TOP 24 Dating Coaches & Experts (2024)

It’s really difficult to find reputable dating coaches. 

Most ‘experts’ in this field are either sharing sleazy and hateful advice or uninspiring cliches that don’t actually help anyone.

With that said, there are some great professionals out there who do a lot to help their clients find meaningful relationships. 

That’s why I wanted to share this list of dating and relationships experts with you.

You can trust any of the professionals in the list below to help you improve your dating life.  

Let’s dive right into it.

Dating Coaches
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What Is A Dating Coach?

A ‘dating expert’ could be anyone who publishes tips on how to attract a partner.

A ‘dating coach’ is likely to go one step further and actively engage in conversations with paying clients about how to improve their dating lives. 

What Does A Dating Coach Do?

Most dating coaching often takes place via online calls, although there are many coaches who will accompany clients out in the real world to observe and provide feedback on their interactions with potential romantic partners.  

Do Dating Coaches Actually Work?

There are a lot of trash coaches who offer nothing but overly simplified tips or (even worse) toxic dating advice that would appear to stem from misandry or misogyny.

However, there are some great coaches out there who can help their clients achieve fantastic success in the dating world. 

That’s why I was keen to write this article, highlighting the best dating coaches and experts available to learn from in 2024.  

Top Dating Coaches And Experts

Below, I’ve listed the top 24 dating and relationships experts that I recommend learning from if you’re struggling with your dating life.

You’ll find the list is split into separate categories based on their expertise. 

Dating coaches for guys

Dating coaching for men is a particularly mixed bag. There are a lot of toxic aches out there sharing extreme strategies for ‘picking up’ girls that would appear to be completely devoid of empathy for women. 

There are also male content creators spreading nothing but REASONS For Giving Up On Finding A Woman.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are tons of mainstream ‘experts’ sharing unoriginal and uninspiring tips about ‘being yourself’ and what to wear on first dates. This type of dating coach won’t help you land a date or find a great partner either.

Thankfully, there are a handful of individuals sharing healthy tips that can actually help guys improve in this area of their lives.

  1. Arica Angelo

Arica has been empowering men to improve their romantic connections with women for over 13 years.

A key part of her coaching teaches men the process of building fiery intimacy in their interactions with the opposite sex. 

She offers several online courses as well as one-on-one coaching, so you’re free to choose the program that suits you best. 

  1. Ciaran Callam

Ciaran Callam is an English dating coach who lives in Bali. He’s the lead transformational coach at a company called Game Global, who specialises in transforming men from shy mice to strong, powerful and attractive alpha males.

Indeed, Ciaran has been on a self-improvement journey, where he started off as an extremely shy young man who could barely land a date in his early twenties. 

These humble beginnings allow him to relate to less confident men and help them believe in themselves. He offers one-on-one video coaching with single guys of all ages.  

  1. Courtney Ryan 

Courtney Ryan only launched her YouTube channel shortly after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has been focusing on sharing dating tips for even less time.

Having come from a fashion background, she originally created videos aiming to help her clients dress to impress the opposite sex. However, her audience soon began asking questions about dating and her videos on these topics proved to be far more popular.

She has transitioned seamlessly into a dating and relationships expert for men, sharing lots of useful tips to help guys improve their love lives.

Courtney has been in a relationship for several years and often references stories of how her boyfriend attracted her.   

  1. James Marshall

James Marshall is an Australian dating coach and founder of men’s self-development company The Natural Lifestyles.

He travels the world with his team, leading dating bootcamps where he’ll help men meet women, observe their approaches and give valuable feedback. 

James specialises in teaching guys how to meet women in daytime environments like cafes,  shopping malls or in the street. 

  1. Joe Elvin

Joe Elvin is an English dating, relationships and self-development writer, who has penned a handful of well-received books for men. He offers video coaching alongside Ciaran Callam as part of their company Game Global. 

The pair wrote a book together called ‘4 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence’ which features 28 daily challenges for overcoming shyness

Joe’s book ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ explains how overcoming heartbreak and learning to enjoy being single helped him to attract higher-quality partners than ever before.

  1. Mark Manson

Mark Manson is a self-improvement writer, best known for his book ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck’, which was published in 2016. 

However, several years prior, he wrote a book called ‘Models’. This is still regarded as one of the most important texts on dating and relationships for men. The book is about how to attract women in a healthy and authentic manner.

Mark has plenty of self-help courses available to buy on his website, including one teaching both genders how to improve their sexual and romantic relationships. 

  1. Owen Cook

Owen Cook was the co-founder of Real Social Dynamics, a business which was the market leader for men’s dating coaching for the best part of a decade.

The business has rebranded to teach self-development and personal growth now. But, if you watch any of his videos or work with him in person, you’ll learn a hell of a lot about how to attract the opposite sex.

Despite this switch in focus, Owen’s online coaching program centered solely around the dating process is still available to buy. Simply search for ‘Owen Cook Our Best Program Ever’.

Anyone else in Owen’s team of self-improvement experts would also be a useful confidante for single men.  

  1. Dr. Robert A. Glover

Dr. Robert A. Glover is perhaps best-known for his book ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’, an essential read for men who are constantly being ‘friend-zoned’ or walked all over throughout their life.

It’s less well-known that he has a PhD in marriage and family therapy, and offers many forms of coaching via his personal website. 

You can invest in online classes, online support groups or one-on-one coaching with Dr. Glover. He also has a team of ‘No More Nice Guy’ coaches across the world, who have been certified to teach his methods. 

  1. Robert Greene

Robert Greene is an author and speaker on a number of important psychological topics. However, his book ‘The Art of Seduction’ is one of the most important texts in the field of dating and relationships, so you better believe he’s well worth including on this list.

As well as having written five international best-sellers, Greene also has a great YouTube channel.  

  1. Adam Ooi – The Bowl 

Adam Ooi is an Australia-based coach, who teaches social dynamics with a particular focus on cultivating deeper relationships with the opposite sex.

His ethical and spiritual approach to meeting women is something that many other male content creators in the dating scene could learn from. 

Adam regularly creates long-form videos on dating, relationships and social skills for his YouTube channel The Bowl.

  1. The Roommates

Hafeez and Chris are two American self-improvement coaches known as The Roommates. They are best known for their podcasts and YouTube channel, in which they cover all the important issues affecting men and their relationships with women today.

However, the pair are also available to book for one-on-one video consulting. 

Based on the previews of their coaching available on YouTube, you can expect to go through some brutal self-reflection as a client of these two. 

  1. Todd V

Todd V is a Canadian dating coach with roughly 20 years of experience in this field. He offers virtual mentoring or in-person coaching where he’ll accompany clients to bars, nightclubs or daytime venues to critique their skills with the opposite sex.

A client working one-on-one with Todd could learn more about success with women than he knew existed in the world. Indeed, Todd’s insights into female psychology are so consistently deep that he’s been labelled the ‘pick-up robot’. 

Dating Coaches And Experts For Women

Dating Experts
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There appears to be a lower demand for dating coaching for women. A lot of the ‘experts’ out there are spewing a femininst narrative that’s completely inaccurate about what guys actually want. 

There’s also a toxic catalog of dating advice for ladies, mostly spread on Twitter, Reddit or TikTok, which focuses on how to play a rich man and make them spend all their money. 

You won’t find any of these so-called ‘experts’ in this article. 

Here is my shortlist of professionals sharing healthier tips for women looking to improve their dating lives.  

  1. Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is a British dating and relationship coach who offers support to male and female clients. 

When she was a young woman, she began dating a notorious pick-up artist. The dating coaching industry fascinated her and she soon got into it herself. Her experience being so close to a men’s dating coach certainly helped her understand male psychology, and she does a great job of passing that information onto her female clients. 

Hayley is more interested in working with clients looking to build their confidence and find serious relationships, rather than those simply looking to ‘pick up’. 

  1. Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is a British dating coach with over 13 years of experience teaching women how to find love with a great guy.

His good looks, charm and intelligent insights on landing dates and finding love have attracted a huge audience on YouTube. He’s surely the most successful dating coach for women in terms of popularity. 

A lot of his media is centred around spotting the Clear Signs He’s A Player, avoiding these bad guys and trying to secure the right guy for a healthy relationship.  

Matthew regularly appears in mainstream media and has been in relationships with A-list celebrities. His book ‘Get The Guy’ shares all of his secrets for dating success, and is arguably a must-buy for any single woman.

  1. Rebecca Barrett

Rebecca Barrett is new to the world of offering dating tips for women, but her YouTube channel is fast becoming an essential resource for any woman looking for love.

The American, who recently wed her long-term partner, used to live her life according to toxic feminist ideology. 

She ultimately realised this wasn’t making her or her partner happy, and made some drastic changes to her life. 

Her YouTube channel is centered around all the lies that modern feminism tells women about dating, relationships and life.  

  1. Rebecca Lynn Pope

Rebecca used to enjoy a thriving career as a professional matchmaker. However, she recently quit this career because her female clients always had impossibly high standards for a partner, making it too difficult for her to ever match them up. Her YouTube video explaining her decision to leave this career went viral, sparking conversations about female dating standards all over the world.

Now she’s out of the matchmaking game, Rebecca now rebranded herself as a master life coach, business coach and love guru. She still offers incredibly useful pointers about dating, relationships and love alongside her husband on her YouTube channel Abundant Life TV.

Having been a happily married matchmaker for so long, she’d be a great candidate for relationship coaching. 

  1. Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is another woman who has made a successful career exposing the lies of the modern feminist narrative.

She’s an author and YouTuber who claims to help women build happy marriages and balanced lives by telling hard truths that others won’t.

Her book ‘How To Get Hitched And Stay Hitched’ is a realistic guide to help women in their journey looking for the perfect husband. 

For tips along these lines, check out this guide: PRINCIPLES How To Be A High Value Woman

Best Online Dating Coaches

Dating apps play a huge role in modern dating. Some polls suggest they’re the most common method of finding a relationship. 

Yet, there’s a lot of guys out there struggling to secure even one match a month on these apps, let alone land a date or a girlfriend. 

The individuals listed below are sharing useful tips about how to stand out on dating apps.  

  1. Based Zeus

Based Zeus is an animated dating coach created in the image of the Greek God with the same name. His videos are amusing, but that doesn’t make the advice shared any less useful.

Although he offers a wide range of real-life dating strategies, online dating would appear to his biggest topic of expertise.  

He even offers a coaching program teaching guys how to attract babes using social media platforms like Instagram.

  1. Ice White

Ice White is the author of the highly-plaudited book ‘The Message Game’, which shows guys just how easy messaging women should be. 

His ‘Skip The Bullsh*t’ approach to messaging has helped hundreds of guys improve their online dating success rate, while saving a ton of time in the process. 

Ice also shares online dating tips in videos for the Game Global YouTube channel, alongside Joe Elvin and Ciaran Callam.

He is recently married and has hinted at branching into relationship coaching too. 

  1. Maxime Martinez – Insane Flirt

Maxime is a young French dating coach, offering men a huge wealth of useful tips for success with women on his Insane Flirt YouTube channel.

His understanding of modern dating – and how the younger generations connect in this new dating world – is a key strength of his. 

He outlines all of his knowledge on this topic in his book ‘Modern World Dating’. 

  1. Alex Vilenchik – Playing With Fire

Playing with Fire is an essential YouTube channel for any man hoping to land more dates from dating apps.

In his YouTube videos, Alex often shows screenshots from his real-life Tinder conversations all the way from match to the first date, explaining what he said and why.  

The channel also covers other elements of dating and personal growth, and Alex is available for one-on-one coaching too. 

Sex and intimacy coaches

Dating Coaches And Experts
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It might be taboo to say it, but it’s hard to make relationships last if you’re not having fulfilling sex 

Yet, there aren’t so many experts out there teaching couples how to do this, aside from the occasional list of ‘new positions to spice up your relationship’.

The experts listed below are highly recommended to help you connect better with partners on an intimate level. 

You can learn more about what an intimacy coach does in my comprehensive guide

  1. Eyal Matsliah

Eyal Matsliah has written books and created online courses on how to move sexual energy around the body. This is based on tantric practices that can allow men to enjoy multiple orgasms without ejaculating. His tips are incredibly useful for ladies too. They could be just what you need to spice up your relationship.  

  1. Gigi Engle

Gigi Engle is a London-based author, as well as a certified sex educator. She’s also training to be a licensed therapist.

She’s written articles about sex and intimacy for a huge range of well-known publications. She also offers consulting services regarding sex and intimacy over video calls. 

Her book ‘All The F*cking Mistakes’ is a feminist guide to sex, love and life. 

  1. Mariah Freya

Mariah Freya is a German sex and intimacy coach. She co-founded Beducated – the online academy for more ‘wow’ between the sheets – alongside her partner Phillipp after a lengthy personal journey trying to discover sexual confidence in her relationship.

Many of the courses centre around the principles of tantra, which Mariah herself has become a master at learning and teaching.

You’ll find plenty of tips on everything – from toys and positions to healthy polyamorous relationships – on the Beducated blog. 

How to find a dating coach?

Most dating experts have an online presence these days. You can search for any of the individuals listed above to find their website or YouTube channel, on which there will be information about how to connect or buy their coaching services.

The difficulty is being able to identify a good dating coach, but hopefully this guide will help you do that. 

How to become a dating coach?

This appears to be one form of coaching where you can become successful without any training or qualifications.

Indeed, you’re more likely to be judged on the quality of the advice you give. If you’re a man hoping to coach other men, it would appear that showing evidence of your own dating success proves helpful too. 

If you’re confident in your abilities to help single people find love, there’s nothing stopping you from launching your own website and promoting your own dating coaching services today. 

How much is a dating coach?

This depends mostly on the services you want to purchase. You could expect to find professional online mentoring services for $100 an hour. But, it’s not unheard of for dating coaches to charge up to $9,000 for a weekend of in-person coaching.  

Are relationship coaches worth it? 

A professional dating and relationship coach could effectively identify the blind spots in your behavior that are keeping you single.

They could teach you the skills and strategies to help in your search for your true love. Many clients who work with a relationship coach also end up developing a healthy self-esteem boost that helps them in all areas of life. 

The question is: how important is it for you to find that person? How desperately do you want to improve your confidence with the opposite sex? How much is that perfect relationship worth to you in this one shot at life you’re afforded?  

To a lot of clients, that’s worth a lot of money, and that’s why dating coaching can be so expensive. 

Any More Questions About Dating Coaching?  

I hope you enjoyed my list of the greatest and most successful dating coaches.

If you have any questions about this form of coaching, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Although I didn’t include myself in this list of dating coaching experts, I’d be happy to field personal questions about your dating life here too. 

I love to hear from my readers and will do my best to offer the support you need.

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