagina, a burning sensation while urinating and pain while walking. 

6. Higher Risk Of Other Female Sexual Health Problems

There are other health risks for women engaging in too much sex. This includes a uniary tract infection or vaginal infection. Vaginal tears can happen too. 

7.  Lower Back Pain

It’s possible to put too much strain on the lower back when having sex every day, which can ultimately lead to chronic lower back pain. If you’ve recently undergone surgery on or around your back, there’s a bigger risk of this. Make sure to listen to professional medical advice about your recovery from such surgeries. 

8. Daily Sexual Activity Is Sometimes A Symptom Of Sexual Addiction 

Sex addictions are rarely caused by the enjoyment of regular sex.

Oftentimes, it comes from a desire to escape from too much stress in your life or other inner mental health demons. Indeed, regular sex can be a powerful distraction from the problems in your life. Regular intercourse protects you from having to face these demons, but this doesn’t make them go away. They’ll only disappear when you take action to change how you feel.  

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So, if you are engaging in sex daily (or desiring more sex than that), it’s worth questioning where this desire for compulsive sexual behavior stems from.   

9. You Put Yourself At A Higher Risk Of Contracting STIs

If you’re engaging in regular sexual activity with several sexual partners, you’re at higher risk of having contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

10. No Benefits From Semen Retention

Although this isn’t backed by scientific studies from medical associations, a lot of men report mental and physical health benefits from semen retention. This includes increased focus, increased energy, as well as increased strength and stamina. By having sex daily, you’re potentially bypassing these benefits.  

11. Higher Risk Of Pregnancy

No contraception is 100% effective. So, even while using it, you increase your risk of an unwanted pregnancy, the more sex you have. 

12. You Don’t Have Time For Other Goals

If you’re spending hours per day engaging in sexual activity, you’re probably neglecting other areas of your life.

This is especially true if you’re the type to nap after sex. Sex is considered a sleep-promoting behavior among many people, after all. 

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Disadvantages Of Not Having Sex

If you’re not having sex as often as you’d like, there are several reported disadvantages. For starters, it can make you feel less satisfied in your romantic relationship.

You’ll also miss out on the reported health benefits of regular sex, such as 

  • lower stress levels, 
  • lower blood pressure, 
  • lower anxiety, and 
  • better quality sleep.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about having sex every day. 

Why Do I Feel Like Having Sex Everyday?

It’s completely normal for adult men and women to desire frequent sex. To simplify it dramatically, an abnormally powerful sex drive is caused by your body producing a high amount of the hormones responsible for your libido.  

Is It Normal To Have Sex Every Day?

In a 2017 survey of American adults, just 4% said they were having daily sex, so it wouldn’t be accurate to say it’s normal to have sex every day. As such, there’s no reason to succumb to constant pressure to have sex every day.  

However, it should be mentioned that not all of the respondents were in a committed relationship. When a couple is in love and living together, it’s far more likely they’re engaged in frequent sex. 

Is It Good To Have Sex Daily?

There are many physical and emotional health benefits of having regular sex, plus you can often expect this to bring intimacy and closeness to your relationship.

There are some risks to having too much sex listed in the article above – and daily sex might count as “too much” for some people.

Nevertheless, there is no guaranteed downsides to having daily sex, provided both people are feeling physically and emotionally ready for that.  

How Many Times Sex In A Day Is Healthy?

There’s no such thing as rules or guidelines for how much you should have sex. You and your partner should decide on your sex frequency based on how physically and emotionally ready you are. Provided both you and your partner are on the same page as far as your sexual desire, you can enjoy a  “healthy sex life” regardless of how much sex you have.

What Counts As ‘Frequent Sex’?

Just as there no guidelines for how much sex creates a “healthy sex life”, there are also no definitions of what counts as having sex ‘frequently’. It’s up to you and your partner what makes sex good and what counts as having frequent sex. 

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How Long Can A Man Go Without Having Sex?

A man can survive without having sex for his whole life. The amount of time a man would like to go without having sex can vary dramatically depending on his sex drive. For young healthy couples, it’s certainly common to desire sex several times per week and to have sex frequently.  For older couples, the sexual frequency may often be lower.

How To Have Satisfying Sex With My Partner?  

Among the general adult population, you’ll find man and women will have varying opinions as far as what makes sex good. Your best bet to find out what turns your partner on is to ask them. My guide on the Most Creative Ways To Initiate Love-Making could come in handy.  

Benefits Of Not Having Sex

Yes, there are physical and mental benefits associated with sex.

However, by not engaging in sex, you avoid the potential negative consequences mentioned in this article.

If you’re in a relationship, you could potentially strengthen it by engaging in a sexual fast. You can learn more about that in my article on Sexual Fasting: Benefits For Intimacy And Orgasm.

If you’re single, there’s arguably some spiritual growth to be gained from abstaining in casual sexual encounters with just anyone. This could potentially strengthen your relationship with the serious partners you decide to have sex with too.    

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Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide. Hopefully, you’re now more clued up on the advantages and disadvantages of having sex every day.

If you have any questions about the reported disadvantages of having sex every day, feel free to leave me a comment below.

It would be great to hear from you.