50+ Best Ghosting Responses (2024) & Guide

You started seeing a new guy, it feels like you’re up in the clouds. Could he be the one? You send him a cute text, and you wait eagerly for his response. But he doesn’t. 

Sorry to say, but he might have ghosted you. Here are the best ghosting responses to use for every situation.

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What Do You Say To A Ghoster?

A lot of people don’t know how to respond if the person they’re seeing suddenly stops contacting them.

There are many ways to approach this situation. How you respond to ghosting depends on your end goal for the relationship.

What To Text After Being Ghosted

So, what can you text him? Do you want to continue the conversation?

Or have you lost all hope, and want to just get back at him in the most deliciously venomous way?

We’ve gathered more than 50 best ghosting responses for your needs.

Try a Funny Ghosting Response

Laughter is the best medicine, and maybe that’s just what your connection needs.

Giving a funny response breaks the ice and lets him know how you feel.

Even if he’s not interested anymore, sending a funny text is still one of the best ghosting responses to give.

1. “My inbox must be haunted, because there’s a ghost in here! :P”

Best Ghosting Responses
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Send this tongue-in-cheek text message to call him out in a cute way. When you respond like this, he’ll find it easier to open up again.

2. “Next time you want to ghost, at least text me a “Boo!” so I know what’s happening”

Another ghost pun! A funny message will always be the best bet to reignite a light-hearted chat.

3. “Busy updating your contact name to 👻 (ghost emoji)”

If he’s lost interest after a few great dates, and doesn’t tell you, he deserves to get his name erased and replaced with the ghost emoji.

4. “Well, now I can cross “dating a ghost” off my bucket list”

Okay, this is the last ghost pun! This text is humorous, but also adds a bit of a final goodbye. 

When you respond to ghosting in a way that’s fun and expresses your self-value, then you’ve truly won.

5. “I get the feeling you’re not a big texter… So if you ever decide you want to hang out, give me a call with the nearest payphone or something ;)”

This is great because you’re offering him hope to contact you again, but also being humorous and high-value. 

He might be a keeper if he actually goes through with it and calls you by a local payphone, but don’t wait for him for too long.

6. “What’s up, Barney Stinson?”

Barney Stinson is the perpetual player from the series ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ often leading girls on, and never calling them back. 

You could replace ‘Barney’ with any other popular lothario character, and he’ll get the message.

7. “It looks like your battery’s been dead for over a week. Do you need a charger?”

Another cute response to radio silence from a guy. The bonus is that you add a question, so he’s more likely to respond.

8. “I’m sorry, but I have to break up with you. Apparently, not talking for over a week doesn’t work that well for me.”

It hurts when people ghost you, and it’s good to express how you really feel, even when you’re being cheeky. 

This text turns the tables on a guy who’s lost interest in you, by making you the one who breaks up with him.

9. “All of my friends keep telling me you ghosted me. But I know they’re lying. You’re probably just saving the world or something.”

This message keeps things light while still offering him a chance to reply and explain himself.

10. “Come on, stop with all those texts! You’re literally obsessing over me!”

Respond to ghosting with a cute and sassy text message like this one. He’ll get the hint:)

11. “I see you’re having a hard time with writing. I can lend you a dictionary. You just need to come to my place and pick it up;)”

Give him some hope with a flirty text like this. He’ll see it as an invitation to come over, and he’ll likely respond. 

Then you can ghost him back! Sweet revenge~!

12. “You’ve won one last chance to meet up for a drink! Reply now with a date and time, to claim your prize!”

This message is a funny take on internet clickbait. It lets him know that his ghost-like behavior hasn’t affected you as much as he thinks.

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High Value Responses to Ghosting – Try a Sincere Approach 

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your feelings with feminine openness and fragility.

Being able to be vulnerable frames you as a true high-value woman. The best ghosting responses are sincere. 

1. “Is everything all right? It’s been a while since you responded.”

Simple is best. If the texts have come to a halt, point it out, and ask him why he hasn’t responded in a caring way. 

This leaves the door open for communication, to see if you two are still on the same page.

2. “I assume you’re no longer interested. I would have liked to have been told this honestly, but I still wish you the best.”

This is the short but to-the-point message that every ghoster needs to hear.

High Value Response To Ghosting
Photo by mikoto.raw Photographer from Pexels

3. “I’m really upset that you ghosted me. I’ve been very respectful to you, but I don’t feel like you’re being respectful to me.”

This honest message might be difficult to send. Nobody wants to lay out their feelings to someone who might not care. 

But a text like this is also liberating, and lets him know how his actions affect others, no matter what your communication styles are.

4. “I’m going out with friends tomorrow night. If you’d like to join, we’d love to have you. It would be great to see you again!”

This text message communicates two things. Firstly, that your life is still full without him, and secondly, that you’re open to talk if he wants to make up with you.

5. “Don’t worry, I won’t stalk you or anything. But you could have just been honest.”

Some guys worry that women will respond to ghosting by blowing up on them. This text will disarm men who think like this. 

You may be hurt, but you’re still keeping it cool. And letting him know that he lost out on a great connection.

6. “Just wanted to tell you that you’ve been quite disrespectful. No mature woman would let you behave like this.”

Show yourself as the grown-up that you are with this short, to-the-point text.

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7. “I totally get you. I can’t stand texting either. We should get together more to talk instead of text.”

A fun way to get him to talk to you is a text that calls him out slightly, but still leaves the door open.

Use this carefully because he might start thinking that ghosting you is not a big deal. 

8. “If you think I’ve spent the last few weeks waiting for your call, you’re totally right.”

Is this sarcastic? Is it true? The person ghosting you will be left scratching his head at this response. 

He’ll be almost obliged to text you back and find out.

9. “I can take a hint you know. But you could have been straightforward with me.”

Another honest response, that acknowledges your feelings, while giving him space to explain himself. Maybe he’s not such a bad person, and will be honest with you.

10. “I don’t have the time to be on and off with you.”

Response To On And Off Ghosting
Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash

This message lets him know your standards for communication in relationships. No hard feelings.

11. “I’ve been enjoying our chats, but I lose interest when there’s no contact. I’m not into something so hot and cold.”

Let the person ghosting know what your hope was for your romantic interest. Then stand firm in your standards.

12. “I don’t think I can pursue a relationship with someone who treats texting with me like a hobby.”

He’ll never know whether you two could have been a good match, and that’s his mistake.

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Get a Little Petty: Calling Out Someone Who Ghosted You

Being ghosted sucks. And sometimes you don’t have time to do the polite thing and spare his feelings, because he didn’t spare yours. 

These best ghosting responses are for when you want to beat him at this dating game.

1. “I am going to assume you threw your phone into the ocean.”

You might feel hurt by his lack of texting. But does he need to know that? 

This sassy message makes your point, and doesn’t leave it open for discussion.

2. “Getting ghosted is not fun, and I hope the next person doesn’t do it to you.”

Whether he has a valid reason or not, a disappearing act is never the answer.

This message shows that you are the bigger person and is guaranteed to make him feel a little smaller. 

3. “I deserve better than being left on read, so I’m going to move on. Goodbye.”

You’re better than the cowardly way he’s treated you, so let him know it.

4. “I thought we were both adults, but I guess I was wrong about you.”

Don’t be afraid to hurt his feelings. If he’s acting like a child, call him out. Games are for kids, not grown men.

5. “Have a nice life.”

This short message ends the conversation. He doesn’t need to know how you’re doing or feeling. 

Beat him at his own game by immediately blocking him after this text.

6. “I’m sorry, did you just ghost me? ME?”

If he wasn’t up to your standard in the first place, be honest and let him know.

Your time is worth so much more than his childish games.

7. “You haven’t replied for some time. I’m over it now. Goodbye.”

In your dating life, you’ll encounter many flaky men that disappear.

Just end it with the last word, and don’t give him the chance to reply.

8. “Just don’t try turning up again when you realize what you’ve lost.”

Guilt tripping him is only wrong if he isn’t guilty.

9. “Thanks for ghosting me. You saved me a lot of trouble.”

Flip the script on a guy who’s vanished into thin air. 

Tell him you don’t care anymore, and even thank him for leaving before you wasted your time on him.

10. “Should I block you now, or wait to hear your clever excuse?”

Respond With Blocking
Photo by Onzeseis from Pexels

This is a rhetorical question that lets him know the consequences of his childish behavior.

The key is to follow up by blocking him as soon as he replies.

11. “I’m warning you: if you don’t text the text, I’ll walk the walk.”

Demand better behavior by setting your standard, and giving him the consequences of not meeting it.

12. “It was nice knowing you. No, wait. Actually, knowing you sucks!”

Any guy who can just drop you without a call or text doesn’t deserve your niceness.

13. “Do me a favor and delete my number. I have no time to fool around.”

It’s totally fine for a person to have a change of heart. We all do sometimes.

But if he can’t communicate like an adult, wish him a nice life, and move on.

14. “Since you don’t have the decency to tell me that you’re no longer interested, I’ll help you out by blocking you.”

Ghosting is bad behavior. This text expresses your thoughts about it and the consequences. 

Tip: you actually have to block him after sending this text. No turning back.

15. “What you have done is cowardly, but it would take a real man to see that.”

A man’s self esteem is often linked to his manliness. No man likes to have his masculinity questioned.

This text might hurt his pride, but he deserves it.

16. “You messed up.”

Keep it short and simple. You could have been a good match, but he ruined it. Now it’s time to move onto the next person.

17. “Maybe you think that I’m OK with not talking for weeks. I’m not at all OK with that, and I don’t see this working out.”

He’s been cold for two or three weeks, with no communication?

It doesn’t matter anymore, because you’re moving on, and he blew his chance. 

18. “Hi, sorry, whose number is this?”

The best way to respond to ghosting is to treat him like a stranger.

If he has the nerve to text you treating you like a casual relationship, reply with this simple, but brutal, question.

What To Text A Ghoster For Closure

The best ghosting responses will give you a sense of closure. No matter how he’s affected you, you’ll still be okay and move on.

1. “This hot-and-cold communication style is very stressful for me. I think I’m going to move on.”

This text lets you acknowledge what happened, and expresses how you probably won’t be a good match. 

2. “I appreciate the time we’ve spent together and the memories we had, but I’m going to end this.”

If he’s no longer interested in pursuing you, but can’t communicate it, then he’s not the one for you. 

But you enjoyed the time you had together, and the moments you’ll remember forever.

3. “I understand if you’re not feeling the same way, but I can’t read your mind. If you want to explain yourself, I’m listening.”

The point of this text is not to get him back into your life, but instead to open up the conversation for closure.

4. “Since I haven’t heard from you, I think I’m going to move on.”

Moving On From A Ghoster
Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

You can end the dating journey with a person with a text like this. It states the reason you’re moving on simply and clearly. It’s a clear message.

5. “Based on our communication, I think you and I are looking for different things. I want someone who will value my feelings, and that’s not you.”

If he’s no longer interested in spending time with you, give space to someone who will and let him go with this text. 

6. “Since you disappeared, I guess we both agree that this thing wasn’t going anywhere.”

No matter the reason the ghosting happened, let him know that you’re totally fine. And give him, and yourself, the space to move on.

7. “Guess what, I’m not a mind reader. You should have told me what you wanted – no hard feelings.”

This text shows a level of emotional maturity that the ghoster probably doesn’t have. 

Let him know you are no longer interested in low-vibrational communication.

8. “I assume that we are both on the same page when I say that I don’t see this going anywhere. But good luck on your dating journey.”

Simple and to the point. This text doesn’t need a reply, and it allows you to move on with your life.

9. “I don’t know how to respond to ghosting, but I hope no one else has to go through this with you. Goodbye.”

The best way to close a conversation with a ghoster is with a simple goodbye.

10. “I’m sorry that a few great dates would end like this. Maybe you should man up next time and let her know when you aren’t feeling it.”

If you’re never going to see him again, it’s not a problem to express the good times you had together.

Before you block him, send him off with a warning.

A Proven Way to Say Goodbye To Someone Who Ghosted You

The number one best response to ghosting is… [drum roll]…

1. Nothing

There are many good texts that could count as the best ghosting responses (we’ve included them in this list for a reason!). 

But any dating coach will tell you that the ultimate best way to respond to ghosting is with silence.

He doesn’t deserve your time or even a single text from you. Block his number and move on.


How do you respond to soft ghosting?

Soft ghosting is when someone ‘likes’ your last message without responding, as if they’re being more polite than a ‘regular’ ghoster.

You can respond to them the same way you’d respond to someone who ghosts you.

Should you respond to ghosting?

This is entirely up to you. Many people support the idea of responding with radio silence.

But if you’re looking to open up the conversation again (or even just have the last word) check out the list above for the best ghosting responses. 

What to reply to someone who ghosted you?

If someone texts you again after a long time of ignoring you, you have many options to respond.

See the list above for ways to be funny, petty, or high-value in your response.


In this article, we’ve listed 50 and more of the best ghosting responses to send to the ghouls in your inbox. 

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