133+ Inspiring Affirmations For Friendship (2024) & Making New Friends

Many people use affirmations to attract love, money and career opportunities, but did you know that you can also use the power of affirmations for friendship?

Are you looking to attract and maintain positive friendships in your life? 

We have a list of more than 133 positive affirmations for friends. Read on to find your ideal friendship affirmations for any situation!

How Do You Write An Affirmation For A Friend?

You can write affirmations for friendship depending on your specific desire. It can be for new positive friendships or cultivating gratitude for close friends. 

The key is to turn the outcome that you want into positive affirmations, as you would for other goals, like relationships and finances. 

You could try struggling to create your own affirmations, or simply use one of the positive affirmations for friends in the list below. 

Can You Manifest A Friendship?

You can use friendship affirmations to manifest wonderful, meaningful friendships into your life. 

Affirmations for friendship use the law of attraction by creating the right mindset, and also communicating to the universe that you are ready to receive. 

See the list below of positive affirmations for friends, particularly the section on connecting with others and making new friends. 

Short Positive Affirmations For Friends 

These bite-sized affirmations for friendship are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Affirmations for friends don’t have to be long or complicated. If you don’t know how to get started on your friendship affirmations, opt for short and sweet friendship statements. 

Try a few of these positive affirmations for friends. Simply repeat them with intention in the morning, evening, or any time in the day.

1. I enjoy the company of my closest friends.

2. I am friends with beautiful, good people.

3. My friendship circle is strong and loyal.

4. I attract friends easily because people like me.

5. I am a great friend.

6. I am a best friend.

7. My best friend and I love each other.

8. My friend circle grows every day.

9. I choose my friends wisely.

10. All of my friendships are real, loyal, and genuine.

11. My friendship brings me joy.

12. I bring joy to my friends.

13. My friends love me for me.

14. I genuinely admire my friends.

15. I choose my friends very wisely.

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Gratitude Affirmations For Friends

Affirmations For Friendship
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Affirmations for friendship don’t always have to be about gaining new friends. 

They can also be about appreciating the close friends that you already have. 

It can be easy to take our existing friendships for granted. The following friendship affirmations will help you to return to that place of gratitude. 

It can even increase the quality of your friendships and social connections.

16. I feel safe and happy whenever I am with my friends.

17. I am enjoying the company of my closest friends.

18. I laugh a lot whenever I am out with my friends.

19. It feels so refreshing to be seen, understood, and loved for my empathy and weirdness.

20. I am friends with people who bring huge joy and happiness into my life.

21. It feels amazing to be surrounded by dependable friends who make me laugh, are truly happy, and love me for who I am.

22. I am thankful for all the special people I am friends with.

23. All my friends are fun.

24. My friendships bring happiness to my life.

25. My friendship is an important part of my life.

26. I am grateful for every new friend I am able to make.

27. All of my friends are worthy of love and loyalty.

28. My friends know how important they are to me.

29. I am always energized and inspired after I meet my friends.

30. I love my friends even though they aren’t perfect, and my friends love me too.

31. I am grateful for each of my wonderful friends.

32. My best friend is the best company I could ever ask for.

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Affirmations For Friends And Family

People in your family can be just as close as best friends. These affirmations for friendship include the family members that love and support you. 

These positive affirmations can help you to cultivate meaningful relationships with your loved ones. 

Use these affirmations for friends and family to attract the closeness and satisfaction of quality relationships.

33. I am surrounded by the love of my friends and family.

34. I have supportive friends and family who take care of me and cheer me up.

35. I am blessed to have such wonderful and positive relationships in my life.

36. I am a loyal friend, and people like me.

37. I am grateful for all the people that I have in my life.

38. I can tell my friend everything I want.

39. My friends bring love and joy to me.

40. My friends and I can always rely on each other.

41. Good people enter my life all the time.

42. Each of my friends is a beautiful soul and will stay in my life forever.

43. Even though my day may be busy, I’ll still find time to reach out to my friends and family.

44. I care about my inner circle and they care about me.

45. I cherish my friendships to make them last a very long time

46. I find joy in being a good friend to people I love.

47. I have people who support me in everything I do.

48. I can rely on my inner circle for emotional support.

49. I am thankful that my friends and family allow me to be myself.

50. My inner circle only consists of good, kind people.

Affirmations For Losing Friends

Losing a friend can cause damage to your self esteem, and make you question your own value in relationships. 

Whether you have lost good friends or gotten rid of toxic people, these positive affirmations for friends will help you to raise your confidence again.

It will put you in the position to learn from the lost friendship, and to choose healthy friendships next time.

51. I deserve to have fulfilling and positive relationships.

52. I attract more positive people into my life.

53. I deserve to be happy and have lots of friends.

54. I attract good friendships into my life.

55. I choose my friends wisely.

56. I get rid of toxic friends from my life.

57. I deserve to have amazing people in my life.

58. The more I appreciate, admire, and spend quality time with myself, the more I attract others who do the same for me.

59. People enjoy being friends with me.

60. I let go of toxic relationships easily.

61. I protect myself from bad friendships.

62. I am ready to open my heart to a new friendship and meaningful connection.

63. I love and accept myself, and I am a magnet for friends.

64. I am excited by the prospect of making new friends.

65. All people are great and I choose to believe in them.

66. I let go of toxic friendships and the bad feelings that come with them.

67. I only hang around people who won’t bring me down.

68. I protect myself from negative and harmful influences.

Affirmations For Reconnecting With Friends – Affirmations For Friendship Rekindling

Affirmations For Reconnecting Friends
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Use these affirmations for friends when you desire to reconnect with friends that you’ve lost contact with. 

These friendship affirmations focus on being a good friend, and attracting lasting friendships. 

These two qualities are key to getting you in the right vibration for reaching out to long-lost friends. 

This list of positive affirmations for friends will help you to reconnect with those from your past.

69. I can tell my friends whatever I want without the fear of judgment.

70. My friends and I support and rely on each other.

71. I build healthy, solid, and strong relationships with people.

72. People like spending time with me.

73. I have deep connections with all my friends.

74. I choose to have only healthy relationships.

75. I make new memories with my friends every day.

76. I value the companionship of all my friends, old and new.

77. I remain loyal to my friends and they remain loyal to me.

78. I am honest with my friends and they are honest with me.

79. I make myself available when my friends need me, and they do the same for me.

80. I will be there for my friends whenever they need me.

81. I am good enough for my friends to love me.

82. Loving myself allows me to love my friends.

83. I cherish each of my closest friends and the value they bring to my life.

84. I can say no to my friends without hurting their feelings.

85. I am good enough to have solid, long-lasting friendships.

Words Of Affirmation For A Female Friend – Friendship Affirmations For Neglected Female Friends

These positive friendships affirmations are for appreciating and cultivating female friendships. 

The bond between women is strong, and yet we often let our female friendships fall to the wayside for new relationships. 

Other life events, such as marriage and children, can also get in the way of spending quality time together. 

These affirmations for friends will help build a good foundation for solid female friendships.

86. I encourage and motivate my friends, and so do they.

87. I am good enough to have strong, long-lasting friendships.

88. I enjoy being around caring people.

89. I bring out the best in all my friends.

90. I help others feel good about themselves.

91. I am loyal to my female friends and they are loyal to me.

92. I am creating great memories with my friends all the time.

93. All of my friends are determined and goal-oriented, just like me.

94. I welcome new like minded female friends into my life.

95. I am ready for a best friend to enter my life.

96. It’s a great and fulfilling feeling to have a best friend!

97. My female friends support my goals, and we raise each other’s standards.

98. I encourage my friends and they encourage me.

99. I enjoy an intimate relationship with my closest friends.

100. I thank my friends for being themselves.

101. I love and appreciate my girl friends. They are the perfect friends for me!

102. My friends and I always make time for each other.

103. I choose friends who empower me. Only the best people can enter my inner circle.

104. I make the effort to be a good and supportive friend.

Affirmations For Connecting With Others

Looking to expand your social circle, but don’t know where to start? 

This list of affirmations will help you to overcome shyness, put you in a positive attitude, and attract opportunities to find new connections. 

Try these positive affirmations for friends and a vibrant social life.

105. Others enjoy my friendship and company.

106. I can talk to groups of people and remain calm and confident.

107. Good and positive relationships come into my life every day.

108. I feel confident talking to new people.

109. I feel comfortable around new people.

110. I attract fun, loving, and wonderful friendships.

111. Everyone I meet is warm and friendly.

112. I connect with people easily.

113. I always get along with people with a variety of interests.

114. I am good at holding a conversation.

115. I am good enough to have great friends.

116. I am attracting beautiful souls into my life.

117. I have a positive energy and I naturally attract positive relationships.

118. New like minded people come to my life at the right time.

119. I am always excited to meet new friends.

120. People see me as a fun loving person and potentially a good friend.

121. I can easily meet new friends whenever I need them.

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Affirmations For Making New Friends

Affirmations For New Friends
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Making new friends is a wonderful thing to manifest in your life. When you make new friendships, you improve your health and life satisfaction

You can attract new amazing friends that elevate your life with these positive affirmations for friends.

122. I get on well with everyone I meet.

123. People like me because I’m an interesting person.

124. I am open to gain new friends and I am now attracting the best friends for me.

125. I enjoy choosing my friends.

126. New friends naturally appear to me because I am a kind and caring person.

127. Making new friends is easy and natural to me.

128. Every day I welcome more friends into my life.

129. My circle of friends expands every day.

130. I love making friends wherever I go.

131. Every day is a new opportunity to make new friends.

132. I am welcoming new friendships into my life every day.

133. Today, I am going to make a new friend.

134. I develop an intimate relationship with good friends.

135. It’s easy for me to make a new friend and keep this friendship.

136. I attract new friends who have the same hobby and interests as me.

137. I have a positive energy that makes nice people want to become friends with me.


What are 5 positive affirmations?

New to affirmations and the power of manifestation? Here are a few affirmations you can use right away for wonderful benefits!

1. I am worthy.

2. I am beautiful.

3. I am grateful for every moment in my life.

4. I am deserving of love and happiness.

5. I am enough.

The best positive affirmations are simply positive statements about yourself or your life, that when repeated consistently, can make a big difference. 

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What are powerful affirmations?

Powerful affirmations are affirmations that speak directly to the positive force that you need in your life. 

It could be affirmations for friendship, your career, love life, or personal growth.

Any affirmation can be powerful if you put enough intention behind them and practice it consistently.


How did you like our mega-list of the best affirmations of friendship? 

Whether you are looking to make new friends, or cultivate positive friendships with your existing friends, you can find an affirmation that works for you. 

Write your favorites down in the comments and share this article with those who need it!

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