102 Hypnotic Affirmations for Self-Confidence (2024)

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Queens University researchers discovered that an average person has 4 thoughts in one minute. Most of these thoughts repeat every day based on the belief system we have.

That’s why repeating positive affirmations helps change your mindset to run on a healthier belief system. 

Using the following powerful affirmations for self-confidence, you can focus on who you are and who you want to be to develop lasting self-confidence.

Let’s dive right into it.

I Accept Myself As I Am

Accepting yourself is saying what you think you are and accepting it. Some parts of you don’t particularly excite you but the reality is, they’re still you. So when giving yourself a positive self-talk, concentrate on the reality of who you are now and accept it in positive light.

Here are self-acceptance affirmations to boost your confidence:

  1. I accept myself as I am
  2. I accept my awesome qualities and my imperfections as well
  3. I accept I make mistakes and I learn from them
  4. I accept not everyone will like me
  5. I accept I can’t change some things
  6. I accept I’m learning to accept myself
  7. I accept change

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I Love Who I Am

Think about it this way, if you know your loved one needs to feel loved regardless of their wretched aspects, would you show love to them? You probably would. Well, that’s the same way you need to show love for yourself.

Check out these self-confidence affirmations for self-love:

  1. I love who I am
  2. I love that I am kind
  3. I love that I am learning
  4. I love my body
  5. I love my uniqueness
  6. I love my creativity
  7. I love every aspect that makes who I am
  8. I love that I am imperfect

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I Am Proud Of Who I’m Becoming

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Telling yourself what you’re proud of in yourself fuels your confidence the same way it does when someone else is sying it to you. Here are “I am proud of myself” hypnotic self-confidence affirmations you can use:

  1. I am proud of who I am becoming
  2. I am proud of myself for the tragedies I survived
  3. I am proud of myself because I didn’t give up
  4. I am proud of my values
  5. I am proud of my courage to be authentic
  6. I am proud of myself for overcoming pride
  7. I am proud of myself for taking action when I could easily run from my life
  8. I am proud of myself for desiring to learn

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My Self-Worth Isn’t Attached to What I Do

People spin lies to strip you of your self-worth. Some are jealous of you, others want to feel superior to you, and many are simply wounded individuals in need of validation.

For this reason, you need the best affirmations for self-worth that you can understand when giving yourself a positive self-talk. Those you can use to detach yourself from unhealthy mindsets regarding your worth. 

Here’s a list of hypnotic affirmations for self-worth to boost your confidence:

  1. My self-worth is not attached to what I do
  2. My self-worth is not attached to being busy
  3. I don’t need to feel superior to feel worthy
  4. I am worthy when I succeed and I am worthy when I fail
  5. I am worthy of the beautiful things in life
  6. My self-worth isn’t what someone thinks of me but what I think of myself
  7. I value who I am and shall always do my best to spread that value
  8. I am worthy always, whether some see it or not
  9. I am worthy when I do good and when I make errors

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I Can Look Like a Fool Sometimes and That’s Okay

Many of us are afraid of failing, of looking stupid, of making a fool of ourselves. We think we’ll stop making a fool of ourselves at a certain age or after we earn a certain amount of money or after we get a certain education, title — you name it.

However, the truth is, we’ll make a fool of ourselves from time to time and that’s okay. None of us can avoid it. In fact, beyond our fear of fooling ourselves is where success lies.  Knowing this, understanding, and believing it is key to confidence. The School of Life explains this in the following video:

Here are the quotes that boost your confidence by deconstructing your unhealthy mindset of self-importance:

  1. I can look like a fool sometimes and that’s okay
  2. We all get insecure sometimes and that’s okay
  3. Whether others admire or disdain me, I still have value always
  4. I’m here to serve, not proclaim my self-importance

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It’s Incredible That I Am Unique

In a world that treasures categorization and conformity, anything that makes you feel different might degrade your self-confidence. But your difference should excite you as you learn to embrace your uniqueness with these daily affirmations:

  1. It’s incredible that I am unique
  2. I inspire others by being myself
  3. My uniqueness gives me special power
  4. I choose to express my uniqueness in positive ways
  5. I contribute something unique to the world
  6. I’m the only one who can fulfill my unique purpose on this earth
  7. My unique experiences molded the amazing person I am

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I Have the Power to Change

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Many people may try convincing you that you can’t change. That’s why many people try to believe they’re a good, confident, strong, capable, person but fail to because they’ve made mistakes and others keep reminding them.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you can change how you act in the future. You can choose to do good, to do better, and even bring out the best the world has ever seen. Here are change affirmations you can use to boost your self-confidence:

  1. I have the power to change
  2. I believe I’m capable of doing better
  3. I can become the person I believe I can be
  4. I can adjust to every change in my life

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I Am Capable Of Making Wise Decisions

When you’re feeling unconfident, you may be afraid of making a decision. While indecisiveness is the source of change, remaining there far too long brings anxiety and more destruction of self-confidence. 

If you’re experiencing unconfidence in making decisions, the following self-esteem affirmations would be helpful:

  1. I am capable of making wise decisions
  2. Using the information I have, I can make the best decision
  3. I trust myself to make the best decision
  4. I’ve analyzed all the options and are ready to make the best choice
  5. My answers are not in others but within myself
  6. Making this decision shall improve my decision making
  7. Every time I decide, I create a chance to become wiser

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My Struggles Don’t Define Me

When we’re going through a hard time in life, our thoughts and those of others that we accept can shatter our confidence. We may attach those struggles to our self-worth which further destroys our ability to be confident.

However, these self-esteem affirmations will help boost your confidence in times of hardship:

  1. My struggles don’t define me
  2. I fail but I’m not my failures
  3. These challenges are here to help me grow
  4. I can face every barrier that crosses my path
  5. I won’t stop fighting for I am a fighter
  6. I have the strength to get through this
  7. I am doing the best I can so I have nothing to fear
  8. The reality now is I’m struggling and I’m not going to quit
  9. I know when to pause, to push on, and to let go
  10. One step at a time is how I shall handle this
  11. There’s always hope no matter my situation
  12. I respond in the best way I can during stress

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I Don’t Accept Negative Thoughts; I Understand Them

Your thinking creates your reality. Although we have “uncontrollables”, most of our life is made up of what we think about, what we can create. The more we think in a certain pattern, the more it makes up our belief system that dictates the way we live. For this reason, it’s vital to be thought conscious to cultivate confident thinking.

Self-confidence affirmations for improving the way we think include:

  1. I don’t accept negative thoughts, I understand them
  2. I am in charge of my feelings, I choose to be happy
  3. I choose to starve negative thoughts
  4. I can think this through, I’m stronger than these anxious thoughts
  5. Negative thoughts come, positive thoughts come; I choose to feed the positive
  6. I can overcome negative thinking

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I Can Choose Who I Want to Be

When you lose your confidence, you may feel like you’ve lost control of your ability to lead your life. Doubts whether you were in your right mind thinking you can make a future of your own may cross your mind. And other people’s opinions may echo the doubts.

If you’re in such turmoil, here are self-esteem affirmations to remind you who you are:

  1. I can choose who I want to be
  2. I am the leader of my life
  3. I choose to love no matter what
  4. I choose to be kind 
  5. I choose to be happy
  6. My dreams are valid
  7. I am capable of achieving my dreams
  8. I have everything I need to be a better person today

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I Have My Own Standards of Success and Don’t Need to Fulfill Those of Others

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Expectations are everywhere around us. So when we choose to live our own lives, sometimes we get criticized, blamed, and despised for not reaching other people’s levels of success. This diminishes our self-confidence and we forget our version of success, getting to the comparison trap.

If in such a struggle, these self-esteem affirmations will help you get your confidence back:

  1. I have my own standards of success and don’t need to fulfill those of others
  2. I base my confidence on what I think of myself
  3. I am inspired by other people’s success
  4. I do my best and that’s enough
  5. I have my own purpose in this life

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My Existence Is Important

Some people may make you feel bad by insinuating that you don’t deserve to exist or that you’re useless. This is when you have to affirm yourself with statements that reveal whatever they’re saying is a lie. 

Choose affirmations for self-worth when your significance is threatened:

  1. My existence is important
  2. I have qualities that are helpful to others
  3. No one has my exact perspective so my opinions are important
  4. I love helping others in any way I can
  5. I am here for a purpose, to make a difference

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I Accept My Mistakes and I Keep Improving

Sometimes you may feel like a failure. That nothing you do turns out right. But when low self-esteem starts kicking in, you need to remember that you can only do better and are not perfect — that you have done some things right, and others wrong but you keep doing your best to improve.

Affirmations for self-esteem when you feel the pressure to be perfect include:

  1. I accept my mistakes and I keep improving
  2. I did my best with the information I had
  3. I’m willing to learn and grow
  4. I accept and seek to understand criticism because I need it to grow

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I Can Show Leadership in Whatever Position I Am in Life

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Leadership is being the best at what you do or how you live in a particular environment with the resources you have. This amazing concept was introduced by Robin Sharma in his book The Leader Who Had No Title. When you show leadership in whatever position you are at your job and in life, you experience confidence in yourself.

Check out powerful affirmations for confidence to show leadership in every area of your life:

  1. I can show leadership in whatever position I am in life
  2. I am the best of me the world has ever seen
  3. I am the best in the world at living my life
  4. I love and want to change
  5. I understand others and forgive them
  6. I do my best to achieve a life balance
  7. I believe in myself even when no one else does
  8. I choose to set a high standard for myself

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How to Use Affirmations for Confidence and self-Esteem

Repeating positive affirmations helps change your mindset. This may take at least 3 weeks. 

Even better, it’s vital to understand the affirmation so you can accept it as a fact. Find information that helps you back that affirmation with a deep understanding. That way, the affirmation can change you.

That also means, if you don’t believe a particular affirmation is true, don’t use it because it won’t work for you. 

That’s why I included explanations and some related articles of the above affirmations that you may understand the psychological facts behind them. Ultimately, choose what resonates with you. 

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Final Word

Positive affirmations for self-confidence and self-esteem can transform your mindset greatly. Therefore, find affirmations that you accept as facts and keep repeating to rewire your brain to form a positive belief system.

So tell me, which affirmations resonate with you? Let’s chat in the comments!

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