Checklist Evaluation Set

Extended Checklist Evaluation Set
– More Value For You!

Grab The Editable Checklist Version And An Extremely Valuable Evaluation Spreadsheet.

If you have already downloaded the free checklist, you know how valuable it is!

You have instant access to an in-depth list of the most important questions to ask when it comes to interviewing a potential candidate to get the most reliable and perfect-fit

  • Life coach,
  • Therapist,
  • Career Coach,
  • Counselor, or
  • Marriage Counselor.

Since its release, people all over the world have had the ability to take advantage of this free questions checklist in order to make the most out of their time during the first consultation.

Today, I have introduced a brand new extension to this package that includes a number of outstanding features that increase the effectiveness of the original product.

There are three specific amenities that come as part of this package which includes:

  • An original word document that you can fill out and save easily.
  • A convenient, fillable PDF version form that can be filled with the desired content and then saved for future use, and
  • An Excel evaluation spreadsheet that allows you to select the best potential candidate based on a number of specific characteristics (such as the priorities you are specifically focusing on, and your experience based on the chemistry between you and the candidate) which can be weighted differently depending on their importance.

This exceptional extension will give you a complete set of the things necessary, to truly find the right fit for you and make the most out of your experience with a coach, therapist or counselor.

Choose a better match today!

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just for $29,90 (USD)

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More Details about the Bundle
Excel evaluation spreadsheet

Extremely valuable for you will be the excel evaluation spreadsheet.

With the following easy steps, you get an auto calculation which candidate fits best for you:

  • write your answers directly into the excel sheet.
  • give each answer a rating between 0 to 10 (0=poor, 10=excellent)


  • give each question a weight between 1 to 3 depending how important that question is for you.

After you filled out all questions, you get an automated calculation which candidate got the highest total score.

With this professional evaluation spreadsheet, it is super easy for you to find your perfect fit!

 Consider how much money some sessions with the wrong candidate would cost you.

 Don’t waste your precious time and hundreds of dollars!

 The $29,90 are wisely invested and will save you a lot of money and nerves.

Buy the Bundle now
just for $29,90 (USD)
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The Bundle contains additionally:

The Original Word Document

You can fill in your answers there and save it.


A Fillable And Savable PDF Version Of The Checklist

This version is much more convenient to use, as you can type in your answers directly into the PDF document and save it.

Even if some of the answers are extended, the text fits automatically to the size of the fields.

Get The Whole Extended Checklist Bundle With Evaluation Spreadsheet Now!

Buy the Bundle now
just for $29,90 (USD)
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